A series of unwanted appointments (pt1)

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Cassie and I met over summer. I knew I was into girls and had a few sloppy drunk encounters in college. But now college was over, I was working my first internship out of college and finally met someone. Cassie has graduated from my college two years before me and moved out to San Francisco, the queer capital of the world. She’d come back to our quiet college town in Connecticut to see some friends graduate and end of year party’s. We’d met and hooked up. I’d say we even had a fling for the few weeks she was in town. When it came time for her to leave I was infatuated.
“Come visit me in SF” she said. I blushed at the thought.
“You’ll love it.” She continued “we’ll make a proper lesbian out of you yet” she winked.
She knew she was my first real girl on girl experience and relished in it.
Oh, about me? Well my name is Jessica and I have long brown hair with a few highlights down to my mid back. I’m a traditional college girl and enjoy a casual tank top and sweat pants on the week days but then getting dolled up in a nice dress, doing up my hair, and going out in heels. But even then my conservative clothes and shyness all got the better of me.
I booked a ticket to see Cassie at the end of summer. I was so excited to go see her. I wanted to be as appealing and attractive to her a possible. So I thought I’d get my hair done in a real radical style to knock her off her feet.
I made an appointment at my usual salon, a chic salon for the fancy ladies and Barbie doll blondes in the town.
As I arrived my stylist Jen took her jacket and gave me one of the salon robes.
I sat down in the chair and did some consult with Jen.
“OMG I can’t believe we’re doing this finally. Never did I think you’d give up more than an inch! She said as she tossed the white cape over me.
She slips my hair into sections and I try to sit calmly as the nerves swell over me. Finally my eye has something to rest on. In the chair opposite me a young boy, about 13, is seated in the chair and covered in the white cape. The mother and the stylist were consulting in hushed wishers as the stylist fiddled with the clippers. Once the mother and stylists had agreed the stylists returned to her doomed client. He seemed to know what was coming.
“Head down” I heard her say. The teen took one last desperate look at himself in the mirror then the stylist pushed his chin into his chest. Still holding his head down, sure fired up the clippers. They made a startling roar and had the stylists hand not been on his head he might have jumped out of the seat. Quickly the stylist thrust the clippers up his neck, flicking them over and over again. The boy tried to sneak peaks of himself but the stylist held his head firmly down so his eyes could only see his caped lap.
“Stand up for me please” my stylists said. I was pulled out of my trance. I had lost track of my own cut.
Being a bit clumsy now I fumbled to get out of the chair in the long cape. I walked around and stood behind the chair. The boy had taken a notice of me getting out of the chair.
I made eye contact with him as my stylist combed out my hair behind my shoulder. Clumps of light brown hair were now dumping into his lap. His mother stood over him and kept her eye on him in the mirror. After a few minutes the stylist finally turned off the clippers, having taken his back and sides down to nearly the scalp. He took a deep a shook his head to rustle what little hair he had left.
“Head down please” I heard my stylist say. I dipped my head submissively. I could feel the boys eyes on me. I could feel my stylists comb come to a resting place on my shoulder blades. I would hear the first scrunch of the scurries. I saw the boys eyes go wide. I felt my heart rate increase. Fuck, I thought.
After a few more snips Jen said “okay you can sit down now”. I turned to see how much hair was on the floor. To my shock a good 6 inches of length lay at my feet. I looked in the mirror and the barely over my shoulders bob had emerged.
“Let’s get you finished up” she said. As I nervously sat down. Feeling more like the boy having a forced summer haircut than a luxurious pampering experience I wanted to get this over with. At least Clarissa would think I’m hot.
I sat back down in the chair. Across from me the boys shaggy mop was officially gone. The stylist was doing away with the top of the hair now and reducing it to one knuckle length. The boy looked miserable and holding back tears.
This whole situation brought me back to my first haircut ever. Maybe I’d had it trimmed before but this is t he story that traumatized me for years…
As a little girl I’d always had long waist length hair. My mom would give me braids and I loved wearing it down. one day after school I went with her shopping. I was still in my uniform and we hadn’t even gone home yet. She took me to one of the upscale middle aged places that she shops. It was a fancy store and kind of large with high ceilings. I took a seat in the waiting area as my mom started shopping. There were a few other kids in there also in their school uniforms following their parents around. I saw a boy I knew from another school come in with his mom. His name was Aaron and I had such a crush on him. He had a grunge haircut which was so popular in those days. Just as he came in and I was about to wave I heard my mom call “Jessica come back here a moment”.
