A New Opportunity for Victoria

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Revelations, Danielle speaking. How may I help you?’

‘Good morning, Danielle,’ I began nervously, stepping outside my comfort zone, when someone answered the phone. ‘My name is Victoria and I wondered if you would you like to do some dramatic haircuts and get paid extremely well for doing so?’

‘Yes, Victoria. What you have described is my job,’ the voice at the other end of the line explained patiently. ‘Would you like to make an appointment?’

‘Well, yes … and no … that is, not for me,’ I babbled, ‘but I do want to make an appointment … for someone else.’

‘That’s fine, Victoria,’ Danielle sighed, sounding exasperated by my indecisiveness. ‘Your daughter, is it? Or a friend? When for?’

‘A friend. Called Karen,’ I answered. ‘But, well, it’s not quite that straightforward.’

‘Yes?’ she replied, drawing out the word, sounding understandably suspicious of my intent and requiring an explanation.

‘I’ve been a follower of your social media channels for quite some time, and I really admire your professionalism and skill,’ I commended, ‘but I also think highly of the enjoyment you clearly derive from your work.’

‘Thanks,’ she acknowledged, but with suspicion still edging her voice.

‘The thing is, I run a company making educational videos related to hairstyling,’ I explained, bending the truth, ‘so I wondered if you might be interested in featuring in a future video?’

There was an empty silence at the other end of the phone. I wondered if she might have disconnected my call, thinking of me as a crank who she should avoid at all costs. ‘Possibly …’ she tentatively replied after a long pause.

I quickly jumped in with an estimate of the time commitment for each video and the flat rate I would pay Danielle for her time, pointing out that she would receive a percentage of any sales of the video above the cost of production.

‘So, you want to film doing what I do every day and pay me five times as much?’ Danielle asked bluntly, with a hint of amusement in her voice.

‘Put simply … well, yes,’ I confirmed. ‘I select a suitable model and agree with her what hairstyle she will have. It will usually be a dramatically short haircut or a drastic makeover. I have seen online that you are very experienced with cutting hair short and … and, er, so forth,’ I explained, starting to feel excited as I imagined watching and filming her at work from close quarters.

‘By “so forth” … do you mean using hairclippers and razors too?’ Danielle chuckled.

I gulped and took a deep breath. ‘Er, yes, actually,’ I said, embarrassed to admit my secret preferences to a stranger.

‘Fine,’ she responded breezily. ‘I am well practiced at cutting hair short … as short as you like.’

‘Yes, I know,’ I breathlessly acknowledged, then kicking myself for not disguising the excitement in my voice. The nonchalant way Danielle came out with such emotive words, coupled with the throaty laugh that was so familiar from her videos, was intensifying my anticipation. However, I reminded myself that I needed to stay focused and business-like. ‘So, happy to proceed?’ I croaked, struggling to say much more without my voice completely breaking up.

‘Sounds good, so let’s give it a try,’ Danielle confirmed enthusiastically. ‘How about you bring Karen along to see me on Monday morning at 10? It is always a quiet time for Revelations, so I will stay closed until we have finished.’

‘If it’s okay with you, can I arrive at 10 to set up the cameras and ask Karen to come half an hour later?’ I requested. ‘Once she’s here, I’ll keep out of the way, but keep an eye on the cameras, and if you could just treat her like she’s a normal customer – you know, so the video offers a complete training experience – that would work really well.’

‘Wow, I’m going to be an actress!’ Danielle giggled excitedly. ‘And, Victoria, what would you like me to wear?’

Danielle always dressed so well when appearing on her social media videos and photos. She possessed an effortless sense of style, but always looked sexy and alluring too. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed watching her on social media.

Previously, I had considered suggesting the sort of thing she might wish to wear to satisfy my own secret desires. However, I decided against voicing my opinion it as I felt it might sound a bit too weird. ‘Well, what you usually wear is always like nice, so just be yourself,’ I answered diplomatically.

