A new man.

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My favorite time of year is late spring.  The chill has left the air and the foliage has returned.  Knowing the summer heat will soon be upon us my wife and I take advantage and spend as much time outdoors as we can.  This Saturday was no different than others I remember.  We went for a walk and found ourselves at an outdoor to cafe enjoy brunch.  We were greeted by the hostess who ushered us to a table for two on the sidewalk.  As we took our seats our waiter approached and presented us with menus and a warm greeting.  We looked over the menus and selected our meal.  The waiter returned promptly and took our order after he filled our glasses with water.  The next part was our favorite, people watching.  We generally note who we find attractive and play a game trying to guess what they do for a living.  Every couple should try this.  SO much fun!  We were well into our game when my wife changed things up on me with a new game.   She called it the Makeover Challenge.  She explained the rules quickly.  We were each to pick out a member of the opposite sex and describe how we would make them over with clothes or a new hairstyle.  I thought it sounded really intriguing.  She went first selecting shaggy looking guy who she thought needed a pair of distressed jeans and a blazer.  His hair need a trim like a business man’s cut.  My selection was. a petite brunette who I thought would look nice in a black and white striped top and skirt.  Her hair would be bobbed very short to show off her nape.  Very French.  My wife loved it.  Her next selection was a muscular guy with a shaved head.  She smiled at me declaring “He is just fine as he is.  Let’s think about a makeover for you.”  A bit taken back I exclaimed “Me?”  She bashfully replied “Yes, you are actually the reason I came up with the game.  I don’t want to this to be awkward but you could stand to try a new look.  You are in great shape but your hairline is making you look a bit older than you should.”  Blushing and a bit embarrassed I replied “Does it look bad?”  “No. But have you ever thought about going shorter?  It might make it less noticeable.”  “No, haven’t really thought of it but I could use a haircut.” I admitted.  “You could just buzz it off! Maybe even shave it all the way like the guy we just saw?”  she suggested with a wry smile.  “That would be a bit of a shocker babe!” is said blushing even more.  Our waiter interrupted the conversation as our food came out.  This created an awkward pause as we began eating.  My wife paused from her meal “When we are done eating we are going to get that head of yours shaved.  I never told you but I think guys with shaved heads lake that are hot.  I love that look like Bruce Willis and the Rock have!”  I laughed, “Seriously?”  Without a pause “Oh yeah, you will be bald before you know it.” she exclaimed.  Not really taking her seriously we shared a laugh and finished our brunch taking the conversation elsewhere.

We paid the check and left the Cafe.  She grabbed my hand firmly.  “This way.  There is a barber shop around the corner.”  I paused, “Now?” I questioned.  She smiled and nodded firmly biting her lip.  She led me down the sidewalk to the shop.  Outside was the traditional barber pole and a sign that read Oak Street Barber.  We entered the shop as a bell chimed.  There were three barber chairs and three barbers cutting hair.  Two of the barbers were middle aged gentlemen and the third was an attractive young female with a short bob like the one I imagine earlier.  The back was angled up a bit and her nape was visible and cleanly shaved rather high.  It was rather severe but very attractive.  She looked our way and instructed us to have a seat.  We sat on a bench facing the chairs next to a mother and two boys who looked to be in their early teens.  The two men finished up their clients who both had normal short back and sides.  They paid and left leaving both of their chairs empty.  The middle barber patted his chair “Alright boys.  Summer cuts Mrs. Johnson?”  he inquired.  “Yes sir.  Nice and short like last year.” she instructed.  Both barbers nodded and began caping the boys and applying neck paper.  Both barbers turned to their station almost in synchrony selecting large black clippers.  They whirred to life as the boys sheepishly exchanged glances.  The clippers were placed at their foreheads and quickly revealed strips of pale scalp.  My wife watched with interest looking my way “Your getting a summer cut too big boy!”  as she grinned.  The female barber finished her client and he paid and left.  She looked our way after sweeping up the hair around her chair “Ready?”  I rose and made my way to her chair.  She began caping me and introduced herself “I am Mindy.  I don’t think I have cut your hair before?”  She inquired as she caped me.  “I am Brian.” I replied somewhat mumbling.  Mindy finished caping me “I will be right back.”  as she went through a door in the back of the shop.  The other barbers were finished with the boys as they took payment form Mrs. Johnson.  She exited with the boys and their freshly shorn heads.  The middle Barber announced “Mindy, we taking lunch.” and they left the shop.  My wife approached me and tossed my hair “This is going to be fun!”  I replied “If I go through with this  you owe me.”  Not paying much mind she agreed “Sure babe, whatever you want.”  Mindy returned moments later “Sorry about your wait Brian.  What are we doing today.”  My wife chimed in instantly “He wants his head shaved!”  Mindy turning to my wife “He does?” she inquired.  “Yes ma’am>” my wife affirmed.  Mindy turned her attention to me “How short are you willing to go?  I love to do a head shave.  Wanna go all the way?”  Blushing “That is what she wants.” I admitted.  Mindy smiled “This is gonna be fun and you will look great.”  My wife looked on smiling looking quite satisfied.  They next few seconds was a blur.  Mindy stated “I will use the clippers to get the bulk off before I lather you up and shave that head bald just like she wants.” she giggled.  She picked up her clippers and the popped with a hum.  Addressing my wife “These are balding clippers.  They cut super tight! Head down please.” as she gently nudged my crown will instantly running the clippers up my nape  passed my occipital bone and through my crown.  Mindy exclaimed “Does anybody feel a breeze?”  The next few minutes we actual bliss as the vibration of the clippers massaged my bared scalp.  When she was done she expertly lathered my head and shaved me bald as a goose with my ever so satisfied wife looked on.  When she was done she applied after shave and sunscreen.  I have to admit the experience was fantastic and the feel of a shaven head is something everyone should experience at least once.  I really liked it and mine wife did too as she exclaimed “You look like a new man!”  I blushed.

I paid Mindy as she continued with a knowing smile.  Not being able to contain her self my wife reached up and caressed my bald pate.  “Awesome! I love it!” She exclaimed as she thanked Mindy.  Making a move toward the door.  I held firmly to her hand, “Not yet babe.  You are next.  Remember what you said?”  Mindy chimed in “Oh, are you getting a haircut too?”  Then I took back control ‘Yes ma’am.  She wants her hair cut just like your!”  My wife was in a state of shock as I ushered her to Mindy’s chair.  In a matter of seconds the roles were reversed and my wife was receiving the shortest bob haircut of her life under Mindy’s control.  Mindy said nothing until she smiled and instructed “Head down dear.”

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