A new friend to the fitesher

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I am a guy with a haircut and headshave fetish and one day I met a girl named cynthia, and we became friends and cynthia had an amazing waist length blonde hair with bangs. Her hair was so soft and silky and she used to treat it so well and it was always in a good condition.  always when i was with her I would get turned on alot espacialy when i touched her hair.
One day i sent her a video of a girl shaving her head and asked her if she would dare to do it ,but she told me never and that she hate short hair and would never cut her hair short ,I was disappointed but couldn’t do a thing.

One day I went to her place and her parents weren’t home, I entered her home and we sat to watch some netflix and she was wearing a nice pijamas and her hair was in a high ponytail .
I became so turned on and I couldn’t sit right while she was beside me .

        Then We started chatting a little and I started telling her that I love girls with short hair and that short hair is sexier ,and in the heat of the talk i asked hair if shy could let .me cut her hair but she said no

  after a little while I started talking to her about sex and girls so she became turned on and in the heat of the moment I kissed her and she kissed me back and I kept kissing.her

 Then I let her get her clothes off and she stayed in the bra and panties only and I was still kissing her hard and then I asked her another time if I could cut her hair and before shy answered i put my hand in her panties while still kissing her hard so shy said yes but only a little

A brought a chair and put it and told her to take all her clothes off and I did also take my clothes off

then I got her ponytail out and started cutting a few of her hair and after a few inches she told me to stop ,but I kissed her and told her that I need to make it even and cut a little more until it was in her mid back .

then we started having sex and while having sex I asked her if i could cut more but she said no so I stopped

she told me not to but I told her if she wants more I will give her the cut that I want and she was so horny so she said yes

Then I put her again on the chair and started cutting again and I decided to give her a bob

I did and it was so hot on her so I needed more so I went to the bathroom and brought a clippers she was surprised and told me what for I told her to shut up and sit and she obeyed.

I gave her a nice undercut with her bob she became more and more sexier with her nicely fresh undercut and her blonde bob and her big boobs.

I couldn’t stop so while I was kissing her hard I told her to close her eyes and she did and while doing that I brought the clippers to her forehead on the bangs and buzzed her hair in the middle.

she shouted immediately and told me to stop but I told her it was too late and that she would look awesome in a buzzcut ,and continue her shave.
It was so nice and hot seeing all that blonde coming down finally it was like a dream come true and when I finished I showed her her head on the mirror and she started crying but I kissed her and said it was alright and that it is so beautiful and hot so she stopped a little then I told her if I could do one last thing

She stopped a little then told me “I am already bald do whatever you want” ,so I went and got a razor and a shaving cream and told her to say goodbye to the blonde. then I put the shaving cream and started shaving her head smooth with razor until there was no hair left and it is fully smooth.

I brought her hands and told hair to touch it she did and said I will not lie the feeling is really wonderful and she kissed me and we went to bed and started having sex all night and I fucked her hard and I kissed her smooth head alot then we had a shower together and shy was so happy with the feeling of water on her smooth bald head and then after we finished Before I go she told me that this was maybe a good idea I told her that it sure was and she is very hot now and I kissed her one big kiss on her leps and I left.

That was 3 years ago and from then till now cynthia grew her hair back but only to a bob and she doesn’t let it to grow more than that and she let it go back to it original black color and she now have a nice black bob hair but she don’t let me shave it again and we always have sex together and I play with her hair and come on it and she tells me that whenever she wants to shave again I am the one who will do it but right now she loves her black bob.

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