A Perfect Night

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I sat in breathless anticipation. We had been speaking online for quite some time and she had decided that it was time for us to meet up and live both of our fantasies. I had everything well prepared and ready to go. Now I was simply playing the waiting game…………………


“KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK,” went the brass door knocker on the outside. I went to the door and looked through the peephole of my apartment. It was her. I pulled the door open. She looked glorious standing there. She was wearing a simple pair of fitted jeans and ankle length boots. Her dark blue blouse almost matched the color of the jeans and hugged all the curves of her shapely body. Her silver necklace, bracelet and ear-rings complimented her olive skin beautifully. She had followed my request and wasn’t wearing any makeup, but her green eyes and pink lips were lovely to look at. The feature that drew me to her in the first place was her long, dark blonde hair.

It hung down to the small of her back like wheat. I never learned the names or the colors of her highlights, but they shone in the evening light like a beautiful field of wheat. It was very thick hair, and it hung straight with no curls. It was gorgeous hair, and I couldn’t wait to have some fun with it later in the evening.


“Hey Jones,” she said as she rushed over to me into the embrace of my arms. She kissed me on the cheek as we hugged hello. The warmth and wetness of her lips was quite something on my cheek. “Hello Emily,” I said. I worried that my voice would shake due to my excitement. Her tight body felt wonderful in my strong arms. Standing at 6’5,’’ Emily would not have been able to kiss my cheek without her heeled boots. “Welcome to my home,” I said, “I’ve been looking forwards to this since we talked.” “Oh I’m sure,” Emily responded, “I’ve been so nervous, but I couldn’t wait.” “You look amazing, the skype camera’s don’t do you justice,” I said. “You neither,” she said with a funny smirk on her face, “I kinda thought you were lying when you described yourself. You’re so tall!”


It was a perfect icebreaker even though I’m usually annoyed by the comments. The evening started out great. I cooked a nice steak dinner for the two of us and the red wine soothed any remaining tension between the two of us. We made pointless chit-chat during dinner about our college years and careers. We enjoyed the dinner, but I don’t usually make desert. When we finished dinner we both took our wine into the living room. I had set up a video camera in there on my tripod in preparation.


“Ok,” I said nervously as we sat down, “lets talk all about this a little before we get started.” “Sure,” said Emily, “but what’s with the camera?”

“I wanted to document the evening so that we could relive it,” I replied, “is that ok with you?”

“Yeah of course,” Emily replied, “but I get a copy of it!”

I chuckled a little and responded, “yes yes, of course you get a copy. I’ll make it tonight after we finish, and nobody else will ever see it!”

“Ok then,” she said, “don’t you want to start it then?”


I clicked the remote turning the camera on and telling it to begin recording us.

“good evening,” I said, “I’m very happy we get to spend some time together tonight.”

A coy smile crept onto Emily’s face. “Good evening Mr. Jones, I’m very happy to be here.”

“So we have been talking for a long time, and I think we can both agree that we are ready to fully live our fantasies,” I said.

“Yeah I think so……………” she replied with a pleasant smile.

We continued to discuss what I had been planning for the evening and what activities we would be partaking in.



Once we had finished talking and agreeing on everything I went into the bedroom to make sure everything was there and ready. The office chair was sitting in my bathroom on top of the bricks where I had set it up. The equipment was all sitting in the drawers and cabinets beneath. The leather cuffs and shackles were all laying down in their places on the bed. I had a simple leather cushioned chair set up at the foot of the bed. I had my cameras set at various locations throughout the bedroom and the bathroom turned on and ready to record. The stage was as perfectly set as I could make it. I sat down in the chair and awaited Emily………………………..


After a few moments I heard her footsteps outside the door. The door slowly opened and Emily walked in. “hello Jones,” she said, “I came here as you requested.” You should refer to me as ‘Sir’ at the very least my dear Emily,” I replied. “Yes Sir,” she said.

“Good girl,” I said, “Those clothes are unsuitable for tonight’s activities……………don’t you agree?”

“Yes………sir,” Emily replied nervously and looked at me with a look of terror on her face.

“So remove your clothing,” I said a bit curtly.


Emily slowly began to undo the buttons on her blouse. Each button revealed more and more of her perfect skin. Slowly it was removed and tossed into the plastic bin I had set up for her to use. Next she removed her boots, jeans and finally her bra and panties. Once everything was removed, Emily stood before me as I sat, naked and vulnerable. Her olive skin looked magnificent in the lights and I could feel myself swelling inside my jeans.


