A Shining New Trend: Chapter VI

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Chapter VI: “Spa Day”

I was Sunday morning and the salon’s staff was gathered outside the shop, it was closed for today, as Kate have told them that today will be off in order to give the ladies a much deserved surprise. Linda, Julie, Lily, Hannah and Tiffany were chatting among themselves, wondering where Kate was and what her surprise is going to be. Suddenly they hear a car’s honk and realized it was Kate, driving a minivan, she got off open the doors and addressed her girls:

“Hop on ladies, were going on a little road trip”

Everyone got into the van, they were mostly wearing sports pants, leggings and light gear, as Kate had told them they were going to need comfortable clothes for today. Linda tried to get Kate to tell her where they were going, but she said it was a surprise.

“We are here, welcome to your all expenses covered, Spa Day!” said Kate as she parked the car outside a big spa. The girls were all excited, clapping and making noise as they got out and entered the place. They were greeted in the lobby area, while Kate was making the payment to the receptionist for their booked appointment, as they were getting a full day care package for six people. When everything was sorted out, the receptionist was compelled to question the girls.

“Forgive me if I’m being rude, but may ask you, why is it that you are all bad?”

“Oh don’t worry about it, I guess you could say is a fashion statement of our salon, you see I’ve been bald by choice for many years now and when I shared it with the girls, well let’s just say they couldn’t resist to try the look by themselves” said Kate while laughing.

“Wow, that’s really interesting, so all of you guys decided to go bald, how it is to be a bald woman?” asked the receptionist with plenty of curiosity

“For me it has been a wonderful experience, I love the way it feels and looks, since I saw Kate for the first time I was hooked and I knew I had to become a baldy myself” said Linda happily

“I think is really cool, I’ve always loved alternative hairstyles, and tried many of them, so I guess this was the next logical choice, and I love to get clients to tried it out for themselves” said Julia chuckling

“I was super impressed when I saw three hairstylists bald, it was captivating, so I wanted to show them my commitment with my job by joining them as a bald chick, it was one of the best decisions in my life” said Lily

“When my mom shaved her head I was astonished, I couldn’t believe my eyes, and as the months passed I realized how beautiful she looks, so when Lily went bald, it was all the motivation I needed to get it done myself” said Hannah

“I think I was the most extreme case, when I started to work in the salon I had no intention to shave my head, I used to be obsessed with my hair making sure it always looked fashionable and in style, but one day, well let’s just say I had a change of heart, it was a magical experience, I just couldn’t wait to be smooth and now I’m a true bald convert” said Tiffany grinning and rubbing her head with pride.

“That’s amazing; I could have never imagined it was so significant to all of you, I think all of you look incredibly gorgeous, anyway here are your passes for your treatments, I hope you enjoy it” said the receptionist as she gave the tickets to Kate, who shook her hand candidly in return.

“Thank you very much, um…”


“Melanie, if you ever want to get your hair done, here is where to can find us” said Kate giving her a salon’s card with the address.

The girls then proceeded to get their spa day started; they got a deluxe package and were able to really relax with massages, boiling rocks, depilation, facials, Jacuzzis and a sauna. Tiffany, Lily and Hannah managed to use the tanning machines in order to make their heads matched their skin color, although Tiffany went a bit more golden tone, while Lily and Hannah kept pretty much their color but a bit more vivid. They were all taking a break in the resting area, when Kate gave an announcement.

“I have one last surprise for you girls” said Kate while showing a big bottle with oily looking liquid.

“What’s that Kate?” asked Julie

“I’m glad you ask, if I recall correctly you guys have said that you wished you could stay smooth for longer periods of times without the need to shave every day, so I contacted a friend from Kuganda and asked her to send me this special lotion” explained Kate

“Oh I remember that place from your stories, what does it do?” asked Linda

“It helps your head to stay really smooth without having to shave, as it makes the hair grow rate to decrease significantly, it’s made with natural ingredients by the Kugandan women and it has been used for generations. I have asked some operators to give us a proper head massage using this beauty” said Kate

Everyone awed at Kate’s explanation and couldn’t wait to treat their heads. They all took a seat in some massage chairs, and the spa’s workers started to rub their heads with the lotion and began massaging them with their fingers. The girls couldn’t hide the pleasure in their faces, as they started to make some moaning noises, indicating their euphoric state of mind.

“OMG, this is so delicious” said Tiffany almost melting

“Oh I know girl; I feel like Elmer Fudd in that Buggs Bunny cartoon” said Hannah smiling

“I’ve never felt this good” said Lily relaxed

“Man, this is what being bald is about” said Julia excitedly

“Kate, I think these girls have surpassed my head rubbing abilities” said Linda while enjoying her massage

“Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually” said Kate laughing.

When they were done, the girls changed clothes and prepared to leave, they couldn’t stop to rub each other’s heads to compare smoothness and softness. After they thanked Melanie and the other employees, everyone got into the van ready to go home.

“My head looks fabulous, and better yet it feels so incredibly awesome” said Tiffany while rubbing her head as she looked at herself in her compact.

“Tiff is right Kate, why you didn’t ask for the lotion before? It’s amazing” said Hannah

“Well although the lotion is great, it must not be used carelessly, as it not only slows down the hair growth, but if you used periodically for six months or so, you will end permanently bald” said Kate

Everyone was shocked, they all loved being bald, but had never considered to actually remain bald for the rest of their lives. But the silence and serious tone was abruptly cut short.

“Really?! That’s such great news Kate, I would love to feel this smooth 24/7, although it’s great to get shave every day, this could save so much time, I’m definitely going for it” said Tiffany enthusiastically

“That’s so cool Tiffany, that chair really made a 180 on you” said Lily

“It sure did, I’m a true baldy, in body and mind, I don’t know how could I stand having that old mop in my head, so Kate I want to get started with that lotion right away” said Tiffany with eagerness

“Maybe I’ll go for it too Kate, I feel so much comfortable bald, that I don’t see myself growing my hair again” said Julia

“What do you say mom, should we do it too?” asked Hannah

“Well it’s up to you sweetie, you are 18 now, your hair your choice, as for me I definitely in love with my head, and now that I think about it, sounds like a great way to keep it smooth and shiny all the time, I say we go full bald” said Linda with conviction

“Awesome mom, I couldn’t agree more, Lily are you in?” said Hannah

“Of course, I can’t be the odd one out, besides I have committed myself with baldness and I’m not going back now” said Lily

“Glad to hear you so decided girls, all right first thing tomorrow morning I’ll start your Kugandan head treatments and I’ll make arrangements for more lotion to be delivered” said Kate as everyone clapped and cheered.

True to her word, Kate made sure to apply the Kugandan lotion to the girls in a daily basis each morning after giving them a good shave. Tiffany went the extra mile having a double application every day, each with a good lotion rub; she couldn’t wait to being bald for life. The changes were significant, as everyone notice that with every application their heads got softer and had almost no hair growth, they were all delighted with the results.

The door opened and a young woman entered the salon, she then approached the reception.

“Good evening I have an appointment with Kate” said the woman

“Yes, she will be with you right away, wait a moment, aren’t you Melanie from the spa?” asked Lily

“The one and only” responded Melanie

“Hi Melanie, hop on into the chair” said Kate as she invited her to take a seat

“So, what are we having done today?” asked Kate while she caped Melanie

“What we discuss on the phone Kate” answered Melanie with decision

“All right, just wanted to be sure, let’s get started” said Kate as she turned on her clippers.




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