‘Hey, thanks, Victoria,’ she said, sounding genuinely pleased. ‘I’ll keep it simple with a new short black leather skirt, black boots, and a revealing black lace top.’

I gulped, but did not trust myself to speak as, in my mind, I conjured up a vision of her wearing that outfit. I quivered with anticipation.

‘Oh, and I’ll make sure my hair is trimmed and my neck shaved before Monday,’ she added, referring to the dramatic angled bob that was her signature style.

‘Great,’ I squeaked, my throat dry.

On hearing such emotive words that she used so freely made me wonder if I would be able to keep mind and body together on Monday. Forcing my mind back to business, I stated, ‘I’ll send over the contract and the release form by email so you can make sure you’re happy with all the arrangements beforehand.’

‘Sure, no problem,’ she chuckled. ‘Look forward to seeing you and Karen on Monday morning.’

Before I could try to answer, Danielle disconnected the call.

Embracing Change

Before contacting Danielle at Revelations, I had worked for a small media company that specialised in TV commercials. Unfortunately, they made me redundant from the mildly creative position that I had held there for a considerable time. With my extensive skills and experience, I had considered setting up a similar company of my own. The chance to be my own boss was enticing but competing with established organisations in the same field seemed foolhardy. However, proving myself in a similar role in a similar organisation had felt like an even worse option.

I had decided, after a great deal of soul searching, to combine my technical skills with my secret passion. What people might consider an unusual, even unhealthy, obsession for hair. It had never featured heavily in my career apart from the occasional boring shampoo advert. My preoccupation had a much sharper focus than simply caring for hair. It encompassed cutting of hair, especially dramatic and drastic transformations. I indulged my passion by watching online videos of women succumbing to the scissors of enthusiastic hairstylists.

Strangely, the obsession never extended to my own hair which had been moderately long, centre-parted, and regularly trimmed throughout my adult life. Having my own hair cut, had never significantly affected me other, than worrying whether the stylist was cutting too much off. However, contrarily, I found watching videos of other women having their long hair cut short to be a huge turn on.

Despite the videos arousing me, I still professionally critiqued the content and production of each one as I would with any competitor’s film. I had frequently thought about how rewarding it would be to produce higher quality short films that people sharing my interests would enjoy watching. And more to the point, give them pleasure and turn them on.

I had time on my hands following my redundancy. Purely as an academic exercise, I had considered the feasibility of entering the haircut video market.

Initially, I reviewed the social media channels of nearby salons to assess whether any might be interested in a cooperative venture. Danielle at Revelations soon rose to the top of my list. Her appearance was a major factor, together with the clear enjoyment she expressed when cutting short styles. When I had contacted her, I had been apprehensive. Thinking that she might consider my request too strange, I had been both delighted and relieved when she had agreed.

I had also advertised for models and enjoyed the task of evaluating respondents on video calls. Karen had seemed relaxed and easy to work with, so she quickly became a prime candidate. Once I had confirmed the arrangements with Danielle, I contacted Karen, and I was delighted to find that she was free the following Monday morning and keen to be my first model.

I would be present in the salon to film the proceedings. However, I explained to Karen that she should ignore me and interact with Danielle as if she was attending a normal hairdressing appointment. I prescribed the outfit I required her to wear. Having ascertained her measurements, I arranged for her to receive the package the following day. Most importantly, I informed Karen which hairstyle she was to request from Danielle. She was happy to agree to everything, doubtlessly swayed by my unsubtle reminder of the generous modelling fee that I would be paying her.

With everything set, I checked all the equipment I would need, and I allowed myself to become increasingly excited over what was to come.

Meeting Demands

The door of the Revelations salon swung open, and I witnessed the wonderful sight of a grinning Danielle. She looked even more stunning in real life than on her social media. I just stared, and I was unable to speak.

‘Hello. Victoria?’ she giggled, filling the silence. I nodded dumbly. ‘Well, you better come in, unless you would rather spend the morning standing on the doorstep?’