I got up went through the racks of clothes to where she was. When I got there though I saw something that surprised me— two stools and some equipment had been set up as a mini hair salon. A local salon was doing a promotion and giving out free haircuts or styles to any shop patrons. In one of the chairs was an older lady having the finishing touches on her blow out.
Before I had time to full respond, my mom said “oh here she is. This is my daughter. Would you be able to do her hair?”
“You have such lovely hair” the stylist said smiling at me. I tried to smile but was too nervous to speak.
“I can do her now.” Another stylist appeared. She had one of those really sort pixie cuts that looks like it was out of the matrix with geometrical angels. I’d never had my haircut by somebody so alternative. The wild stylist picked up a pink cape from her box of tools. “Hop on up”
My face must have shown my fear and shock.
“Hop on up honey. Let’s get you a nice trim for the summer”.
My legs were jelly. But there were so many other shoppers looking on that I didn’t want to make a scene. I climbed up onto the stool. I settled in, put my hands in my lap and took a deep breath. A bunch of women starter to appear and gush at me. A few of them would stroke my hair and compliment. My legs were shaking so much.
Then the pink cape came around me and I was trapped. I started to freak out. I was so distracted I didn’t hear my mom say anything to the stylist. All I heard were the classic words “head down please”. Next thing I knew I felt the scissors at my neck and then several feet of hair gliding down the pink cape over my knees and onto the floor. And all I would do was sit there.
She must’ve been about half way through when Aaron and his mom appeared. I was mortified. I tried to stay looking at my knees, which were now covered in hair.
“Oh this is so great, can we get a cut for him as well” Aaron’s mom said.
“Sure thing” and soon enough Aaron was sitting caped on the stool besides me. But his fate would be much worse.
I knew that him and his mom were arguing. But quickly it turned very loud.
“You can’t make me do this!” I heard Aaron say “no I like my long hair”
“Number 2 all over” his mom said bluntly to the stylist then walked back a few steps. I looked up from my shearing and looked at Aaron. He was in full on sobbing mode. He looked at me and then looked at my half sheared hair and starting crying more. I felt so bad for him. But he was making quite a scene.
Then I learned what he so feared. The clippers roared to life. His sobs became more intense. “No. Please no. Please please no” his body shaking under that pink cape, already wet from tears. I watched as the stylists thrust them into his forehead and his sobbing crew louder. But within just a few minutes he was taken down to the scalp. I’d never seen a machine do so much damage so quickly. It was mesmerizing. Afterwards He sat there as his mom came over to inspect.
“This is so much better” the mom said. All the old
Ladies were giving their compliments to the handsome young man. He was mutely sobbing and drying his tears as the pink cape was taken off him. He took one last forlorn look at me but I kept my head down as they walked off.
As I got off the plane at SFO, Cassie had come to pick me up. It was so warm and there were palm trees at the airport. Cassie and I hugged and made out for a bit. It felt good to pick back up where we left off.
As we were on the BART from the airport to the city I was fawning for compliments from Cassie.
“I thought you were going to cut your hair? What happened to your lezzie glam up?”
I ran my hands through my hair. Did she not notice my new layers and cut?
“What do you mean? Its so much shorter than it was. There was like inches on the floor after.”
“Oh babe that’s not a proper crop girl. But don’t worry, my friend Maria is coming over later and going to freshen up my hair. She’ll love having you in her chair too.” Cassie gave me a devilish grin and pet her own bob. It hung just an inch above her shoulder now. I’m not going to lie, the short bob she sported at the start of the summer was so adorable I can’t contain myself.
“She was supposed to be there yesterday but had something come up so we’re trying again.” Cassie went on.
“I don’t want to bother her. I quite like this length.”
“Nonsense. Maria is the best. And those fancy salons heterosexual girls go to can’t give real haircuts.
I changed the subject and tried to ignore it for now.
When we got back to her Cassies house in the Castro It was a large victorian house. On the ground floor was the living room and kitchen with super high ceilings. Up the large victorian stairs were all the bedrooms. Her roommates came rushing down.
“Jules, meet my roomie, Celine.” A shorter girl wearing big framed glasses and a shoulder length messy brunette hair come down the stairs.