“come here,” I instructed. It only took Emily a few steps before she was standing right in front of me, “kneel before me.” Kelly slowly descended to her knees right in front of me. She was close enough to where I could smell her sweet perfume. She placed her hands on her knees and lowered her head. Her blonde hair cascaded over the front of her shoulders and down her back. I could easily feel my member swelling.


I reached under Emily’s chin and raised her face so that she was looking me in the eye. I stroked the side of her face and some of her hair. “Now you still understand the rules,” I said, “we have talked through the activities that you desire to have done and you have already agreed. If you do feel that something is far beyond your limits then just scream red and I will stop. Alright?”

“Yes sir……….” She said nervously. “now hold up your wrists, palms up,” I commanded. She quickly held up her wrists and I fastened the cuffs around them. The cuffs were simple, but effective. They were made from black leather with a steel buckle, loop and rings around the belt holes. They were lined on the inside with fur so that they wouldn’t rub. Once they were fastened, I added additional cuffs on her ankles. “There’s no turning back now,” I whispered in her ear, “until I decide otherwise………you are mine.”


“Come,” I said simply and indicated towards the bathroom. Emily stood up and slowly followed me. The bathroom was exactly as I had prepared it. I didn’t own a salon or barber chair so I had set up my office-style chair on top of some concrete cinderblocks so that it would be tall enough for my purposes. “I love the cinders,” Emily said in a jokingly shaky voice. “I worked with what I had available,” I replied, “I didn’t have a proper chair, but I thought that this would do for us tonight. Don’t you think that it will?” “Yes sir……..” stammered Emily.


“Take your seat,” I commanded as I turned the chair back towards her. She slowly lowered herself down onto the very edge of the chair. With a chuckle, I grabbed one of the long leather belts and reached it out and around her trembling waist. I pulled it back against her skin and I quickly forced her to sit all the way back in the chair. Once she was fully seated, I fastened the belt behind the back of the chair and made sure that it was nice and tight. I could hear Emily’s breathing becoming faster and deeper as the belt tightened. I didn’t waste any time before I picked up the next belt and wrapped it around Emily’s chest, just below her breasts. I wrapped this belt snugly before fastening it behind the chair. “Can you breathe ok,” I asked quietly. “yes sir,” she answered quietly. “Good,” I said quietly, “just let me know if it’s too tight.” Emily didn’t say anything, but she nodded hard. I smiled as I began to apply another belt above Emily’s breasts this time. Lastly for the belts was to apply 2 belts onto Emily’s thighs. Finally, I added two belts in an X pattern over Emily’s shoulders so that she couldn’t move them either. At this point, Emily’s legs and entire torso were immobile and she couldn’t move them at all.


“now place your arms on the armrests,” I commanded. Emily took a second before she moved her arms into the right position. I took a length of a simple rope and began to wrap it through the loops on her left wrist cuff and to tie them firmly to the arms of the chair. Once her wrist was secure I wrapped the rope over her arm several times before looping it around her forearm and tying it securely. I repeated the same process on her left arm and restrained it too. Now the only thing that Emily could move was her feet. I took two short lengths of rope and ran them through the metal rings on her ankle cuffs and pulled the ropes back behind the base-bar of the chair. Her knees were bent down under the chair. I tied the ropes together tightly so that she couldn’t really move her feet at all.


“How does it feel,” I whispered in Emily’s ear as I stroked her hair, “To know that you are fully restrained and you can’t stop me from doing anything that I want?” “It’s………….different sir,” Emily stammered back, “I think that I like it though.” I walked around to her front and began to play with her nipples. I rubbed them, lightly squeezed them and even pulled on them a bit. Emily’s breath became very rough as she began to get more and more excited. I could feel that I was fully erect at this point. I leaned in to Emily’s lips and we began to kiss deeply. While our tongues were touching, I pulled a fun little item out from my pocket and pushed it into her moist vagina. Emily pulled back and gasped a bit as she felt it being inserted. I smiled down at her and winked. “Time to get started,” I whispered as I kissed her ear.


