A REAL Buzzcut

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Here’s the sequel to, “A “Trim” from a Clipper Happy Barberette”. Please let me know what you think of both parts, and I apologize that these are shorter than my other stories and that they came out so far apart.
As she swept up the pile of long, blonde hair beneath her chair, Jessica smiled to herself thinking about the guy she’d just finished shearing, and the scalp-hugging buzzcut he’d walked out with. Just a few minutes ago, a long-haired surfer type had sat down in her chair and asked for a trim. A trim? In her barbershop? Certainly not. She chuckled gently at the mountain of blonde hair she was discarding, her hands still tingling from vigorously rubbing her hands over the faint stubble left behind on his head.

Once the long locks had been tossed in the trash, Jessica sat back in her barber chair and waited for her next client. She was feeling extraordinarily clipper-happy today. Shaving the head of just one customer wasn’t going to be enough. She decided that she’d indulge herself a little and shave down the next guy who walked in. Again.

She waited for quite some time, her urge to shear continuing to build inside her. Minutes turned into hours, and she let out a heavy sigh as she realized she might not have the chance to shave any more heads today. She was about to get up from her chair and close up shop for the day when suddenly the bell above the door rang.


Jessica turned around to see who had entered and saw not one, but two people. A small, blonde woman with a gorgeous face and figure was shoving a man towards Jessica’s chair. The woman was dressed in short, cutoff jean shorts and a small, cropped, white tank top. Her blonde hair hung down past her shoulder blades in beautiful golden waves. The man she was pushing towards the chair had a rather shaggy mop of dark hair on his head, and was dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt.

“Get in the chair Tom, it’s coming off,” the woman demanded, aggressively, still pushing him forcefully in the direction of the chair. Jessica quickly got up from her chair and spun it towards the couple. Her heels tapped on the floor as she maneuvered herself behind her barber chair. Tom grunted sightly as he was shoved forward, catching himself with the arms of the chair before timidly glancing up at Jessica. She stood behind the chair and held it in place, smirking at him.

“Better do as she says, shaggy. That mess is way too long,” she teased, excited to get her hands on another thick head of hair. Reluctantly, Tom slowly turned around and sat down in the chair. Without wasting a second, Jessica grabbed a cape and flung it out in front of him, covering his entire body before snapping it tightly at the back of his neck. She turned him to face the mirror and got no small amount of enjoyment seeing the terrified expression his reflection wore.

“Hi, sorry about that, I’m Laura and this is my boyfriend Tom. I told him to get a haircut this week and he still hasn’t done it, so I’m taking matters into my own hands,” the woman explained, crossing her arms and inadvertently pushing up her ample cleavage. She looked at her caped boyfriend with a certain level of annoyance, suppressing a smirk at the sight of him trapped and helpless in the chair.

“Well then, it sounds like someone needs to be taught a lesson!” Jessica exclaimed, not even trying to mask her excitement. “My name’s Jessica, by the way. What did you have in mind for him today?”

“A buzzcut,” Laura said decisively. She walked up behind Tom and began running her nails through his hair, raking them against his scalp and combing out his dark locks. “I haven’t decided how short, yet. Definitely nothing longer than a #2, though. Thoughts?” She asked Jessica, almost as if Tom wasn’t even there. His eyes widened in the mirror, to the amusement of both women.

“Well, personally, I think the shorter, the better. If we’re gonna buzz it off, we might as well give him a REAL buzzcut and take it ALL off,” Jessica mused, an evil grin slowly widening across her face as she, too, began running her fingers through Tom’s tangled mop.

“No, please, don’t shave my head,” Tom begged, meekly. His eyes were like saucers now. He was gripping the arms of the chair tightly, afraid of what style these two dominant women might decide for him.

“Quiet. You don’t get a say,” Laura shot back, aggressively, “You had your chance to get a haircut when I told you to. Now it’s up to me to decide.” Tom shut his mouth, silently cursing himself for speaking up. If anything, he’d just pushed her more towards the decision to shave all his hair off.

“The bald look suits most guys, and you’ll definitely love the feeling on him,” Jessica explained to Laura, hoping to convince her that a complete headshave was the way to go. She quietly grabbed a fistful of Tom’s hair and gave it a firm tug. She giggled slightly as he grunted against her force.

“You know what? Let’s do it. Shave it all off, please. I don’t want a single hair left on his head by the time you’re done with him,” Laura said, a smile slowly forming on her lips. She was starting to get excited at the prospect of having a bald boyfriend, and at the thought of his shaggy mop tumbling to the floor.

“Good choice,” Jessica responded, grinning widely as she turned the chair towards the mirror. She leaned over her caped victim and picked up her Balding clippers, still unguarded from the last victim she mercilessly shaved bald. Without hesitation, she clicked them on with her thumb and flashed an evil grin.

“BZZZZZZZZ…” they hummed, filling the entire shop. Laura had sat down in the waiting chair next to Tom’s, and was grinning ear to ear at the sight of her boyfriend all caped up and about to be shaved.

“Say good bye to your hair, Tom,” Jessica teased, positioning herself to the right of her caped captive, “You’re going bald.” With her left hand firmly holding the back of Tom’s head in place, Jessica took the clippers in her right hand and placed then at Tom’s forehead. She let them buzz against his skin for just a moment before slowly and forcefully mowing through his hairline, sending huge chunks of hair tumbling in front of Tom’s face and onto the floor.