“Wow so excited to meet you. Cassies a hard one to lock down and says said so much about you” Celine said. I got along with Celine immediately and we were having a laugh as we walked around the house. Unlike Cassie who was more serious and quiet, Celine was chatty and quirky. Celine was showing me the attic when I heard the doorbell ring.
“Oh that must be Maria” I heard Celine say.
A knot formed in my stomach. It was all happening very fast and I hadn’t gotten to have a real talk with Cassie about this yet. We closed the attic ladder and walked downstairs.
In the living I saw a beautiful Latina girl with a hard part boys cut. It was almost like a greaser. By the time we got down the stairs and into the living room there was newspaper set up all over the floor. A kitchen chair with armrests was sitting in the centre of the paper.
“Perfect timing! Jules, meet Maria. She’s one of my besties.” Cassie said smiling.
“So nice to meet you” I said, trying to act confident.
“Well aren’t you a fresh catch. Where are you in town from?” She said seductively.
“I just flew in from the east coast! Conneticut.” I said.
“Well, this aint Kansas anymore. But you’ll love it here. Its heaven on earth.” Maria purred.
“Oh I’m sure”
“And we’ll give her a bit of a transformation too” Cassie said and she took her seat in the chair like she was taking her throne. My hands instinctively went to my head. Before I could get a word out—
“We can definitely do something fun for her.” Maria chimed in.
“So perfect.”
“Alright lets get started.” Maria said.
She went into her beauty box and pulled out a folded black cape. She folded it out and it unfurled like a giant flag. Maria was rotating it looking for the neck snaps. As she did so Cassie seemed to get a bit more nervous and shift in the seat, no longer so confident. Maria tosses the giant cape in the air and let it settle on Cassie. It was so big it looked she was wrapped in a king size bed sheet. Maria snapped it at Cassies neck and Cassie gulped. Her body, arms, and legs were all covered by the cape as it graves the floor. It looked like she was locked in place.
Maria started to spray down her blonde hair with a water bottle.
Celine then spoke up, “Alright I’m going to run to the shop and grab some mixers for tonight.”
Maria looked at Celine. “Alright girl but this won’t take long. I got some new cuts I want to try” She said shaking Celine hair with her hand.
“Aw cool. I’ll be quick” Celine said.
“I’ll go with you” I jumped in grabbing my bag. Anything to get out of this house and breathe for a second.
“Don’t you go running away. We gotta take care of that mop of yours.” Cassie said from the chair as Celine pushed her hair so her chin touched the cape. I was speechless and was grateful when Celine made a move for the door.
As we walked to the shop I couldn’t help but do hair talk.
“So what kind of haircut are you getting?” I asked Celine.
“I don’t know. I usually just let Maria do whatever she wants. As she says, my hair is not my hair anymore. Sometimes I get some cool looks. But there’s some funky ones in there too.” Celine replies shrugging. That doesn’t sound good, I thought to myself.
“What kind of haircuts have you gotten? Are you not so scared?” I asked, feeling more comfortable with Celine.
“Oh sure, I mean once they buzzed me before burning man. That was probably too short. But I mean it grows back so whatever. I can never make up my mind how I like it to look so its easier this way.” Celine said.
I guess so, I thought. We’d made our way back from the shop, beers in hand. As we opened the front door and came into the huge living room, there was Cassie, still smothered in the black cape but now with her brown hair taken up to nearly her earlobes with a shaved undercut. Maria has her head forward and was cleaning up the buzzed nape with her clippers. The newspaper was covered in 4 inch long locks from Cassies mane. I stopped in my tracks seeing the severe haircut from behind. Maria must’ve seen my stunned face.
“First time seeing the buzzed nape? Don’t worry these clippers can’t hurt you. Gotta keep Cassie cool from summer” Maria said as she blew on Cassies neck, right where the cape seductively snapped shut. Shivers went down my spine.
I was so stunned walking in I wasn’t prepared for Maria unsnapping the cape and twirling it off of Cassie, sending the mailing brown hair to the floor. Cassie went to look at herself in the mirror.
“You’re a star Maria. Every time. This is the coolest cut yet.” Cassie said in the mirror.
Then I was worried I was about to be in the chair next. Like a deer in headlights I tried to think of an excuse. I think Celine saw me and decided to cut me a break.
