A Shining New Trend: Chapter V

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Chapter 5: “The Chair”

It was a usual day at the salon, some regular customers coming in for a cut, nothing major. Linda and Julie were attending some clients, Lily was updating the computer’s schedule list and Tiffany was giving a client a manicure.

Tiffany was the salon’s newest employee; she arrived just a month ago and was hired to be the nails technician. She was friends with Lily, just graduated collage and was looking for a job and fortunately Kate was hiring. The first time she arrived she was shocked not only to see that Lily was bald, but the whole staff as well and she made it clear that she was not planning on shaving her head. Tiffany was a stereotypical “valley girl”, dyed blonde hair, always concerned for her looks and being dressed in the latest fashion. But she was also a good natured person; she got along pretty well with everyone in the salon and was always nice to the customers, not to mention she was very talented in her craft.

A delivery truck parked outside the salon, the driver entered and asked Kate to sign some release form, then he asked her were to install it and Kate pointed out in the middle of the salon, at the center of two styling chairs.

“What’s going on Kate?” asked Linda

“Well, let’s just say that they are making a delivery that is long overdue” answered Kate with an air of mystery.

The workers then installed a barber’s chair in the place Kate pointed out earlier. It was covered in red leather, spacious and seemed in perfect conditions.

“Wow a barber’s chair, seems nice” said Linda

“Yeah, it gives that barbershop vibe” Julie pointed out

“This is a present from an old friend that I used to work with back in London, she ran a small barbershop and this chair was a very special part of it” said Kate

“What is so special about it?” asked Linda

“Let me show you, hey Tiffany would you like a haircut?” said Kate

“Really? Well, it might be good to switch up a little, sure why not” said Tiffany, who was taken a little bit by surprise with Kate’s proposal

“Don’t worry is on the house, you been doing a great job so far, plus I want you to be the first one to try out the new chair” said Kate as she guided Tiffany toward the red chair, she then caped her and proceeded to start combing her hair very slowly and methodically.

Tiffany was getting very relaxed in the chair, and her eyes started to stare at herself in the mirror, more specifically towards her hair.

“So Tiffany, have you thought what you want to get done?” asked Kate

“Yeah, something short…” said Tiffany as if she was in a trance

“All right, how about a bob?”

“No, that’s too long…”

“Ok, a pixie then” Kate started to cut Tiffany’s hair; her highlights were being accumulated in the floor, when she spoke again.

“It’s still too long Kate, maybe something like yours…”

Linda, Julie and Lily were shocked when those words came out of Tiffany’s mouth

“More like mine? Honey you do know I’m bald right?” asked Kate incredulous

“Yeah I know; I think you should shave my head Kate” said Tiffany a bit accelerated

“I thought you said you had no intention of going bald” said Kate in a mocking tone

“I know, but that was before, please Kate you have to shave my head bald” said Tiffany in a firm but a bit desperate tone.

“Well then, if you’re sure” said Kate as she grabbed her clippers and started to passed through Tiffany’s hair, as she was ecstatic, savoring each pass of the clippers, she couldn’t stop smiling for a second. Kate then proceeded to place a hot towel in her head, after a few minutes she covered it with foam and started shaving it with a razor, and then precede it to do a second pass. While all this was happening you could see the immense pleasure on Tiffany’s face, as she was delighted with the sensation of the razor going through her head, it was so intense that she strongly grabbed the chair’s armrests with both hands.

Kate then applied two coats of wax into Tiffany’s head and guided her towards the dryer. Once she was under the hood, she approached the others.

“I guess that chair still has its magic” said Kate proudly

“Oh my God Kate, how did you do that? I was sure we will never get to convince Tiffany to shave her head” asked a shocked Linda

“Yeah, even with your magic touch I thought it was impossible” said Julie just as impressed

“From all the time I known her, she always cared so much about her hair, I still can’t believe it” said Lily

“The secret is the chair girls, you see my friend discover this chair in an auction house many years ago, and soon she figured out that whoever seats it on it will get very suggestible and will get this almost supernatural need to get their hair cut, mostly as the same style of the hairdresser” explained Kate

“Wow, that’s an amazing story Kate, no wonder Tiffany was so desperate to get her head shave” said Linda

“This will come in handy when dealing with difficult customers” said July

“Yes, that is why asked her to send it here, but remember the chair is very powerful and we must not abuse it, we have to be careful on who we use it with and make sure there are the appropriate person to begin with” said Kate a serious tone

“Roger that boss, I think Tiffany is ready for the final touch” said Julie

Kate guided Tiffany back to chair and right away the intoxicating sensation returned to her, as Kate uses her freshly manicured red nails to massage Tiffany’s head with moisturizer and lotion.

“Oh my, this feels fabulous Kate…” moaned Tiffany

“That’s why we hired you sweetie, to put to good use this nails” said Kate while she used her nails to massage sensible areas and pressure points in Tiffany’s scalp.

