A Saturday morning

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It was a calm, mundane Saturday morning at the salon, but it all would suddenly change. Mrs. Martin, one of my regulars, came through the door. She was a really attractive woman in her early fifties, with a sculptural body that she liked to flaunt with tight clothes and long, luscious blond locks that covered her shapely breasts. You could totally say she was a MILF. She was holding a teenage girl by her arm: I supposed she was her daughter, since she looked like an exact teen version of her.

“Sit down right now in that chair, young lady! And don’t even think of making a scene!”

The girl obeyed her grudgingly. I immediately knew this would not be a normal appointment.

“Hi Stella, what are you doing here? I cut your hair just a week ago.”

“Hi. This is Sylvia, my daughter. She’s not been getting good grades recently, and she got into a fight some days ago…”

“I didn’t start it! Besides, Sandra has been fucking me for the whole year!“, Sylvia fussed from the chair.

“SHUT UP! In the fight, Sylvia had the bright idea of picking up a pair of scissors and cut off Sandra’s hair. I heard she had to buzz it off to make it even.” You could feel the anger in her words. “I want to teach her a lesson. And I think her punishment should be proportional to what she did. Do you have spare time right now?” I nodded in affirmation. “OK, cut Sylvia’s hair.”

“WHAT? Mom, please… This is too much…”

“Cutting off that girl’s hair was too much. And the more you keep whining, the less hair you’ll end up with. And for the moment, you’ll end up with very little hair…” Silvia resigned and stopped talking.

“What haircut do you want, ma’am?”, I asked while I was caping Sylvia.

“Give her a buzz cut”, Stella said in a severe tone. Silvia whined again. “Sandra had to get a buzz cut, and so will you. And I don’t want you to take off your eyes from the mirror, not even a single second. I want you to see how you lose your hair. Get it?”

Sylvia went silent. I took the clippers with the #1 guard and brought them to her forehead. Sylvia looked in horror and started to cry as her long blond locks fell on the floor. She would try to close her eyes, but her mom made her keep them wide open. Then, when I was almost finished, Stella interrupted me.

“Wait a minute. Sylvia has been really whiny today, and she didn’t look at the mirror. Besides, I think her punishment should be bigger than Sandra’s. Make her bald.” Those words echoed all around the salon. “I don’t want to see any trace of hair in her head. If she keeps whining, you can shave her eyebrows. Oh missy, you’re never going to forget this morning.”

Sylvia was thunderstruck. I took the guardless clippers and started all over again. Strip by strip, her white scalp started to show. When I was done, I lathered her up, took a safety razor and started to shave. Sylvia started to grumble.

“Your mother told me to make you bald, and I need the razor for that. And remember: if you keep whining, you’ll lose your eyebrows”. She wept uncontrollably while I shaved as close as I could. When I was done, there was no trace of hair in her now white head.

“Smooth as glass. That will teach you”. Stella said as she ran her hand over her daughter’s denuded scalp. “Have you got that wax that makes heads shinier? I want her head to shine even more.”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Then put some in that chrome-dome.  I want it to be seen from 10 miles away.”, Stella said with an evil grin on her face.

“I’ll never forgive you this. I hate you.” said Sylvia, still in tears.

I took a rag and applied the wax with it. Her scalp now shined like a diamond.

“Sylvia will come here every Saturday morning, and will leave with a shiny, bald head. The punishment will last for at least a month, depending on her behavior. If she makes a fuss, you can shave her eyebrows. If I find any trace of hair on her head, you’ll have to refund my money and I’ll never come back here. You got a spare wax can? I’ll take it. I’ll wax her every day before she leaves home. She’s got a party this evening, so I’ll make sure her head is as shiny as gold”.

Mrs. Martin paid me and both mom and daughter left. Even when they were far away, I could see sunlight reflected on Sylvia’s head.

Next week, Sylvia came as expected. She sat in the chair without saying a Word and just let me do my job: that is, shaving and waxing. The following week, Sylvia came back, but as I was shaving her, her mother came to the salon.

“Sylvia, why do you keep doing this? I told you your punishment was over.”

“Why didn’t you believe me from the start? If you did, I wouldn’t be bald. Do you know what I’ve had to go through, or how I felt? Besides, I like not having to do my hair. And I’m starting to like how I look bald. So this will be this way until I say so.”

“I see what you want”.

When I finished waxing Sylvia, her mom rapidly sat down on the same chair.

“I wanna look like her”

I was shocked. I turned on the clippers and took them to her forehead. Strip by strip, Stella’s blonde mane was disconnected from her head, giving way to a white scalp. Sylvia smiled as she looked at me lathering up her mother’s head.

“Is this what you wanted? You wanted to see me bald?”

“I wanted you to feel the same I felt. You know I loved my hair”. Meanwhile, I was shaving Stella’s head smooth.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know what was going on with Sandra. I should have believed you”.  When her head was smooth as glass, I started waxing it.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, mom. Of course I forgive you. Can you forgive me?”.

Stella got up, and mother and daughter merged in a tight hug. Her heads reflected all the lights of the place.

“You were right, we look great. We are two bald beauties.”, said Stella kissing the top of Sylvia’s head. And they were bald beauties indeed, perhaps the hottest bald girls I’d ever seen. “Besides, now we’ll save a ton of money from shampoos, conditioners and all that shit.”

“You’re gonna love it, mom. At first people will make jokes, but you’ll get used to them. By the way, what do you think dad will say?”

“He complained that we didn’t spend time together. Well, I think I found something we can do together.”

Both mother and daughter left the salon together, laughing and proudly flaunting their bright-as-diamonds bald heads. This is now a common sight on Saturday mornings, which have now become my favorite moment of the week. Every Saturday, I get to shave and wax the head of two beauties. It’s Saturday today and I see Sylvia has brought a friend with her…

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