“I guess I’ll go next” Celine said glumly as she plopped into the chair.
Maria practically jumped with glee.
“Oh lets have some fun.” Maria said.
I took my seat on the couch facing the make-shift salon. Cassie still stood beside the chair as Maria threw the black cape in the air and the motion reminded me of people making a just bubble wand. The cape settled over. The cape covered her completely and I saw her start to fidget as Maria snapped the buttons tightly at her neck. Now just her bobble head sat above the mound of black.
“I’m just going to take these off” Maria said as she pulled Cassies glasses off her face.
“Oh I—“ Celine spluttered and tried to lift her hands instinctively to take them off but the ends of the cape were so long her hands never made an appearance before Maria had removed them.
“Now” Maria continued “What were we thinking of doing today?” She said as she combed out Celine dry shoulder length hair. Celine face started to have a bit of a pleading face.
“I don’t know, maybe we can try something new.” Celine said hesitantly.
“Well that’s a no brainer. You said you were going to burning man with the rest of the camp next month? Lets do something cool for summer and the burn.”
“Okay, as long as you think it’ll look good.” Celine said.
“Have I ever lead you wrong?” Celine didn’t answer that though.
Maria started comb out Celine hair in front of her face. She made a bang section and cut off 10 inches of hair, giving her bangs right at her eyebrows. Wow, bangs, I thought. This will look so cute on her. Maria kept cutting along the fringe line. But then, her cuts kept going. In a straight line all of the way around her head, Maria kept pulling the hair from the scalp straight down so it was level from the fringe. It was like she was giving Celine a bowl cut. I was shocked! This was all happening so nonchalantly. Maria pulling and snipping off 10 inches of hair relentlessly, and walking around the chair, as poor Celine was sitting in the chair, eyes as big as headlights, staring straight forward as her poor hair was massacred. Was this some kind of joke? Was I being pranked? Did Celine need to be speak up for her?
I looked at Cassie. She sat smiling like a Cheshire Cat as she watched the shearing. Her eyes were locked on the victim in the chair. Then I began to worry. Was I going to get this same treatment next? Was my precious hair going to experience the same relentless shearing right here in some living room on newspapers? My heart was racing.
Maria had finished her base bowl cut all of the way around Celine head. Celine still sat there, unmoving, her whole body now covered in her long brown hair, laying limp on her shoulder or curled up in her caped lap.
“Alright babe, now for the fun part.” With that she pushed Celine head forward so her chin was touching the cape. There was a loud pop. Celine tried to turn her head but Maria had her fingers spread on Celine crown and continued to push it forward. The loud pop was from the clippers. They quickly approached Celine head. The high humming sound was drumming up all of our heart rates. There was almost a release as the high hum turned to a low drum as the clippers chewed through her hair. Maria made quick passes and each time a flurry of hair would be tossed into the air. I felt so sorry for Celine as Maria kept pushing her head around so forcefully and the clippers looked painful as they sheared her to the skin in the nape and lower parts of each side. Celine didn’t look up at us, her waiting audience. She either kept her eyes closed as Maria cut close to her face, or was looking forlorn at all of her hair on her cape and on the floor.
With the base of the bowl cut in place with a buzzed nape and sides, Maria picked her scissors back up and was doing circles around the seated Celine, doing final touch ups on her new ‘do.
“Looks so good C” Cassie said. “This is definitely the cutest look you’ve had in awhile. Incredible work Maria.”
“I’ve been waiting to do this one on her. Its getting super popular in the shop and wanted to try a new variation.
Celine eyes looked up for the first time at Maria and Cassie. Then she looked at me. I could barely look Celine in the eyes, still trapped by the cape and in the middle of her humiliation at the hands of Maria. But Celine gave a dry smile and I chimed in “Looks so cute.”
But that was a mistake. At that Cassie quickly added on.
“And we still have one more makeover to go! The most exciting for last.” Cassie gushed.
Immediately her heart skipped a beat and felt my face become hot. Right on cue, the cape was unsnapped and carefully pulled off Celine, letting the hair fall onto the newspaper. Celine stood up slowly and took her glasses.
“Go check yourself in the mirror” Maria said ad she pushed Celine off. “Hop on up girl” Maria said patting the seat.
