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Waiting for your turn in a barbershop is a tiresome job if you are a male and not rich. I am no exception. It was Sunday, not a good day for a haircut because of rush so I planned to visit in the evening.

The evening was no exception, both the barbers in my regular shop were busy, with three people waiting in the small old shop. As I waited browsing the newspaper, thinking about fantasies of a woman walking in, the older barber tapped me to sit. As I got up, the door opened, and a guy in his 20s entered with a….

….a woman. A young woman around 25 years old.

I was surprised and was stupefied. The guy came to the barber, and they had some discussion. As I regained my senses, I started to plan how to skip my turn. I very much understood, it is the woman who will be getting a chop. I had to make some plan, I can’t miss the opportunity.

I was thinking and thinking when the barber again tapped my shoulder and asked with a cheerful face, “ Can you wait for a little, if you don’t mind, they are in a hurry and…”

Before he can complete his sentence, I replied back in affirmative. I asked again, “Two people or one?”

The barber replied bluntly, “One” and signalled the girl to sit down. I took a seat in the waiting area. The guy gently guided her in the big barber chair, and then sit down beside me.

I can see the girl’s face clearly in the mirror. Her thick braid of black hair was in front, resting on her petite breast covered in a white dupatta on yellow salwar kameez. Her eyes facing downward, so his her head.

The barber came from behind and tapped her to make her sit straight. The barber smiled at the girl but got no reply. Taking the white cloth cape, he shook it once and gently placed on her body and pulled her braid out. He knotted the cape at a side.

The barber pulled the braid to back and bent towards the guy for direction. I was astonished by the length. The braid was hanging below the chair, a few centimetres above the floor. Very thick it is. I missed what conversation barber had with the guy. As I turned, I saw the guy, holding his neck and moving it up and down.

The barber sprung into action at once. He slowly took out the rubber band holding the braid and passed it to the guy. It has some broken hair attached to it. Inserting his fingers in her hair, he started moving downwards, to remove knots. He removed the knots in such a harsh manner, I could see, the girl’s head shaking vigorously and pulled backwards with each round. The barber finally moved to comb and started combing from scalp to end, pulling her hair more vigorously. © Nabo Saha

I could see the girl was in pain, as she moaned once or twice. The guy stepped up and told the barber to be more careful. The barber nodded in affirmation and started to do his best, but it failed. She continued to feel the pain.

Once her hair was combed, the barber moved to sprayers, misting her hair, drenching her hair from the top. He almost emptied a whole bottle before he was satisfied. Her hair was so wet, water was dripping from it. The area below her hair was now soaked.

The barber now switched to scissors. I was expecting it will be till her midback or something, but he placed it just below her ear and kachchchchchch……chchchch. The girl quivered w the first lock of hair slid down, some in her lap, rest below. The barber continued to snip, as the guy gently got up and went near the chair. Kahchchchch…..chchchch more and more of her tress were chopped. The barber combed once again and then kachcchchh… her long mass of hair was now on the floor. A huge pile. Her back and a little bit of neck were now exposed, as the hair was gone.

The guy again got seated with me, the barber now partitioning the hair. I couldn’t resist myself and asked the guy, “ If she is your girlfriend?” © Nabo Saha

The barber after partitioning moved to the left side of her chair. With scissors and comb, he started cutting more and more. With a comb, he held the hair, and with scissors kach kach. He sent hair from side to middle, disrupting her middle partition. As he kept of snipping, her scalp became exposed on the side. After he was convinced, he rotated the chair, so that, the girl’s face was towards us, and barber now had access to her right side of the head.

The guy replied to my question, “She is my sister” I wanted to ask more, but her tightly shut eyes and confused face drew my attention. I could see her tightly clenched fist. Her hair was gradually reducing, and lap filling up with chopped hair.

Before I could ask the guy why his sister is getting a haircut, why she is getting a haircut in a barbershop? Why she is getting it so short? I was called by the other barber, and I failed to decline. With a slow pace, I started moving towards the other chair, as I saw the barber turning girl chair, and now moving to her backside.

The barber used the same strategy to snip the back hair, collecting with the comb, snipping with scissors. He then started backcombing all the hairs from front and clipping them on top of her head.

Hair showered on her lap, via her face. Her face was covered with countless chopped hair. He kept on doing it and finally moved to the front. He combed all the hair in front. Her hair was still long enough to cover her eyes. He gently touched her chin, lifted her head a little and started cutting her hair in the center of her forehead. Hair kissed her face and went towards her lap.

He then dropped the scissor and combed her hair, giving her a smart, stylish boycut. But he was not done. The girl still kept her eyes closed, as barber opened a drawer and took out straight razors. Putting on new blades, he again picked his sprayer, wetting her back and sides.

Gently pushing her head forward, he started removing hair from the back. I could see clearly via reflection, he exposed nape, all white and shiny. Same he did for the sides, removing hair till ear length.

The barber then switched to a broad brush and started dusting her nape, face and ears. He then applied powder and slowly opened the cape. I was continuously observing the girl, waiting for her reaction.

My barber was in no mood to support me and continuously hindered me in this. I missed the moment when she opened her eyes. I saw her continuously staring at her herself trough mirror.

She gently got up and move away, as her brother paid for her. She then started grazing on her chopped hair when her brother held her hand and took her away.

I sat there, getting my hair done when I saw the other barber dusting the chopped hair with a broom and throwing it near the dustbin in the corner.

I was still confused if she was real or just a fantasy for me??


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