“All done darling, say hello to the new Tiffany” said Kate

“I love it so much Kate, I feel like I’ve been reborn” said Tiffany as she frenetically rubbed her head with both hands. She then started to pose in front of the mirror and to take dozens of selfies with her phone, many of them with the other girls, she felt incredible as she couldn’t stop admiring herself in the mirror or touching her own head.

“Another convert” said a proud Kate

Meanwhile, at school…

Hannah was in her way out of classes and about to head to the salon to work her shift, but was suddenly approach by the principal.

“Hold on a second Hannah, I need to talk to you” said Principal Jenkins

“What is it Miss Jenkins?”

“Is about your new haircut, it has sure grabbed to attention of other students and mine as well, may I asked why did you get such a drastic cut?”

“Oh well, it was kind of an impulse thing, my mom actually did the shaving for me” said Hannah while grabbing her head

“Really? I do find hard to believe that your mother, being a hairdresser, would allow such an extravagant look” said Principal Jenkins

“Is true, she is even bald herself, in fact she was bald before me” said Hannah

“Well now, you are trying to pull my leg, listen miss, I don’t want your new style to be a negative influence on the other students, this is a not a proper haircut for a young woman” said Principal Jenkins sternly

“I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way Miss, but I gotta head to work, so if you excuse me…”

“Not so fast Hannah, I need to have a serious discussion with your mother about this, in fact could you call her right now?”

Hannah dialed to her mom and gave her phone to Principal Jenkins, to which she had a short conversation with.

“All settled, I’ll meet her right now in your salon, in fact I’ll give you a ride, so let’s get going” said Principal Jenkins as she and Hannah got into her car and set the way to the salon.

Principal Jenkins and Hannah entered the salon, they were greeted by Lily who invited the principal to take a seat in the waiting area, while Hannah was getting ready to start working, when she suddenly saw Tiffany and realized that she was bald!

“Tiffany! OMG! You shaved your head?!” exclaimed Hannah

“Yes, I just had done by Kate, don’t you love it?” said Tiffany happily

“Of course girl, you look sensational, but why? I thought you said you didn’t want to be bald” asked a confused Hannah

“Well let’s just said I had a little attitude adjustment, but I think that your principal is about to learn it for herself, watch closely” said Tiffany ominously

Principal Jenkins was astonished, as she realized Hannah was not lying and her mother was in fact bald, along with the entire salon’s staff

“Good afternoon Miss Jenkins, what can I do for you?” said Linda

“Um, good afternoon, well I must say I’m impressed as I didn’t expect to found you with the same style as your daughter” said a still shaken Miss Jenkins

“Well, I admit is quite unusual, but we like it very much, we even shave each other’s head everyday” said Linda happily

“Don’t you think you are setting a bad example for your daughter?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, that is not the proper haircut for a young lady, for starters is lacking any amount of hair, and should be styled in proper fashion, what will you do if she starts influencing other students?”

“Well I think that would be wonderful, it will be great for our business that’s for sure, besides you aren’t suggesting that a women’s value should be considered by her hair are you?”

“Of course not, I’m just saying that, it could be considered inappropriate for most people” said Miss Jenkins a bit defensive

“I can assure you we have not had any issues whatsoever, as you can see everyone in our staff is bald as a cue ball, and our customers find it quite attractive, many of them have gone bald themselves” said Linda

“Well, I…” Miss Jenkins couldn’t think of a counter argument

“I can see that this issue has been quite stressful for you, so how about this, let me give you a courtesy haircut to help you relax, maybe give a proper style as you said earlier, something to give a good example to your students” said Linda persuasively

“I guess that could be a good idea, very well then” said Miss Jenkins, as Linda started to guide her towards the red barber chair and then proceeded to cape her and to undo her tight bun, so that she could comb her raven black hair.

Just as Principal Jenkins sat in the chair, a weird sensation started to go all over her body. It was a mix of emotion, pleasure and eroticism, as she felt with each stroke of the comb more and more intoxicated with these strong feelings.

“So, any idea of what you want to get done?” asked Linda

“I’m not sure…” said the principal entranced

“Well, I’ll just start doing some cutting and you tell me what length is all right” said Linda as she started cutting the principal’s hair very slowly, you could hardly tell if she was losing any length.

Then, Principal Jenkins started to get anxious, she couldn’t get out of her head a feeling that something was wrong with her hair, every passing minute was torture for her, and she had to do something about it.