I saw it before me. Celine leaving the chair, her hair that was a totally normal shoulder length cut a few minutes ago, reduced to a silly bowl cut. And besides it the scissor happy stylist and my grinning girlfriend, hungry to see me lose my hair. I knew if I sat in that chair I would lose all control. But I wanted to please Cassie and I couldn’t make an incident here on my first night! What would we do for the rest of the trip.
“Cassie I don’t want to go really short” I pleaded, but still felt myself rising to my feet from the sofa.
“Oh we’re not going to shave you. Maria does all sorts of styles.” She said, putting a hand on my back and pushing me further towards the looming chair. With resignation and a pound heart beat I heard my foot steps crinkle on the newspaper and felt myself lowering myself into the chair. I look up at Cassie, hoping to see her approval. Its all I wanted, ever. And there was was, grinning ear to ear. I did my best to give a smile. Then my vision was blurred as a the cape was flung in front of me. My heart was about to jump out of my chest as It fell over me, covering me completely as it had my predecessors in this chair. Maria snapped it tight around my neck, almost restricting my breathing. There I was. This was the view Celine had just moments before, here in the chair, hands gripping the armrest, staring at the waiting audience and stylists circling me like a hawk.
“Now what should we do” Maria said, as she was combing my hair in different directions like I was a doll. Celine came out of the bathroom, still playing with her hair. She stood in front of me and I looked up with panicked eyes. I knew she could tell and gave me a comforting look.
“You know what I think she’d look great with. A proper summer cut like Joanne has.” Cassie said. “I mean she could pull off that Emma Watson twiggy thing but I don’t think she’s ready for that just yet.”
Oh my god, I thought. These are some seriously short styles. Cassie couldn’t be serious. She was just teasing me right.
“Oh you trip me up girl” Maria said laughing.
“Crew cut would be the ultimate. Could you image here at the Lexington with a crew cut? I’d have to bring a crow bar to get the butches off of her.”
They were all laughing but I was so nervous my leg couldn’t stop tapping.
Marias phone rang. She went to answer it and stepped outside. A moment of reprieve I think. Cassie squatted down to be eye level with me.
“Babe, I’m really nervous about this.” I said, trying to get some sympathy.
“I know babe. But its just a haircut and it grows back. These were just jokes. I won’t make you get a crew cut. Yet.” She winked. This wasn’t helping. I felt so foolish just sitting there in this stupid cape and stupid setup about to lose my hair to a bunch of maniacs. I should just run. I already look so stupid, running wouldn’t make me look any less stupid. I could stay at a hostel for the next week. It would be totally fine, I justify.
At that moment Maria comes back into the room.
“Bad news ya’ll, the shop called and one of the stylists didn’t show up today and its wicked busy so I’m going to hop down there for a few hours to help out.”
I was saved! A true Duex Ex machina!
“Oh no that’s such a shame! We were just about to do something great.”
“Why don’t you bring her down to the shop in a bit? I’ll have all my tools there so can do it properly.”
“Thats perfect! We’re going out tonight so we can do it after dinner.
Maria pulled the cape off me. I quickly stood up from the chair. Feeling very light on my feet and free and with all my hair intact.
After we cleaned up the living room, Cassie and I went up to her room to rekindle our romance. After a long afternoon it was time to go into town and meet our friends. She hadn’t mentioned the haircut since Maria left and I was hoping she’d forgotten about it now.
As we started walking through the Castro there were Gays everywhere. All kinds of gays — Butches femmes, fairies, bears, subs, Doms, goths, preps, gays as far as the eye could see. It was exhilarating to feel so connected to everyone. And the fashion! Everyone was felt so cool! I suddenly felt so uncool in my simple dress. I sure didn’t want to look like a CIS girl. One Advantage of a haircut would be I’d fit in a bit more, which excited me.
Suddenly we got to a corner.
“Alright Celine, we’ll meet you the Red Hen in a bit. Tell Rachel and them lot to wait for us. Jules and I are going to stop in to see Maria quickly.”
Suddenly I noticed across the street the salon. It was on the corner and one whole side was windows looking in. You can could see the busy waiting area and the clients in the busy shop.
“Alright, I’ll see you there. Good luck, Jules, can’t wait to see the result!” Celine said. I could hardly get a reply together.
