A pirates wench

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Maria looked out to see, palms pressed together in prayer.
She spots something, white sails of a war-damaged man-o’-war.
Commodore Bailey and his man must had a run-in with the pirate god Malcus.
The survivors of his rampage told of the hell they endured while under his spell.
Maria felt so scared that she vowed to stay on the island and pray that the god would not come to her home but her prayers went unanswered.
The Demon Crane, the god’s ship was called came to the island.
The town was plundered and burned to the ground.
Maria and other women were taken by force aboard the vessel as it headed homeward.
Malcus was surprisingly a gracious host with a respect for his captives.
But he was a pirate, one day, he called the female captives before him.
“On their knees”,he ordered, his men forced the girls to bend their joints to the said position.
He smiled hysterically,”Cover them”
Maria was jerked around as two burly buccaneers tied a sheet of cloth around her torso.
“Hold still, lassy”,said one man as he pinned the cape.
With all the women on their knees and covered with the cloth, Malcus was shaking with anticipation.
“Shave them”,his lips moved, Maria had never known such fear as she had now.
She was a hair virgin and her creed forbade the removal of it, but she was completely at the mercy of these devils.
Her head was pushed back into her barber’s crotch and the blade started weeding her head.
Layers of hair came off and Malcus just sat there on his throne and watched with pleased delight.
Soon, all was gone and Maria was now a slave to him.
When all heads lay bare, the cloths were removed and the girls were taken back to their cells.
“Wait”,ordered the captain, pointing to Maria,”She stays”
Alone on deck, the pirate god invited her back into his cabin.
There, he offered infinite coin to become his wench.
Maria, bare and vulnerable, accepted by drinking the chalice offered to her.
She removed her cross necklace and set it by the window.
She allowed herself to have her dress unbuttoned and taken off.
He made love with her but kept his lust modest.
By morning, Maria opened to a blue sky at sea.
Butt-naked, she rested her hands on the side rails of the ship.
Her sisters in captivity were horrified by the immodest expression but the master was pleased.
“Wench”,he called her over, he gestured to a barrel near him.
She sat and her barber from last night took out a sharp stick.
With swift accuracy, he pierced her nose clean through.
The girl was aghast at the alteration but the process wasn’t done yet.
One hole on each ear caused her slight pain but that’s the price for infinite respect among men.
Taking up his razor, her barber slid the tool across her brow to leave it bare.
With now head or brow hair, her sweat felt nice on her scalp.
Her barber attached two hoop earrings to her ears, two thin, silver strips of silver connected her earrings to her nose piercing.
“Tat her”
With his command, the man pricked the young lass’ skin over her breasts, on her forearms, and her lower back read”property of the pirate god” in Latin.
Her transformation done, Maria was granted a soothing bath and a slave girl of her own.
A wench’s job on her lord’s ship is to care for the crew and love her man.

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