“M-my hair…” Tom muttered. He watched in horror as the clippers sailed over the top of his head, clumps of hair falling all around him as his shaggy mane was peeled off. Jessica chuckled, thoroughly enjoying her victim’s discomfort as she replaced the clippers at his forehead and drove them back once again. It didn’t take long for her to completely shave the top of his head, leaving him with a shaggy mane on the back and sides of his head, cruelly contrasting with his shaved crown.

“Oh God, I can’t WAIT to see it that short all over,” Laura commented, biting her lip and crossing her legs tightly. She felt an erotic excitement building inside of her as Tom’s hair was ruthlessly stripped away with each pass of Jessica’s Balding clippers. Jessica smirked knowingly.

“Trust me sweetie, there’s nothing as hot as a guy with a freshly-shaved head,” Jessica responded. With her left hand, she gripped the top of Tom’s head like a basketball and roughly shoved his head forward until his chin was touching his chest. She placed her clippers at the base of his neck and drove them upward. Tom’s dark locks cascaded around her hand as it climbed ever higher, eventually reaching the shaved portion of his scalp. Holding him firmly in place, Jessica buzzed several more passes up the back until a veritable mountain of Tom’s hair was resting on his shoulders. Casually, and with a devious grin on her face, Jessica brushed the hair forward off of Tom’s shoulders so that it all ran down the front of the cape and settled in his lap. She could feel him shudder as he watched these massive piles of hair slide down the cape in front of his face.

“Oh yes, take it ALL off!” Laura exclaimed, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. She was really getting into it by this point, and wanted nothing more than to get her man alone once his hair had been shorn off. She watched intently as Jessica brusquely tilted Tom’s head to the right before shaving off every inch of hair from the left side. It was like a tornado of hair. Jessica stripped the side of his head so ruthlessly and efficiently that it could hardly have lasted more than 20 seconds. And as soon as the left was finished, Jessica forced his head the other way and got started on the right.

“Almost finished, sweetie,” she teased Tom while he remained submissive beneath her grip, “You’re almost bald now!” She ran the clippers tight around his right ear, exposing it from beneath the mess of dark hair that once covered it. One final pass up his sideburn saw the last of his shaggy hair completely shaved away. Before releasing him, though, Jessica wanted to spend a few extra moments gliding her Balding clippers across Tom’s newly exposed scalp, ensuring that every inch of its ivory surface had been clipped to complete baldness.

Tom grunted slightly as Jessica forcefully ran the clippers all over his head. She knew he was enjoying being at the mercy of two gorgeous women, but that didn’t mean she was going to take it easy on him. She pressed hard with her clippers, ensuring that not even the slightest hint of stubble remained on his head. After a few extra minutes of clipper work, she finally clicked off her clippers. Setting them down on the counter, she purposely allowed her cleavage to rub against the back of Tom’s bald head, feeling the smooth skin and faint peach fuzz on his head brushing briefly against her breasts. She knew Laura wouldn’t mind, she was too distracted at the sight of her boyfriend’s bald pate.

“Aaaaaand done!” Jessica exclaimed cheerfully, vigorously rubbing her hands all around Tom’s scalp. “One smooth noggin, as promised!” She teased, winking in Laura’s direction before delicately gliding her long nails over Tom’s shaved head. He shivered violently beneath her touch, causing much of the hair that was piled up in his lap to tumble onto the floor.

“I’m… I’m bald,” Tom managed to say, speaking for the first time since the clippers first began mowing off his hair. He had sat in stunned silence for so long, he had almost forgotten that he could move on his own without Jessica forcing his head in whatever direction she pleased.

“Bald as a fuckin’ egg,” Laura exclaimed from the next chair over, “Just the way I like you!” She teased mercilessly as she got up from her chair and approached Tom’s. She slowly reached out and felt his scalp, moaning slightly before running her hand more firmly across his freshly-shaved dome. “This feels so incredible,” she mumbled, barely above a whisper.

“That’s how I like my men, too,” Jessica admitted, losing herself a bit in the moment, “Buzzed right to the wood. Completely shaved down to nothing.” She pulled the cape off of her newest clipper victim, dumping the remainder of his shorn locks on her barbershop floor. She draped the cape over her arm and then picked up her neck brush, whisking it all around Tom’s bald neck, ears, and scalp, watching him wince beneath the sensation of the soft bristles on his newly exposed scalp.

“Mmm, you like that?” Jessica teased, watching Tom squirm beneath the bristles. He still said nothing, staring at himself in the mirror as he soaked up the sensations on his scalp. Laura giggled as she continued running her hands and her manicured nails over his bald scalp at the same time.

Like a baby deer, Tom got out of the chair on shaky legs, refusing to break eye contact with himself in the mirror. He gingerly reached up to feel his shaven head, gasping upon first contact. He managed to give it a slight rub, but Laura’s hands never left his head. They were clearly both loving the new look and feel of Tom’s bald head, and he was starting to show it in his shorts.

Jessica giggled at the excitement and arousal that the two were sharing over his shaved dome. “Now get out of here you two, you clearly need to spend some time appreciating that head,” she said to them as she grabbed her broom and began collecting her trophy.

“Thank you for this, Jessica, I’ll have him back here again next week,” Laura said, beaming with a mischievous grin as she led her boyfriend out of the shop by his hand. He still had yet to say anything beyond his profound proclamation of his own baldness, and something told Jessica it would still be a few hours before he found the power to summon words again. As the lovebirds exited the shop, she sat down in the barber chair that Tom had occupied. She crossed her legs and breathed a deep sigh, having already discarded the entirety of Tom’s mane. Finally, her clipper happiness was satisfied after two successful headshaves. But who knew what the next day might hold…

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