‘No. I mean, thanks … yes, I’m Victoria,’ I mumbled, tongue-tied, emitting an embarrassing and unintentional high-pitched chuckle. Danielle chuckled at my obvious nervousness, causing me to blush a little. It was not the professional start for which I had hoped.

I stepped inside Revelations for the first time and, unaccountably, I was surprised that the inside of the salon looked exactly like it did on social media. I had watched Danielle’s videos so often that it would have been more astonishing if I had not been familiar with every inch of my surroundings.

‘Coffee?’ she asked, quickly following it up with a twirl on the spot to show her outfit. ‘Will I do?’

‘No,’ I mumbled, captivated by her appearance. Her leather skater-style miniskirt flared outwards as she spun around, and her bobbed hair lifted to reveal the full extent of her freshly clippered nape.

Next to her, I felt drab wearing a white blouse, tight jeans, and ankle boots. In the salon environment, I felt strangely nervous with my long blonde hair held up in a messy ponytail with loose tendrils artfully crafted around my face.

As I contemplated the contrast between us, I saw she had stopped twirling and fixed me with an unsmiling disappointed stare. ‘No?’ she pouted.

Worried, it took me a moment before I understood her reaction.

‘I mean, um … yes you will, er, do … I mean, you will look fantastic in the video … but no thanks to the coffee,’ I blustered, holding my breath once I had finished.

Her broad smile returned, and I breathed once more. ‘That is a relief, especially after I had shaved my neck especially for you. See?’

Unexpectedly she grabbed my hand and ran my fingers along her neck and under the bob. ‘Yes, I see … and I, er, feel,’ I squeaked, immediately regretting adding the accurate, but unnecessary, emotive word.

She laughed. ‘Well, Karen’s going to be here shortly, so shouldn’t you start setting up your cameras or did you plan to keep your hand on my shaved nape all morning?’

Snatching my hand away guiltily, I felt myself blush. I had no idea just how long my hand had remained where she had put it. Hoping it was seconds but, as time seemed to stand still, it could just have easily been minutes. I wanted to point out that she had encouraged me, not that I would have needed a great deal of encouragement. But dwelling on my lapse would have drawn even more inappropriate attention to the enjoyable experience.

‘I’ll set up my cameras,’ I stated, in an uncharacteristically deep voice. I was trying to hide my nervousness that had robbed me of my ability to speak with my normal tone with an amusing consequence.

‘Fine,’ she smirked knowingly as if she could read me like a book. ‘This styling station is best as it has one of the larger barber-style chairs. I love working from a barber’s chair. Okay with you?’

‘Yes,’ I confirmed, as my voice resorted to squeaking mode.

Busying myself with the familiar cameras and wires allowed me to calm myself down a little by concentrating on the task in hand. My blood pressure and breathing were returning to normal levels by the time everything was ready. Having to repeatedly lean over to check connections made me wish I had not worn such tight jeans. Furthermore, a neat bun rather than a messy ponytail might have been better to prevent me slapping myself in my face.

I had noted Danielle sat at the reception desk while she watched me prepare. She smiled to herself as she sipped her coffee, as if she had something in mind. Once I had finished, I stood back to verify that everything was in order, then I felt her glide over to my side.

‘Just a few minutes until your Karen arrives,’ Danielle breathed close to my ear. ‘Shame really.’

‘Shame?’ I queried, ignoring thoughts of what she might do if more time had been available. Her proximity made my heart start to beat faster. Involuntarily, my eyes began to close. Suddenly, I returned to reality when I felt a harsh tug on my ponytail.

‘I saw you struggling with all this messy and unflattering hair when you were getting ready. So, with a bit more time, I could have chopped it off,’ she laughed, mimicking the action of the scissors with her fingers. ‘Nice and short.’

‘No!’ I yelped anxiously, as if she had stabbed me with her scissors.

She laughed all the louder. ‘Calm down, Victoria. Just teasing,’ she said, using her grip on my hair to turn me to face her. As our eyes locked, I imagined our lips could easily have followed suit.

