A Party Game

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“Great party Rachel” I said yelling over the talking and the music “Thanks how are you by the way” she responded “Good college is killing me so this party was a nice break” “Well college will be over soon” Just then I girl with a short bright yellow hair yelled “gather around for haircut or dare” I saw some girls look apprehensive then then finally walk over to the middle of the room. “Come on let’s go” Rachel said motioning me to come “you can’t seriously want to risk shaving your head” “how bad can the dares be” she said turning towards the group of girls her long curly raven black hair bouncing behind her.

You know what I’ll just watch I said fingering my long Carmel brown hair which was in two braids.

The girl was yellow hair spoke up again “alright everyone sit in a circle. So the rules are if you can’t complete the dare the person gives you Marge over here will give you a haircut” Marge grunted and nodded towards the circle of nervous girls. “Alright I’ll start and by the way we’ll go clockwise so Harper (she looked to a girl with chin length chocolate brown hair) your dare is to kiss penny for 15 seconds or shave. She looked at penny who was very openly lesbian with a short pixie cut with a disgusted look on her face but walked up to her and smashed her lips into hers and 15 seconds later penny looked quite satisfied while Harper looked like she was about to throw up.

This went on for a while girl after girl accepting their dare till it reached Morgan’s turn to get a dare Morgan was that cliche popular girl with her mid back long blond hair and perfect body with piercing blue eyes and Rachel was the one giving her the dare.

“Alright Morgan here’s your dare breakup with Matt or haircut” oh my god that was genius Rachel had had a crush on Matt since high school and she would have a chance if they broke up and we all knew Morgan wouldn’t let Marge cut her hair. She scowled at Rachel with those intimidating blue eyes and flicked her hair over her shoulder pulling out her phone she tapped a few buttons and a voice came through the phone

”hey babe what’s going on”

”Matt I really like you but I think we should see other people”

”but I thought we had a thing going on” Morgan grimaced

“I’m sorry but that was a little more one sided it was fun while it lasted bye”

she hung up and the whole circle burst out laughing “shut up it’s my turn” she turned to Elizabeth, Elizabeth was probably the second hottest girl at our school besides Morgan. With her long curly red hair, green eyes and just like Morgan the perfect body that I would much rather have over the one that I had that got so many pimples that I struggled to contain today she had tied her hair back with a bright blue bandanna.

”oh yea what’s your date” she said cockily twirling her hair in her fingers “cut your finger off your haircut” Elizabeth looked shocked “y…you can’t do that” “is their a rule saying I can’t” “n…no but that’s not fair” “well I think it’s quite fair” “I’m leaving” Elizabeth stood up and speed walked for the door when marge walked up behind her yanking her backwards by her hair. Elizabeth screamed “owwww let me go your hurting me” Marge didn’t say anything and picked up Elizabeth and walked her to a chair in the kitchen as she realized what was happening pure fear and panic set into her eyes and she started screaming and crying “noooooo let me gooo I want to go home” Morgan walked up beside her as Marge tied her to the chair “you’ll go home as soon as your down with your haircut be a good girl and stay still now” at the words of haircut Elizabeth went bezerk she quickly stopped when she was slapped by marge and a gag was stuffed in her mouth.

while she stopped talking the fear and tears in her eyes intensified. Marge undid her blue bandanna letting her long red hair frame her face perfectly. When marge came in front of her with a pair of gardening scissors Elizabeth stared shacking violently tears streaming down her face even more. Marge placed the scissors at her head a thick lock of hair in between them and snipped letting into fall into Elizabeth laps causing her to close her eyes accepting her fate which each  strand snipped Elizabeth flinched and Morgan laughed recording it on her phone.

When she was finished her head looked like a land mine of short red hair that made he resemble a boy. When she was untied she ran to her car her hands covering her face and head.

Rachel walked up to me “damn I fell kind of bad” “yea she looks like a boy “if it wasn’t for how large her boobs are I think I would agree with you but look I still have my hair” she said turning around and flicking it into my face “yea but I’m just glad I wasn’t that one that got my hair cut off” “yea me to” “well i better get going see you later” “bye don’t let the barber bite” she said winking “oh shut up”

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