I walked back around behind Emily towards the counter and mirror. I used a basic hair clip to pin all of Emily’s golden curls on top of her head. I picked up a specialty towel that I had purchased and wrapped it over Emily’s shoulders. There were two velcro spots on the towel that I stuck together in front of her neck. Next I pulled a long white neckstrip from a small dispenser and reached forward to wrap it around Emily’s neck. I wrapped it smoothly onto her neck despite the fact that my fingers were trembling. I stuck the tissue to itself so that it sat perfectly smooth on her gorgeous neck. Finally I picked up my brand new cape and began to drape it over Emily’s shaking body. The cape was black and made from a shiny material. It also had a special neck line and heavy duty metal snaps for tight closure. I slowly drew the cape together over the towel and brought the neck-lining to the middle of the neckstrip. I pulled it snugly against her neck and snapped it tight with 5 loud snaps. “Finally,” I whispered into Emily’s ear, “you are fully restrained and I am ready to begin.”


I undid the clip and allowed Emily’s beautiful curls to fan out over the shiny black cape. I ruffled her locks for a few moments before I rotated the chair so that Emily could see herself in the mirror. Her head and hair looked spectacular sticking up through my cape. “You look beautiful my dear,” I whispered in Emily’s ear. “Thank you sir,” she responded in barely a whisper. “you know what comes next don’t you,” I asked.

“Yes sir,” she barely replied, “It’s time for my haircut………isn’t it?”

“It absolutely is,” I replied, “but I get the feeling that you don’t want it to happen………….”

“I…………..I love my hair sir,” she stammered, “but I think that I’m ready for my haircut………..please sir………..give me a haircut.”

“Absolutely my darling,” I replied in a coy voice, “What would you like for me to do first?”

“Please sir……..take my ponytail first as a gift and then you can do whatever you want with the rest of my hair,” Emily said in a trembling voice. I could see her eyes beginning to get wet so I quickly turned the chair back around to face the wall.

“You will look amazing with short hair. When I turn the chair back around you will look like an entirely new person!”


I took a sturdy hair tie and began to turn Emily’s flowing locks into a single ponytail. I wrapped the hair through the hair tie as many times as I could. When I knew that it was tight, I took my barbers shears from the counter and held the blades open around the ponytail just above the hair tie. “here we go my dear,” I whispered, “There’s no turning back now. Time to kiss these beautiful locks goodbye!”

“No sir! Please I……….i cant do it!” Emily shouted. She also started to struggle in the chair a little, but I knew that the restraints weren’t going to give one bit. She had agreed to this and she wasn’t going anywhere. “Oh it’s too late for that my sub,” I said as I began to close the blades. The sound was magic as the scissors sliced through the golden hair. With a resounding snip, the ponytail swung free in my hands.

“I need to prepare the ponytail,” I said loudly, “and I originally was going to keep your new haircut a complete surprise, but since you want to be a brat you will be punished! Your punishment is that you have to stare at yourself with a short, uneven haircut while you wait for me to finish preparing your ponytail!” With that, I turned her back around in the chair so she was facing the mirror. Emily gasped out in anguish as she looked at her hair that didn’t even brush her shoulders anymore. I pulled a remote control out of my pocket and activated the vibrator that I had inserted into Emily’s pussy earlier. She gasped again in pleasure this time as she felt the vibrations begin. “Enjoy,” I said as I rubbed Emily’s ponytail over her face and exited the room.


It took me about 15 minutes to cure the end of the ponytail in superglue. When I finished, I had glued the end of the ponytail together so that It was stiff, but it would never fall apart. I had also brushed a coat of superglue over the hair tie so that It wouldn’t move either because I liked the way that it looked. It took another five minutes for the glue to dry. Once it was ready I went back into the bathroom. Emily was still looking at herself in the mirror and I could tell that the vibrator was having the right effect. She was breathing very hard and little beads of sweat were starting to form on her forehead. I laid the ponytail down onto the counter for her to see.


I turned off the vibrator again and turned the chair around. I picked up a comb and my barbers shears. I combed through Emily’s remaining hair before I combed up a lock of hair on the side of her head and grabbed it with my fingers. The scissors made three loud snips as I cut the hair on the side of her head down to finger length. Golden hairs rained down to the shiny cape. The hairs looked really magnificent offset by the black material. I took a moment to breathe in the sight before I began to comb up the next lock of hair and snip it off. Several minutes of combing and cutting later and the cape was covered in little bits of blonde hair and the entire right side of Emily’s head was very short bits of hair that were uniformly cut down to finger length. I made short work of the left side of her head, cutting her hair down to the same finger length as the right. Once this was finished I tilted her head forward and finished cutting the hair down to finger length. Finally I began to turn my attention to the top. I combed up locks of hair and cut them shorter. I left the top of her hair longer so that it could be combed over backwards.