In that moment, I imagined I would have allowed Danielle to buzz off all my hair if she had insisted. I squirmed as she maintained her forceful grip on my ponytail. I knew I should remain silent and allow the moment to pass. But, foolishly, to break the tension that was building, I allowed myself to whisper. ‘Er, Danielle … I am not ready …’

‘Really? Not ready? That is interesting,’ Danielle murmured, releasing my hair, and somehow flicking it upwards so, as it descended, it hit my back with a resounding slap. Smirking, she added, ‘Perhaps another time …’

Released from Danielle’s grip, I stepped back a couple of paces. Relieved, I took a deep breath. I absently gazed out of the window to allow time for my blood pressure to return to normal. Then, suddenly, I saw Karen approaching down the street. My apprehension swiftly returned.

‘She’s here!’ I exclaimed with a note of panic, rechecking the cameras. ‘Karen. She is outside.’

‘Calm down, Victoria, and let’s do this,’ Danielle said soothingly, placing a reassuring hand on my arm. Captivating me once more with her enigmatic smile, she grandly announced, ‘Lights … camera … action!’

Moving Forward

Karen, the model for whom I had arranged an appointment, reached the salon door. Danielle had swooped over to the reception desk. I had settled myself out of the way at the back of the salon to monitor the cameras. I aimed my handheld additional camera at the entrance, and I did a final check to ensure all cameras were rolling.

‘Good morning, Miss. Welcome to Revelations. I am Danielle and how may I help you today?’

‘Hello, Danielle. I am Karen and I have an appointment for a haircut at 10.30.’

A reasonable selection of women had responded to my request for models, but only a couple of those conformed to the vision I had created in my mind. Karen was a slim pretty woman in her early twenties with chestnut brown hair that was long enough to sit on. Not only exceptionally long but, to any discerning eye, it was obvious that she had only recently had her immaculate locks trimmed.

Karen wore a red cotton dress with white polka dots that hugged her figure, with a hem well above her knees. Puffed sleeves and a plunging neckline improved her appearance. White high-heeled shoes complemented the dress perfectly. I was so pleased I had chosen the perfect outfit to enhance her attractiveness.

‘That’s right, Karen,’ Danielle confirmed, continuing to play along with my wish for her treat my model as she would a normal client. ‘Please come with me and take a seat, then we can discuss your requirements.’

Once seated in the large barber’s chair, Karen’s slim build made her look much smaller and more vulnerable. Danielle lifted her hair over the back of the chair, picked up a hairbrush and allowed it to glide through Karen’s glossy locks.

‘You have wonderful hair, Karen,’ Danielle gushed.

‘Thanks, Danielle,’ she replied smugly, ‘I have always taken great care of it.’

‘Yes, I can see that,’ the stylist acknowledged. ‘And what would you like done with it today?’

‘I would like my hair cut short, please,’ Karen said, recalling the script I had prepared for her. ‘Similar to yours, only shorter.’

‘Really?’ Danielle, to her credit, acted surprised. She put down the hairbrush and using both hands indicated a point level with the bottom of Karen’s ears. ‘To here?’

‘No, higher,’ Karen countered. Her eyes widened, betraying her scripted words, as she observed the rise of Danielle’s hands.

‘Here?’ Danielle’s hands had moved to the top of Karen’s ears.

‘No, higher still,’ Karen said, stuttering a little as she sealed the fate of her hair, and guaranteed that no hair would be covering her ears for quite a while.

‘I see,’ Danielle said. ‘So, rather than a shortish bob like mine, you’re asking me to cut off all this magnificent long hair into what could best be described as a severe bowlcut?’

‘Yes, please, Danielle,’ Karen uttered as if it was nothing unusual, despite the unrelenting pressure of the emotionally charged questioning from the hairstylist.

‘Very well,’ Danielle said. Sounding matter of fact about it, she gave a wink and a coy smile to the camera, suggesting she was looking forward to the forthcoming task. Which, to be fair, she undoubtedly was. ‘A severe bowlcut is an excellent choice for such a pretty young lady.’