“Excuse me Linda, I think that maybe you were right, my hair is definitively too long” said Miss Jenkins

“Ok then, how about we do some snipping around the edges and then-”

“No that won’t be enough, I want you to shave my head” exclaimed the principal almost screaming

Hannah had her mouth full opened; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I’m sorry Miss Jenkins, but are you sure? You were pretty opposed some minutes ago, there is no turning back” said Linda pretending to be surprised

“Oh I was so terribly wrong before, please I want you to get rid of all of this hair, I need to be bald” said Principal Jenkins with desperation in her voice

And without further ado, Linda grabbed the clippers and ran them through the middle of the principal head and soon passed through her entire head. She then used the small battery clipper, as her hair was very dark and wanted it to leave as little shadow as possible. Miss Jenkins was overjoyed the whole process, enjoying more and more as her hair leaved her head. Linda covered her head with the foam and used her maxi razor to be sure to do an outstanding job, redoing the process three times and she was sure to made the last pass slow, so that the principal could enjoyed it. And she in fact did, as she closed her eyes she was savoring each stroke and fantasizing about her eventual reveal. Linda proceeded to do the wax treatment, but this time she used three layers and sent Principal Jenkins to the dryer. Then Tiffany offered to do her nails while she dried out, the principal stared directly into Tiffany’s head and started complementing her about it.

“Darling I must say you look beautiful with that bald head” said Miss Jenkins eagerly

“Thank you Miss, you’ll look just as lovely once you’re done” said Tiffany as she applied a pink polish to Miss Jenkins nails.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls were impressed as they saw these women that wanted to do nothing with shaved heads giggling about how gorgeous they looked bald.

“I still don’t believe it; the chair is magical” said Hannah

“Yeah it is kid, but remember we must be careful, people can get hooked with it pretty strongly” warned Kate

As Tiffany ended Principal Jenkins’s manicure and pedicure, the dryer alarm sounded it and Linda guided her back to the chair. Linda started to massage the principal’s head very methodically with moisturizer and lotion, using her clear rose nails to apply pressure to her sensible scalp’s points. Miss Jenkins didn’t want this experienced to ever end.

“All done Miss Jenkins, welcome to the wonderful world of baldness” said Linda

Miss Jenkins approach the mirror and slowly rose her hand to delicately started rubbing her head, that had a pale shadow that had never seen the sun.

“I’m beautiful” said Miss Jenkins as her smiled grew bigger

“If you wish, we could apply some make-up that matches your skin color” suggested Linda

“Yes please, that would be wonderful” said Principal Jenkins happily

Linda then used a small sponge to put some make-up cream into Principal Jenkins’s head, and pretty soon it covered all the shaved area until it matched the color of her skin.

“My God, I simply love it, could you give some more to keep using until I get my head tanned?” asked Miss Jenkins

“No problem Miss Jenkins, is waterproof so it should hold up until tomorrow night” said Linda

“No need to be so formal after today Linda, please call me Sarah” said Miss Jenkins

“All right Sarah, so what do you think of your new head style?” asked Linda

“Is fantastic, I’m so embarrassed for my earlier comments Linda, I owe you and Hannah an apology, but now I understand the beauty and grace of a bald head, thank you so much for opening my eyes and allowing me to discover the real me” said Sarah as she hugged Linda tightly while holding her head.

“No problem at all Sarah that is what we do, and don’t forget to book follow up appointments if you want to keep that head shinning bright” said Linda

“Oh yes please, I would like to book a full month please” said Sarah enthusiastically, as Lily made sure to fill out her dates in the computer.

Next day at, Principal Jenkins was the theme of conversation of the whole school, as she arrived sporting a completely bald head, while also using a light mascara and pink lipstick that matched her manicure and pedicure. She was wearing a pink skirted suit with open toe heels. She was beaming with happiness and she could not stop starring at herself in any reflective surface that she found.

Miss Jenkins found Hannah on the hallway and approached to greet her

“Hello Miss Jenkins, enjoying the new do?” asked Hannah

“Immensely Hannah, I can’t thank you and your mother enough” said Miss Jenkins

“We are always glad to help another gal to discover that bald is beautiful, and I see your make-up is still holding up, can’t find any hint of a shadow” said Hannah

“Yes, I love it, but I can’t wait to give my head a good tan” said Miss Jenkins as she caressed her head

After saying their goodbyes, Miss Jenkins entered her office to get some paperwork done, when her assistant knocked the door and entered the room.

“Hi Miss Jenkins, I just need you to sign this documents” said Miss Matthews

“Sure thing Norah” said Miss Jenkins

“Ma’am I just wanted to say that you look gorgeous bald, it suits you very well and you seem so happy today” said Miss Matthews

“Aw, thank you Norah, I really love it and I feel better than I ever did in my entire life,” said Miss Jenkins while rubbing her head

“You know Norah, maybe you should try it, I bet you would look fabulous bald”

“Oh I don’t think so Miss Jenkins, surely I would just look weird” said Miss Matthews

“Nonsense, I bet you would be beautiful, I’ll even take you to my salon, and I assure you that their chair is magical…” said Miss Jenkins knowingly while she saw her bald self in the mirror and happily rubbed her head.

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