A Shining New Trend Chapter II

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Chapter II: “Help Wanted”

“I’m off to school mom, se you tonight” said Hannah as she left the house

“Bye sweetie” said Linda as she made sure her daughter got into the bus

“I thought she would never leave” Linda sighed as she took off her blonde pixie wig.

She looked herself into the mirror and rubbed her bald head, “Hello beautiful” she said out loud.

It has been a couple of months since Linda had gotten her head shave, and she couldn’t be happier. Kate has thought her many techniques relating to shaving and maintaining her bald head, such as the use of clippers, razors, massages, lotions and shinning. The only downside that she has found up until now is the need for the use of a wig until they can start normalizing the bald look with the salon’s customers. Linda was getting impatient, they haven’t had the chance to shave any other besides her, but Kate assure her that it won’t wait for much longer, as she had been studying the firsts candidates for the bald look and even used her secret handshake on a few of them.

Linda arrived at the salon; she said good morning to Kate and started to prepare everything for the day, when someone came through the front door.

“Mooring everyone” said the young woman

“Morning Julie, ready for today?” asked Kate

Julie was the new stylist; she was hired about a week later after Linda’s shave. She was a young woman in her mid-twenties, black hair styled in a pixie undercut, she brought a juvenile vibe to the salon, and was an expert in trendy hairstyles, which came along with a younger demographic clientele with her.

It was a slow day in the shop, at the closing time Julie prepared to leave out the door, but remembered she left her phone charger on the backroom. As she opens the door, her jaw almost reached the floor when she saw Linda and Kate, they were completely bald.

“Déjà vu” said Kate with irony

“Well is nice to be from this side now” said Linda chuckling

“Um, guys why you are bald?” asked Julie perplexed

The bald girls look at each other laughing, as Kate said: “Take a sit darling, you are in for a story”

And so, Kate told Julie the whole story that had previously shared with Linda, while she complemented her with her own shaving experience, all while Julie couldn’t keep her eyes apart from their shiny bald domes.

“Wow, so basically, you’ve been shaving women’s head all around the world for ten years Kate?” asked Julie

“Pretty much, and let’s just say this is my current stop”

“Well, is an interesting life to say the least, what about you Linda, how it has been the bald experience so far?” questioned Julie with much curiosity and intrigue.

“I love it Julie, I feel as I finally discovered my true style, it is so smooth, easy take care for and you have no idea how good it feels to give it a good rub” said Linda with joy as she passed her hand through her head.

“All right, you have convinced me girls, let’s do it, shave my head” exclaimed Julie excitedly.

“What? Right now?” said a surprised Linda

“Well, is going to happen eventually right? I shook Kate’s hand since my first day and I remember feeling that warm sensation you described, also I haven’t been able to keep my eyes from your heads this whole time so it must mean that my desire to be bald has been triggered, besides I’m super curious to have the experience, seems like such a unique style” explained Julie.

“Ok then, let’s not waste any more time” said Kate as she guided Julie to the stylist chair and caped her, while Linda grabbed the clippers, foam and razors.

“Linda will you do the honors?” asked Kate

“Can I?” asked an excited Linda

“Absolutely, I know you have been waiting for some shaving action” said Kate

“All right Julie, ready to join the baldy movement?” asked Linda with glee

“Ready Linda, let’s do it!!!” exclaimed Julie.

Linda started running the clipper all across Jackie’s hair, until only faint stubble remained. She switched guards to a #0 blade and gave a second pass until there was no hair left. Meanwhile, Kate had brought a warm towel and put it right on top of Julie’s head.

“Ohhhh, this feels so warm” said Julie

“And wait until I put on the cream” said Linda as she used a barber’s brush to cover all of Julie’s head in white foam.

Linda use the razor to shave Julie’s head completely, she was doing it slowly so that she could enjoy the experience, when she was done she repeated the process for a second time to have her as smooth as possible. Julie was loving every moment of it, it felt delicious which each stroke of the razor, a truly unreal experience.

“And now for the final touch…” said Linda as she spread lotion while massaging Julie’s head

“Oh my god! That feels awesome, please don’t stop Linda” exclaimed Julie in pleasure, as she was having an almost erotic out of body experience.

“Told you had the magic touch Linda” said Kate with a smirk.

“Ha, ha, ha, got to put it to good use then” said Linda as she poured some oil into Julie’s head and then waxed for a good shine.

“So, what do you think Julie?” asked Linda

“OMG, I look amazing!!! It’s so smooth and shiny!!! Thank you so much Linda!!!” Julie exploded with excitement as she was running both her hand on her head, as the lights of the salon beamed in her newly bald head.

“Welcome to the bald club darling, you’re going to love it” said Kate as she pated Julie’s head.

“Oh I assure you I already do Kate, I can’t wait to give my first head shave” said Julie, who couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear.

“You girls won’t have to wait long; I think we are ready to start the next phase in our business plan” said Kate as she put her hand on each of her dressers heads.




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