Acting Forceful

Danielle selected a silky, white cape which she flicked open with style, and allowed it to billow over Karen’s seated form, before securing it firmly around her neck.

With practiced skill, Danielle created a neat side parting to the left of Karen’s crown, and another on the other side. Gathering the panel of hair on the crown amounting to around one third of her hair, she twisted it tightly, then pinned it in a neat bun perched on top of Karen’s head.

The stylist combed through the remainder of Karen’s dark hair, allowing it to flow down from where she had sectioned the hair. A great waterfall of her locks tumbled down behind her, while the remainder flowed over Karen’s shoulders, continued past her chest, and gathered in her lap. It all contrasted beautifully with the white silken cape that enveloped her.

From a hook below the mirror, the stylist lifted a set of black and silver hairclippers and discarded the guard covering the blade. Karen’s eyes visibly widened as she felt one of the Danielle’s hands ease her head down, leaving her chin was touching her chest. The stylist other hand positioned the bare blade of the clippers under the hair covering Karen’s left ear.

‘First, we’re going to remove all the unnecessary hair,’ Danielle provocatively stated, her smile widening. Given I had said we were filming an instructional video, her words added to the authenticity, and was far better than her asking if Karen was sure about her decision.

With her head forced down, I was unable to view Karen’s expression. However, I sensed she might be trembling anxiously, and I heard a muffled whimper escaping her lips. I was happy for her to express her anxiety provided it did not lead to her running out of the salon.

Danielle slowly forced the clippers upwards and severed glorious chestnut tendrils from Karen’s head. They rolled on to her shoulders, slid down the cape and coiled in her lap. White skin shone from where Karen’s hair had once covered her ear. It provided a stunning contrast.

Although my fixed cameras would capture all the detail of the clippering, I zoomed in with my handheld device for a closer study. I was extremely grateful that the camera had the technology to stabilise the displayed image. It countered my trembling hands that had resulted from my excitement at seeing what was unfolding before me.

For my model to receive payment, she knew she had to remain impassive and not show any great extremes of emotion. However, I was amazed by her professionalism, and I could only imagine her inner turmoil. After having long hair for a lifetime, she was calmly accepting that Danielle was systematically shaving it off. In her position, I was sure I would have been heading for the door in tears.

Danielle moved the blade of clippers under the next section of hair and repeated the process by shaving it off. The pile in Karen’s lap grew larger. As Danielle continued, moving behind her, the severed locks fell straight to the floor. Large mounds of hair soon gathered in a pile, their severance revealing expanses of white skin.

Watching intently, I was becoming increasingly turned on by the scene playing out before me. I had to put the handheld camera to one side and trust that the other devices were recording everything that was happening. I was experiencing the growing warmth of arousal. Embarrassingly, I needed all my self-control to avoid moving things along.

Performing Smoothly

So much hair had collected around the base of the barber’s chair in which Karen sat. By the time Danielle had had finished clippering it off, she was almost tripping over it. She kicked it unceremoniously out of the way. Then, with deft strokes of the hairclippers, she removed the last of Karen’s loose hair leaving both ears exposed. The noisy hairclippers fell silent.

‘Now that we’ve removed all that unnecessary hair,’ Danielle explained, ‘we’ll clean up the nape and the temples to leave us with a neat, precise and completely smooth undercut.’

Danielle exchanged the clippers for a smaller pair and passed them back and forth over the newly exposed skin. The short bristles and any errant strands fell to the floor. Finally, the hairstylist selected an electric foil shaver and ran it over the faintly shadowed skin until it was gleaming white. There was no hint that any hair may have once resided on Karen’s smooth shining skin.

Danielle stood back to review her progress.

Closely watching each stage had been exciting. However, taking a moment to examine the glorious sight of a mohawked Karen quite literally took my breath away.

Karen’s expression was unreadable. She slowly turned from side to side and saw the full extent of what Danielle had done. She did not smile but neither did she appear upset. Exhibiting curiosity was the most apt description.

