A Shining New Trend Chapter IV

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Chapter 4: “Like Mother Like Daughter”

It was a Friday afternoon; Hannah got out from school and was on her way to her part time job at the salon where her mom, Linda, works. It has been some months since Linda had gotten her head shaved, Hannah was stunned at first, but as the days past she got used to it pretty quickly and she recognized that her mom pulled of the bald look brilliantly, getting to think that she looks better with no hair at all.

“Welcome back Hannah” said Lily, as Hannah entered the salon

Lilly was the salon’s new receptionist, she started to work about 2 months ago, she was studying at the local collage, and had become good friends with Hannah as she was only a couple of years older.

“Hi Lilly, what’s going on over there?” asked Hannah

“Oh, those are the new hair dryers Kate ordered, they’re installing them”

“Hi Kate, I see we have new equipment” said Hannah to her boss

“That’s right kid, I’ve been wanting to use some techniques with them for a while, how about you get ready to finish the week” said Kate

“You bet, I can’t wait for my hair appointment tomorrow, but first let’s get to work”

Hannah had gotten close with Kate since she took over the salon, she often visited her and Linda at their house and it was her who offered Hannah the job. She has also been training her to become a hairdresser, as Hannah was planning to attend beauty school once she graduates in a few months.

The day passed quickly, Hannah was cleaning the floors as she was getting ready to leave.

“Mom you ready to head home?”

“I’ll be staying one more hour dear, you can take the car, I’ll have the girls drop me home later, take the keys” said Linda

“All right then, bye everybody, see you tomorrow for my appointment” said Hannah as she was leaving the salon.

Kate, Jackie and Lily waved back saying their goodbyes.

“Well Lily, ready to joins us?” asked Kate smirking

“Absolutely” answered Lily as she took a seat in the middle chair

The next day…

Hannah was on her way to the salon for her appointment, she would have left with her mom earlier in the morning, but Linda had to run some errands for the shop. She entered through the door and heard Lily greeting her:

“Moring Hannah, ready for your appointment?” she asked her

“Yeah jut arriving in… OH MY GOSH!!! LILY, YOU SHAVED YOUR HEAD?!” Exclaimed Hannah screaming from the top of her lungs

“So you noticed huh, what do you think, how do I look?” said Lily while posing like a model with one arm behind her head.

“I mean, oh man, let me compose myself for a second, wow, am, well looking it up close, you do look quite lovely” said Hannah surrounding her and examine every angle on her head.

“Wanna give it a touch?”

“Don’t mind if I do” said Hannah while rubbing both of her hands on her freshly shaven head

“My, is so smooth, did you just have it done?”

“Yesterday actually, by Kate after you left and today Julie gave a second pass, I want to keep it as soft as possible” said Lily while passing her hand across her scalp.

“Well I sure wasn’t expecting that, but you look really good, I’m gonna grab my seat now” said Hannah while taking her place in the middle chair.

Hannah noticed that three of the dryers were being used, by Maggie, Betty and Carol, who had their heads covered by the hoods.

“Hello Hannah dear, big surprise with Lily huh?” asked Betty

“Yes, I didn’t saw it coming” responded Hannah

“But she sure looks amazing bald, maybe you honey should follow the salon’s fashion choice” said Carol

“Oh I don’t know” said Hannah while giggling

“Don’t be shy dear, you know what they say: like mother, like daughter” said Maggie.

“Sorry everybody, I’m here, ready for your haircut Hannah” asked Linda while putting a cap on her daughter.

At that moment a ding sound came from the dryers.

“Looks like the girls are ready, Julie, Lilly could you give us a hand?” asked Kate while she approached the dryers. The staff took their places and raised the hoods from the three women, to reveal their bald heads in all of their shinning glory, without any hint of a shadow; their domes had completely matching tones with each of their skin tones.

“My gosh, you too guys?” asked a surprised Hannah

“We been hairless for a while now Hun, guess is your first time seeing us” said Carol

“Mmm, My God, my head feels delicious!” said Betty while rubbing her head with her hand

“Kate you were right about this treatment, the wax makes it look so shiny, I love it” said Maggie while admiring herself on the hand mirror and touching her head.

Hannah couldn’t believe it, as if the bald fashion had suddenly taken over the salon, there were 7 bald women gathered I the same place. In that moment, a warm sensation was coming inside of her body, she felt similarly when she grabbed Kate’s hands for the first time, but it was more intense this time, she knew what had to be done.

“Mom, do it now, it is time” said Hannah firmly while looking herself in the big mirror

“Yes my daughter, it is” said Linda while she grabbed a clipper and put through the middle of Hannah’s head. After some passes only stubble was left, Linda then grabbed a smaller battery clipper to give a second pass. She then proceeded to put a warm towel on Hannah’s head, after taking it off, she covered her head completely with foam, later she used the sharpest razor in the salon to shave her not once, not twice, but three times, after all this was her daughter and she wanted to be a special moment for her.

While the shaving was taking place, the other bald women were watching as a captivated audience, reminiscing of their own first shavings and the same time they were caressing each other’s heads with delicacy and delight.

“Time for the final touches darling” said Linda as she applied moisturizer to her daughter’s head, along with some lotion. She made sure to give her a proper massage that only her magical fingers could give.

“Ohhhh, mom that feels incredible…” said Hannah as she was almost having an orgasmic sensation going through her head.

Finally, Linda put two layers of wax across her daughter’s head, and then she guided her to the dryers and put her under the hood. While she waited, everyone sat near her, each sharing the experiences they had this far as bald women, and telling her that she will look amazing, and at last the ding sounded it.

Linda raised the hood from Hannah’s head, gave her a hand mirror and asked

“Any first impressions?”

“Like mother, like daughter” said Hannah with a broad smile in her face as she rubbed her hand into her head, while everyone was laughing and telling her she looked beautiful bald.

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