A Perm, a Fade, and a Shave

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It had been a beautiful morning so far. I took advantage by waking up early to put on a really hot outfit and having my handsome husband take some photos of me in the early morning sunlight that I could put out for my patreon followers. While he was getting the camera ready, I began to get my hair ready for the day by curling the top as tight as the curling iron would go and used some gel to slick back the back and sides. I sighed looking at how my hair was growing over my ears again and it was taking more and more gel to keep it looking good. After my hair was presentable, I went to the closet to decide on an outfit for the day. After sorting through my clothes for a bit, I decided on my new purple collared shirt with a striped purple and pink silk tie, a black leather skirt and boots. Lastly, I painted on my makeup. I went for a natural look with some blush, eyeliner with mild eye shadow, and a pink lipstick.


The cameras were ready by the time I got down stairs. The morning was crisp but not too cold, and the sun was just starting to come up over the horizon. My husband got a big smile on his face as he watched me coming outside. “You look great!” he called over to me, “I just got everything set up. I think in front of these trees will be perfect.”


“Thank you honey,” I said as I got to him, “oh and you even got some props! You’re too sweet!” he had a pair of hairdresser scissors, a large shear and my home set of Oster clippers on a table with his camera. As he picked up his camera, I reached out and rubbed the hair starting to grow over his ears. “It’s getting long,” I said in a sly voice, “Maybe I’ll give it a trim sometime.” “Just nape trims,” he said, “we both want it to get longer.” I chuckled a little bit and walked out for him.


We didn’t do anything fancy for the pictures. Just a few of me smiling, or looking a little flirty, then a few looking stern before I posed with the two different scissors and the clippers. I was sure there would be at least 3 good ones for Patreon. I kissed my husband goodbye before heading off to the shop.


I loved my little shop. It had a great red leather barber chair with a counter on one side that I used for barbering, a cute black salon chair on the other side that I used for color or perms and a hood dryer in the corner. It was a small and simple shop, but it was mine and I almost always had a great day inside doing everything fun from buzzing down boys who really needed short hair, or giving beautiful color or perms to ladies and lovely little sissies.


I squealed in excitement, when I saw the new parcel waiting for me in the mailbox. I quickly pulled it open inside and pulled out my fabulous new pvc cape. It was beautiful pvc on the outside and red satin on the inside. It was amazing and turned out even better than I had expected. I put this one on the salon chair and couldn’t wait to try it out later today!


I didn’t have long to wait this morning as a mom showed up with what looked like her two sons. They appeared to be early teens and maybe twelve and both had dark brown hair that was hanging over their ears, it looked entirely too long for me. The bell rang as they came in and I knew this was going to be fun. The older boy was sulking and clearly didn’t want to be here while the younger one just looked nervous.


“Good morning,” I said cheerfully, “What can I do for you today.” “These two both need good haircuts,” said the mother in an annoyed tone. “No mom,” said the older one, “I like my hair and so does my girlfriend.” They spent a few minutes arguing which I find annoying, so rather than try to force the older boy, I decided that it would be much more fun to play with him a little.


“Alright,” I called out after a few more seconds of arguing, “If you don’t want to cut your hair short, I won’t make you. Why don’t you take a seat over here and I will do something a little different for you?” “Fine,” the mom called out clearly happy to have some kind of solution, “get in her chair and don’t you dare move or so help me, I will find a military shop that won’t be as nice as she is.” “No worries ma’am,” I said cheerfully, “I’ve got this. Sit down.” I indicated the salon chair and picked up my new cape.


He appeared to be, shall we say ‘less than comfortable’ with the situation before him. He did slowly walk towards my chair though. I held up my new cape with the red side facing him. “Arms in the sleeves,” I said as I held the cape open for him. He reluctantly stepped into it and I fastened the Velcro snug on his neck then guided him to the chair. He sat down reluctantly and started looking very uncomfortable at the sight of his head popping out of the shiny black cape and nervously asked what I was going to do. I just smiled at him and told him he would find out before I pulled up a trolley over.


I started combing through his hair and spraying it down with my spray bottle. When it was the right level of damp, I opened up the trolley drawer and pulled out the pink rods. I knew these would be perfect for this kid. I started sectioning his hair and he began to fidget uncomfortably. I picked up a 6” pair of shears I keep in the shop and held them up in front of him. “Don’t move now,” I said quietly into his ear, “if you don’t sit still for me, I might need to use these.” I chuckled as he shuddered.


I made quick work of sectioning his hair with the tail comb before getting started on wrapping the first lock of hair on the left side of his head with the little perm rod. The pink clashed perfectly with his hair color. I could feel him trembling as I clipped in the bobby pin and began wrapping the next lock of hair with another rod.


A little while and several perm rods later, I had the entire left side of the kids head wrapped in cute little pink perm rods. His little brother looked absolutely mortified at his brother’s predicament. I bet the poor thing thought he was going to have to endure this next. I smiled at him as he sat in the waiting room. The boy’s mother was absolutely beaming with a big smile as I began wrapping the right side with perm rods.