Suddenly it was just us and the barbershop. The crosswalk lighted up WALK. We were now in front of the salon. Cassie opened the door and held it open for me. I walked through and was hit with the sights and sounds of the new scenery.
The salon was 6 chairs, 3 to each side of a counter facing each other with the mirrors on in the middle on the counter. Along the windowed entrance were a row of seats that served as the waiting area. All 6 chairs were occupied and the waiting area had several girls waiting. I saw Maria and she waved to us, a girl in her chair with long brown hair getting a fringe trim. She was covered in a royal blue cape. Actually each of the clients were covered in a different coloured cape, one green, one yellow, one red, one orange, one purple. I noticed then they resembled the LGBTQ+ flag. I thought it was cute if not a bit gauche. We took our seats in the waiting area. I tried to slow my heart beat and process my surroundings. In the waiting area was one sort of butch girl with a grown out buzzcut in cut off denim jeans and a tank top. Next to me were a mother with short tightly kept hair and her daughter. The daughter had on grey sweat pants and a baggy tie dye t-shirt. Her thick frizzy brown hair looked like a funny shake. It seemed the front half of her hair had been cut like a chin length bob, while the back still hung down to her breasts. She sat staring at her hands in her lap without saying anything or hardly moving. Cassie was busy checking things on her phone. I heard one of the stylists shake their cape as a man stood up from getting his high and tight trimmed. The butch lady got up and took her Seat on the far side. She was covered in the red silk cape.
Next I heard a stylists call up the next client. The girl and her mom rose to their feet. They went to the middle station on the side closest to the waiting area so that I was sitting right behind the mirror. I made eye contact with the girl as she climbed into the chair. I’m not sure which of us looked more nervous.
“What are we doing today?” The stylist asked.
“Well Barbara as you can see, she tried to give herself one of those wolf cuts she saw on til Tok but it came out like this bloody mess. She’s 18 now she her hair styles are her choice. But if she’s having me pay to fix this then we’re going to get it cut my way.” The mom said, standing over the chair. My heart was breaking for the girl under her mothers thumb. “Isn’t that right?”
“Yes mom” the girl mumbled.
“You have to learn about life. We need to teach you a lesson.”
“What will it be then.”
“Lets do a soft crop. Maybe one inch all of the way around. You can give her some cute side burns and bang details. But I don’t want it long enough to need to style.”
I was the girl in the chair lose her breath when she heard this.
“Mom, that is a lot shorter than it needs to fix this. I thought a bob maybe.”
“That will do no good now young lady. You agreed to this now we’ll make you right.”
The girl was nearly in tears as the stylists threw the green cape over her. She looked so pitiful wrapped up in the cape. The stylists pumped the chair up a few times. As she rose and looked in the mirror, which faced the long windowed wall, she could see the busy street outside. As the crowd passed by they kept looking in and eyeing the poor girl in the chair. Her huge mass of this brown hair ws thick against the cape. You could feel it like meat waiting for wolves to attack. Her mom stood by her side the whole time as if waiting for her daughter to get up and run. Instead of running she just sat there staring at herself and trying to hold back tears.
Barbara, the stylist, was fitting a guard onto the clippers.
“With hair this thick it’ll be easiest to buzz it all down to a few inches and work from there. The girls eyes darted to her mother, pleading.
“That’ll be great. Thanks for the efficiency.”
“Head down please” Barb said. When the girl didn’t immediately move because she was staring jaw dropped up at her mom, Barb pushed her chin down to her chest. The loud clippers fired up, joining the other pairs live in the room. The charged into the girls nape. 2 feel long piles off hair started dropping everywhere. It was like a tornado of hair coming off. The girl was in tears at this point as the stylists came around to the side and started buzzing that off as well. I noticed Cassie had stopped her scrolling as was mesmerised by the show. She had that same smile on her face.
“She’s going to look so cute” She said, without looking away from the horrifying scene before us. The girl sat there, her feet dangling a foot or two above ground as the clippers relentless strip her of hair. We’re both eyes locked on the scene before us when we hear Maria calling us. We both shake out of it and clumsily get up from the waiting area. We go to the other side of the mirrors counter to Marias station. While I was facing the window I had some of the mirrors to obstruct the view so I wasn’t in direct view like that poor girl. I plopped down in the seat, a bit more fatalistic than I was earlier. Diagonal to me I could see the poor girl. She looked right at me as the hairdresser pushed her her sideways and dragged the clippers right up her sideburns, sending a torrent of hair falling into her lap so haphazardly. I wanted to cry for her. She looked at me and I nearly did break out into tears right there. I was too dizzy to even realise Cassie and Maria talking above me about my hair. They were laughing. Before I could pipe in to try to save my hair. I heard Maria say “Alright girl you get out of here, I’ll take care of here”
“But you know how I like it” Cassie said.