‘Now that we’ve shaved the undercut so that only skin is apparent, we’ll release the top section,’ Danielle announced, unclipping the hair on the crown.

Karen’s loose locks rolled lazily down the back and sides of her head, temporarily obscuring Karen’s ears and neck. The hairstylist combed it through evenly around her head. Despite Karen’s hair being less thick than earlier, it was hard to believe that it was bald underneath.

Completing her preparations, Danielle combed the front section of hair over Karen’s eyes. ‘Now we will begin to shape the style,’ she stated. Taking her scissors, Danielle placed the blade above Karen’s eyebrows and sliced off the hair to create a distinctly short fringe straight across her forehead.

Moving to one side, using the level of the fringe as a guide, Danielle snipped the long hair above the ear to the same length. She continued the line around the back of Karen’s head and connected with the fringe on the other side.

‘We have now created the basic bowl shape,’ Danielle explained, absently flicking the short strands to reveal the shaved skin underneath. ‘The undercut has reduced the weight and thickness of the cap of hair covering the crown. This will allow the hair to fall neatly and precisely into the desired style.’

Danielle’s skills and explanation had me totally absorbed. The thought crossed my mind that if I had not been making the video then I would happily have purchased it, whatever the price. The bowlcut was approaching perfection as Danielle precisely trimmed the perimeter and carefully removed weight where necessary.

Karen had remained expressionless, but that changed when Danielle suddenly whipped away the cape with a flourish and held up a mirror. Karen looked startled as she carefully viewed her bold and severe hairstyle from every angle.

‘There we are!’ Danielle proudly declared. ‘As requested, a precise and severe bowlcut.’

Assessing Creativity

Karen’s eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise when she observed her completely bare nape in the mirror. Inevitably, her hand shot up to her neck to confirm the devastation that Danielle had wrought. Her expression suddenly changed. Was it shock, wonderment or pleasure? Karen’s fingers slowly moved to explore the skin above her ears resulting in a similar reaction.

Danielle stood to one side, smiling, looking on proudly at her latest creation.

As Karen slowly rose from the chair, she continued to critically examine her appearance. As did I.

I appreciated how well Karen’s severe haircut complemented her attractive features and her pretty short red dress. People who did not share my obsession with share might think differently. I did not care.

Karen turned towards Danielle. ‘Thank you, Danielle. I like it very much,’ she said with genuine, if surprising, emotion.

Danielle nodded her head, in appreciation of her words, and they shook hands. ‘You’re most welcome, Karen.’

Karen began walking to the door. I fumbled with my handheld camera and managed to capture the moment, zooming in on the white skin of her deliciously shaved nape, then zooming out to show the refreshing contrast between the femininity of her dress and the severity of her haircut. Karen turned as she reached the door, smiled directly at the camera, and departed.

Sharing Success

As Karen closed the door and walked past the salon window, still fingering her hair, I felt relieved and satisfied. However, as I rose so I could turn off the cameras, my legs were trembling. I was experiencing the aftermath of the sensory overload that Danielle had generated.

‘So, Victoria, how did I do?’ Danielle asked, effecting a business-like tone.

‘You were absolutely perfect,’ I breathed excitedly, a husky timbre affecting my voice. I forced myself to continue in a more professional tone. ‘And, er, the model was good too, the finished style was lovely, and the filming went very well.’

‘I do strive for perfection, Victoria,’ she murmured, echoing my husky tone. Was she was mocking me or sharing my excitement. ‘I always aim for complete satisfaction.’

Feeling awkward, I searched for a hidden message in her words. ‘I’ll have the video edited in a couple of days and I’ll send you a link for your approval,’ I stated briskly, trying to stay focused on our business arrangements.

‘I look forward to seeing it, Victoria.’

I took out my phone and began tapping the screen. ‘There. That is payment made in full … as we agreed. I have also paid Karen, the model.’