It didn’t take me long to finish with the right side as well, so I pushed his head down till his chin was touching the pvc cape. I made him keep his head down to the cape until I had the back of his head wrapped with rods. Finally I let him raise his head as I began working the perm rods into the top working from his bangs to the back. At last I was finished, so I put on my gloves and began applying perm solution to each of the little rods. When they were all soaking properly with lotion, I told the kid to stand up and go sit in the corner at the dryer. I sat him down and pulled the hood down right over his head and turned it on, making sure to put the heat on a little bit stronger than I needed to. “Well,” I said loudly as I looked at his scared face, “you wanted to keep your long hair. It’s still long, but I doubt it will cover your ears now.”


The mom was laughing at that one as I walked back into the main area. “well,” I said calling out to the younger brother, “What’s it gonna be for you?” as I indicated towards the barber chair on one side and salon chair on the other. He got up and I could see his legs shaking as he walked over to the barber chair and gingerly sat down. I walked up behind him and tousled his hair a little.


“Good choice,” I said as I got a feel for his hair, “don’t be so nervous though! I won’t hurt you. I’m just gonna cut your hair!” I pulled a striped cape from the back of the chair and threw it out over him. I had this cape made special for me out of a black and pink pinstriped material with strong snaps on the neck. I wrapped his neck in a thick tissue before pulling the cape closed. “Snap!” went the first button as I closed it. I always like closing at least two, so I went ahead and closed three more on his little neck as he shivered. I got a cutting comb out and my big Oster 86 clippers.


I gently rubbed my fingers up the back of his neck before lightly pressing his head forward so he was looking down. The clippers came to life loudly as I flipped the switch on the bottom. I popped on a #3 blade and began to push them up the back of his head. I was deliberately being gentle with him. He was sitting well for me, so I wanted him to enjoy this. A big clump of hair fell down to the cape as I pushed the clippers up to the top of his head and flicked them. The powerful clippers made quick work of his hair as I kept running them up his head on the back, then both sides and finally the top. The striped cape was absolutely covered in long hair as I finished the baseline buzz cut. I changed blades and began working the back and sides of his hair down into a very short fade until it was barely stubble at his nape.


I finally felt him relaxing as I began rubbing my fingers over his short hair feeling for an even fade. I love doing this since I can feel differences that I can’t see, and my clients always seemed to like it too. I don’t know why though………….

I finally felt satisfied that I had given him a good looking fade after working over everything a few times, so I turned off the clippers and put them back in the cabinet drawer. I dusted him off with my brush before unsnapping the cape and tucking a towel into his shirt, then put a fresh blade on my razor before running my lather brush under the hot water in the sink and working it up in my shaving mug.


“What the,” the boy said as I began brushing the lather onto his neck, “What are you doing?”


“You haven’t ever had a proper barbershop haircut, have you?” I asked, continuing to brush lather on his neck, over his ears, and on his sideburns, “in the barbershop, you get a short haircut like you have now and you get your neck shaved. Just hold still for me.” I put a small towel on his shoulder and took up my favorite straight razor and scraped the lather off his neck and sideburns finishing his haircut properly. After his haircut, I gave him a short neck and scalp massage for a few minutes and could feel him absolutely melting as my fingers kneaded over his skin. When I was confident that this kid would be desperate to be back in my chair again soon, I dried his neck and took away the cape. “Much better,” I said turning him back to the mirror, “very handsome!”


He actually smiled as he got out of the chair and walked back to the waiting area. I smiled as I turned my attention back to his brother. “How are you doing under there?” I asked loudly over the dryer. “Please,” he said looking defeated, “it’s really hot under here.” I just turned it off and took him back to my chair. I could tell he was sweating a bit, but his brother’s haircut didn’t take forever, so it wasn’t too bad on my new cape. I put him back into the salon chair and began removing the perm rods from his hair. The small curls that were left were rather tight and would hold their shape perfectly.


Once the last perm rod was removed, I pulled up the mobile shampoo bowl and quickly rinsed his hair off before applying neutralizing shampoo. He looked quite relieved as the cold water ran over his scalp. When the perm solution was out of his hair, I leaned him back up and dried his hair with the dryer while brushing his hair with a round brush to get his curls to lie properly.


I can’t even describe the look on his face as I turned him back to the mirror and he saw the tight curls on his head that made him look quite like a poodle. His hair barely even went over his ears now, but I was true to my word and didn’t cut one hair on his head. “I love your curls!” I said excitedly, “they are quite lovely!”


“You can’t leave me like this!” he said panicking while I pulled away my new cape.


“Of course I can,” I said, “I promised you that I wouldn’t cut your hair, so I didn’t. However, you needed your hair off those ears.”


The little brother was laughing under his breath and smiled back at me on the way out. “I’ll see you again soon!” I called after him. “Ok!” he called back with excitement in his voice. I ruffled the curls as the older brother sulked towards the doors. “When your brother needs another haircut, you can come back and I’ll give you a proper shave.”

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