Finally finished, I turned Emily back around and showed her the new haircut. “What do you think,” I asked quietly. “I love it sir,” she responded. “Good,” I replied as I began to unsnap the cape and shake the blonde hairs to the floor. Once the cape was removed I sat down on her lap and we began to make-out again. She was driping down into the chair and I was certainly erect. After a few minutes of this I stood up again and began to undo the restraints. Once released, Emily stood up. She leaned close to the mirror and began to inspect her new haircut. “Second thoughts,” I asked. “No sir,” she said, “I really like it. It’s actually longer than I was originally expecting it to be when you finished.” “Who says I’m finished,” I asked sarcastically, “follow me!”


Emily obediently followed me back into the main room. I had another short chair set up in there and a cushion on the tile floor. “I think I am overdressed for what comes next,” I said. Emily nodded in understanding and reached out to unbutton my shirt. Once my shirt was off, Emily undid my belt and pants and pulled them down and off. We both stood naked next to each other. She stared down at my erect member. She slowly ran her hand down my front and grabbed me. Her hands felt so soft on me. Emily’s hand moved in and out slowly. I felt myself getting even more aroused. I slowly dropped down into the chair. “Kneel,” I commanded. As soon as Emily was kneeling I took the hogtie buckles and clipped it onto Emily’s wrist and ankle cuffs. She couldn’t move from her kneeling position. I stood up again and went to the next room to retrieve 2 additional items. Emily was straining her neck to see what I had in my hands when I returned. I smiled down at her and plugged the extension cord into the wall and set the actual items down next to the chair. I picked up the barbers cape and wrapped it around Emily’s neck and snapped it snugly. She looked sexy kneeling with the black and white pinstripes covering her entire figure. I pulled the chair up a little closer so that she would be able to reach easier.


“What do you want to do now,” I asked her as I sat down again. I was still very erect but beginning to shrink from when she had been rubbing me. “I want to suck on you sir,” Emily responded eagerly. “Begin then,” I commanded, “before I shrink away.” I picked up the clippers as Emily began to lean forward. The buzzing began as I turned on my new Wahls. “Start with one slow and long stroke,” I said. Emily took me into her mouth, it was so delightfully warm and wet I could feel myself getting fully erect, and slowly begin to move down. I placed the clippers on her forehead. The blades changed their pitch a little as they bit into the hair on her forehead while she kept moving down me. The clippers made it about halfway over the top of her head as she finished taking me as far into her mouth as she could. “Keep working me,” I said lightly and I also began to buzz off another strip of hair. I kept buzzing and Emily’s hair fell to the barbers cape like falling leaves. I could feel the pressure building with each stroke of the clippers and as Emily’s tongue, lips and teeth kept rubbing against me. Once the top of her head was bare, I began to clipper the sides of her head and finally the back. Once every hair had been removed, I turned the clippers off and instructed Emily to finish me. She started to move her head in and out faster and faster. I felt the pressure continue to build until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I shuddered hard as I squirted into her mouth. She kept her lips just behind the head as she took me into her mouth and swallowed it.


“Wonderful,” I said as I stood and undid the cape and Emily’s shackles. I told her to follow me as I walked to the bedroom. I laid down in the bed and told her to clean up all of the hair I had cut off and put it into an acrylic box that I had bought for Emily. It took about 15 minutes for Emily to clean up all of her shorn hair and put it all into the box. She walked back into the bedroom with the box full of hair. “That is yours,” I said, “a gift for you to remember this night.” “Thank you sir,” she said. “You look cold,” I stated, “Why don’t you come and join me?” the light shined on Emily’s buzzed scalp. She looked so amazing as a bald girl.

“What did you think of yourself in the mirror,” I asked. “It’s…………….different, sir,” she replied. I chuckled as I began to kiss her deeply. We made out under the covers for a bit until I became hard again. Once I was erect again I climbed on top of her and began to go inside of her. Her vagina was even warmer, softer and more moist than her mouth had been. I didn’t even think it was possible. It took a little while for me to build up to another orgasm, but I could feel her dripping more and more the longer that I was ramming into her with powerful strokes. I finally orgasmed and Emily was gasping out loud in pleasure at this point.


Once I was done I laid down on my back and put my head down on the pillow. Emily rolled onto her side and laid her head on my chest. “If you want………..I’d like to shave your head smooth in the morning,” I whispered. “MMMMMMM………..I’d like that,” she replied, “you’ll also give me a copy of those dvds too right?” “Of course,” I whispered.


It was a great end to a perfect night…………………………………….

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