‘Thank you, Victoria. That is so lovely of you,’ Danielle said, moving closer. ‘Perhaps we can do this again some time?’

I finished getting my things together as she approached closer still. What I had witnessed had overloaded my senses. The presence of someone I had admired from afar amplified those feelings. I knew I needed to be alone, calm down and get my thoughts in order.

‘That would be nice,’ I suggested. ‘Er, profitable too. For both of us.’

‘Only nice?’ she questioned, sticking out her lower lip in disappointment, although it was unclear if she was simply mocking me again.

‘Ah, yes, I see,’ I replied, feeling flustered and doubting I was making any sense. Edging towards the door, I added, ‘Well, now I should go, Danielle.’

‘Fine, but there is one more thing,’ she breathed as she sidled up to me.

‘Oh, really?’ I queried. I swiftly followed up my question by loudly exclaiming, ‘Ouch!’

‘We should arrange a time for me to cut off all this hair,’ she stated plainly, as she tugged my ponytail. Referring to my offhand comment from earlier, she continued. ‘Please tell me when you are ready,’ she breathed, licking her lips.

‘Yes, erm …’

‘It would make a lovely film, Victoria.’

‘Yes, I suppose …’

Rarely had I felt so powerless and confused than at that moment. My fascination had motivated me to create the opportunity. Self-confidence had driven me to pursue my objective. My vulnerability had allowed me to fall under Danielle’s spell. I contemplated whether that may have been my overriding intention all along but, at that precise moment, I had no answer.

Danielle gave my hair a more forceful tweak, resulting in us staring into each other’s eyes. She smiled confidently, and I returned her smile but more timidly. Danielle, without warning, kissed me on each cheek before releasing my hair.

‘Bye for now, Victoria,’ Danielle grinned, ‘and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.’

‘Yes, that would be nice,’ I responded nervously. Observing Danielle’s disappointed reaction to the mild word I had repeated from earlier, I quickly corrected myself. ‘I mean, er, it would be enjoyable. A pleasure. To look forward to. Soon. Good-bye.’

The hairstylist chuckled as she reached across to open the door for me. ‘Soon,’ she repeated breathlessly as I hurried past her without looking back.


I found myself standing outside Revelations, rooted to the spot, peering up at the familiar sign I had seen regularly on Danielle’s social media channels.

I reflected on how I had started on my journey that had led me to that place. My intention had been to indulge my passion for seeing other women have their long hair cut short, with the welcome incentive of earning a living. That is what I had told myself when my journey started. But was that all?

Had meeting Danielle to enjoy her company been my goal all along?

Or, despite convincing myself throughout my adult life that I wished to keep my hair long, had I wanted an eager hairstylist to force me into her chair and chop off all my locks against my will?

I quivered with excitement as I compared each scenario with everything that I had just observed and experienced. Inevitably, my thoughts lingered on Danielle staring provocative into my eyes while aggressively tugging on my hair.

My gaze fell from the sign proclaiming the home of Revelations. I found myself peering through the large window of the salon. Looking intently back at me was Danielle. She sprawled provocatively in her barber’s chair. Licking her smiling lips, her raised fingers sensuously mimed the action of scissors cutting through hair.

Despite standing in the street, I quivered with excitement, grew warm with arousal, and blushed uncontrollably. Questions hammered back and forth through my mind.

Should I go back now? Would I return soon? Dare I ever go back to Revelations?

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    1. Thanks very much, Jenny. Great appreciated from someone whose stories I greatly enjoy. I have some ideas for a Part 2 and, given the feedback I have received, I’ll try to find time to develop the ideas into a story.

  1. What a pleasure this was to read, as is the case for all your stories. I love Danielle’s dominance over Victoria. It’s so delicious when a hairdresser can tell a fetishist. I would love a second part if you have plans for one.

  2. That was a fantastic story! I absolutely loved the interaction between Danielle and Victoria. It’s great that Danielle was very forward and dominant in wanting to chop off Victoria’s hair. The dialogue was a very exciting part of the story!

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