A new friendhsip

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Mary is a young girl from a very small village, she has a slim body with dark eyes and long straight hair that reaches her waist. One day walking in the village she meets a girl she had never seen before, Ellen. Ellen had just moved to her new village and was on a sightseeing walk when she met Mary.

“Excuse me, could you tell me how to reach the center of the town?” Ellen shyly asked Mary who indicated the way forward and added: “Did you just arrive? I’ve never seen you before”.

“Yes, I recently moved with my family!

!Ok, do you want company?”

“Gladly” said Ellen and the girls set off towards the village.

Mary noticed that despite Ellen being a shy girl it was pleasant to walk and talk to her and so she showed her around the village and they stopped at a lookout to observe the view. Mary was looking Ellen up and down in the all blue outfit and a French cap on her head that she had never seen before even though she liked it. The real thing that amazed Mary was Ellen’s hair as she had a very short haircut and was not used to seeing such a hairstyle on girls and this sent a long shiver up her back and instinctively put her hand behind her shoulders and started playing with her long ponytail. At that moment Ellen observed the scene and said “you have beautiful hair and it seems that you spend a lot of time taking care of it” and this made Mary blush which she confirmed and added that she really likes it and had thought about growing it out again.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for short hair and I think every girl should try it at least once in their life” these words took Mary by surprise and for a few seconds she said nothing before answering

“I don’t know, I’ve always worn my hair long and I don’t see myself with short hair”

Ellen turned to look Mary in her eyes and in a lower but decisive tone she replied “maybe you’ve never found someone who would propose the right cut for you”

Mary was feeling strange and the conversation was going in an awkward direction so she turned to walk when she felt Ellen grabbing her tail

“Your hair is really beautiful” and so she began to run her fingers through the middle of her ponytail and comb it gently. Mary was about to turn and stop her but the softness and tact Ellen had on her hair made her relax and she wanted her to continue. Ellen tugged on her tail slightly and this gave young Mary pleasures never experienced before that she knelt on the ground and dropped her purse. When the bag dropped among the various things that came out was a small scissors that Mary used for her nails and as she picked it up she remembered Ellen’s words about cutting her hair.

“Ellen, do you really think that all women should try a short haircut at least once?”

“Yes why?”

“Do you think I would look good even with short hair?”

Ellen smiled and said “Sure, actually it would highlight your face”

Mary wasn’t entirely convinced and was afraid of regretting it and at that very moment Ellen scrutinized the scissors that Mary had picked up from the ground.

“Would you mind passing them to me?”

Mary shivered and not knowing what to say she started babbling but Ellen reached out and took the scissors from Mary

“I think a girl here is late for a hair appointment,” Ellen whispered into Mary’s ear and so I lifted her ponytail straight up and as straight as possible.

Mary was scared and she hoped that Ellen didn’t really want to cut her entire ponytail even though the more she thought about Ellen’s look the more she was curious to try it.

“Now let’s have some fun, shall we?” and having said this Ellen positioned the scissors at the base of the ponytail and began to cut


The scissors were cutting the tail and Mary closed her eyes and covering her face with her hands she thought about how it was possible that she was allowing another girl she met shortly before to cut her hair.

Ellen, on the other hand, was having fun and even if they weren’t hairdressing scissors, the small blades were doing their job. After a few minutes the cut ceased and the tail dangled in Ellen’s hands while the tension on Mary’s hair had ceased.

“Here it is” so Ellen handed the ponytail to Mary that she opened her eyes and was speechless to see your cut hair.

“Now I think it’s better to go to a hairdresser to fix the cut but the bulk is gone and you won’t have any problems now”

Mary nodded and the girls went back to the center of town to go to the hairdresser. Ellen recommended a side quiff cut for Mary who as she watched the stylist work with her hair was both eager and eager to see her new look. When the cut was completed Mary could not recognize her and admitted that she really liked this new hairstyle.
Leaving the shop the girls completed their walk and before saying goodbye Mary handed Ellen her cut ponytail

“Keep it as a token of our friendship”

Ellen smiled and accepted “I’ll take care of it”

The two girls said goodbye and returned to their homes and from that day a beautiful friendship was born

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