“Oh shush, we’ll fix her up for you.” Maria laughed.
“Okay Jules, be good for Maria. I’m going to catch the girls across the street for a drink while Maria works her magic. Can’t wait to see the new you!” She said. With that the giant blue cape consumed me. I was covered in it and felt so silly. Cassie knelt down and gave me a kiss on the cheek as Maria snapped the cape at my neck.
I watched as she walked out the door. Then turned to face my caped self in the mirror. Maria kept combing my hair out so it got fluffier and fluffier. The silence as she combed out was deafening. Neither of us spoke even though I had a million things to say. She just kept combing my hair as the only sound in the salon were the clippers and the tear filled sniffles from the young girl across from me.
“This is going to be fun. Lets get some before pictures” Maria said interrupting the silence. A bit shaken I decided to speak.
“I’m not sure I want to go as short as Cassie was saying earlier.” I sputtered out.
“Oh don’t worry about that. Lets still get some before photos.” She said again motioning me to stand up and follow her.
In the huge blue cape covering me I clumsily stood up and fumbled with me cape through to hold it like a ball gown. I tried to keep my eyes down as I walked around the two rows of chairs. To my horror, instead of just having the whole salon see me in this compromised position, she was holding the door open! She wanted me to go outside like this!
I walked out the door into the sunlight. Luckily I didn’t know anybody in the city.  I tried to keep my eyes down so no one would notice me.
“Lets go over there against that wall” Maria said pointing to a brick wall. The sidewalks were busy and lots of people were passing behind Maria. I tried to avoid any of their stares and just look straight out Maria. But it wasn’t long before some of the girls on the street started giving me cat calls. Others, clearly familiar with the lesbian hairdresser, started chiming on.
“Oh yes Maria, work your magic on that hair” One said.
“Get rid of that mop. Give her one of your classic crops Maria!” Another shouted.
“Yes Honey, someone needs a good tidy.”
I felt like I was being dragged and humiliated down this street. The giant blue cape blew in the wind and I clumsily had to take it off from my face.
Then I saw in a bar across the street and down a little, Cassie and her friends all sitting outside in a beer garden. I hoped none of them noticed me!
Finally Maria said “Alright, lets go back in side.” I couldn’t have run any faster towards the door.
When I walked back inside, the mother daughter battle has blown up. The top section of the girls hair was now out of the clip and still covered her hair like she had a bob, hiding the whole back and side shaved beneath it.
“Please let me keep some. I can still style it. I’ll keep it simple.”
“We already discussed this. The top has to match the sides.”
“No, mom please don’t do this.” The girl pleaded, tears coming to her eyes.
“Buzzcut, all over” the mother said exhausted to the barber.
But as soon as the clippers fired up the girl jumped out of the chair, the hair on her cape feel everywhere and she bolted away from the chair.
“No, I don’t want it. You can’t make me.” The girl was crying tears and saying. The mom was exhausted. After demanding she get back in the chair the mother finally let up some.
“Okay fine if you think that hair is so precious I’ll show you it isnt. The mother then sat down in the chair
“Okay you take a seat. And calm down. I’ll get my hair done while we wait.” As the mother got into the chair she pushed her hands through her Princess Diana length hair.
“Alright Barbara, buzz it all of. Take it down to a 0.”
The stylist tossed a yellow cape around her and tied it at the neck. “That I can do”
“What?” said the daughter with her mouth dropped
“Its hardly a big deal. It’ll be grown back by the end of summer. You’ll see.” The mother sat straight up and examined herself in the mirror. Her legs pressed tightly together. Her white tights appearing from under the shiny golden cape and heeled mary jane shoes side by side on the foot rest. She made eye contact with her as I was clearly staring at her in shock. She smiled back at me and looked my hair over. A chill went down my spine.
(End Part 1)
Author’s note: I’ll finish this eventually but this part had been sitting around in my drafts for too long not to publish.

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