A Shining New Trend: Chapter VII

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Chapter VII: “The Slumber Party”

It was Friday afternoon; the school’s bell just rang signaling the start of the weekend. Hannah and her friends Courtney, Olivia and Vanessa were excited, as tonight they will have a slumber party over at Hannah’s house.

“Finally, the weekend is here” said Olivia

“And we’ll start it partying” said Courtney

“Should we start to get going Hannah?” asked Vanessa

“Yes, remember we must make a stop at the salon so that you can grab your bags, your moms should be there by now” said Hannah

The girls headed to the parking lot to get into Hannah’s car, as they were about to enter, someone parked next to the car approach the group.

“Good afternoon girls, ready for the weekend?” asked Principal Jenkins

“Yes Miss Jenkins, we are really excited, in fact we are having a slumber party tonight” said Hannah

“That is wonderful girls; make sure to have fun and enjoy these experiences, ah to be young again”

“We’ll sure do Miss, by the way your head is looking fantastic, I can’t notice any hint of the shadow you used to have” complimented Hannah

“Thank you for noticing dear, your mother has been using a special lotion on my scalp for a few weeks know and it has been working wonders” said Miss Jenkins as she was rubbing her shiny white scalp

“We’ve been using the same one; it sure helps to give it a good shine and makes it very soft”

“That reminds me, tell you mother I’ll be punctual to my appointment tomorrow morning, can’t wait for those magic fingers of hers” said Miss Jenkins happily

“I’ll tell her, we better start going, have good weekend Miss”

“Goodbye girls, have fun” waved Miss Jenkins as their car set the way to the salon.

“Wow, Miss Jenkins has really chilled out lately hasn’t she, remember when she used to be so strict and mean with everyone?” said Vanessa

“Yeah, I think she changed her attitude since she shaved her head” said Courtney

“It must be that, didn’t you heard her exchange scalp treatments with her favorite baldy student over here?” said Olivia mocking Hannah

“Ha-ha very funny Lib, is not like that, since my mom shaved her head, she has become a regular at the salon, she never misses her weekly appointments and sometimes I see her on my shifts, but is true that she has gotten nicer since she became bald, plus she looks much better” said Hannah.

The girls arrived at their destination; they parked outside the salon and entered through the front door.

“We’re here mom” said Hannah, as she and the girls arrived

“Hello girls, I just texted your moms, they will be here any minute to bring your bags, after that we’ll be on our way home” said Linda

“Hi guys, ready for tonight?” asked Hannah to Tiffany and Lily as they were also invited to the slumber party.

“OMG yes Hannah, I’m like so excited, I have all my newest polishes ready for some serious mani and pedi” said Tiffany excitedly

“I brought some new brands of make-up I bought on the weekend” said Lily

“That’s awesome, thank so much girls” said Hannah, as the others came closer to check the girls’ products.

“By the way Hannah, did you got the other stuff?” asked Tiffany

“Yes, it’s already on my house, moisturizers, creams, lotions, everything need for a premium head care” said Hannah

“Awesome, we are going to do some smooth makeovers” clapped Tiffany

“That’s right, I almost forgot you gals were bald, I guess your beauty treatments are bit different” pointed out Olivia

“Kinda hard to forget in this place, I mean we are the only ones with hair” said Courtney

“It’s not that different to take care of your head instead of your hair, we just switch up shampoos for lotions” said Lilly

“I still can’t believe your mom convinced you to shave your head Hannah, my mom would kill me” said Vanessa

“I guess I’m just lucky my mom works in a place that promotes good looks” said Hannah as she posed jokingly with her bald head

“Well, I guess we just have to sit out and relax until our moms arrived” said Olivia as she threw herself carelessly into the special red leathered barber chair.

All of the salon staff got surprised, as the effects of the chair wouldn’t take long to take effect, everyone looked at Kate waiting her to take charge, but it was Hannah who took the lead in the situation.

“Hey guys, why don’t we get ahead for tonight’s hair makeovers? How about I give you all a good hairbrush while we wait” suggested Hannah

“Yeah Hannah that sounds great…” said Olivia as she emptily stared into her hair’s reflection on the mirror, while Vanessa and Courtney assented to Hannah’s idea.

Hannah started to carefully and slowly brush Olivia’s long black hair, as she entered to an entranced state, and began to look deeply into Hannah’s bare scalp.

“You look really pretty bald Hannah…” said Olivia

“Thank you bae, come on its Courtney turn” said Hannah as she helped Olivia get out of the chair, who slowly was getting back to her senses but could feel that something was awaken inside her.

“Next please” said Hannah to Courtney as she patted the chair, the blonde girl took Olivia’s place and immediately felt a strangely pleasant sensation coming from the chair, as she got deeply lost in this new sensations we each stroke to her hair.

“How are you feeling girl?” asked Hannah

“Like I’m in heaven, Olivia was right, you do look really pretty bald…” said Courtney numbly

“All done, Vanessa you’re up” said Hannah as Courtney could barely walk out of the chair, she was shaken to her cord by its power.

Vanessa took a seat, and as Hannah started the brushing of her brunette wavy hair, she felt so relaxed like never before, but not just that, she was also getting excited and got an intoxicating sensation covering her entire body, she couldn’t describe it, she only knew she didn’t want it to stop.

“Hey Hannah, about those hair makeovers, maybe you could give me a good cut…” said Vanessa

“I thought you said your mom will kill you” pointed out Hannah

“Its fine really, don’t worry about it, I just really need to get my hair cut” said Vanessa more decisively

“Ok then, I’ll see what we can do later tonight” said Hannah as she indicated Vanessa to get step down of the chair.

Kate and the others were impressed with Hannah’s quick thinking and improvisation, so they decided to leave the fate of her friends in her capable hands. As for the trio, it was clear that the chair once again has used its magic, the girls were a bit shaken for a few minutes as they recollected their thoughts, but all three were sure of one thing, something must be done about their hair.

In that moment, three women entered the salon; it was the girls’ mothers, Helen, Stacy and Carmen. They approach their daughters to give them their bags and say their goodbyes.

“Here is your bag sweetie, everything important is inside and I pack some snacks for you girls” said Helen to Courtney

“Thanks mom” said Courtney

“I put some extra clothes for any emergency Olivia, if you need anything remember to call me or dad” said Stacy

“I will mom, thank you”

“I got you some movies and magazines so you can have fun mija” said Carmen

“Gracias mamá, hey do you think I can do something different with hair, I was thinking in getting it cut” said Vanessa

“Cut?! But you have such pretty hair mi amor” said Carmen shocked

“I know, but I had the same style since forever, please mom I really need a change” said Vanessa insisting

“Don’t worry Carmen, Hannah is a trainee here at the salon, she is pretty good and has done many cuts before, besides I’ll be there to make sure they don’t do anything too crazy” reassured Linda

“Hmm, all right baby, I guess you’re growing up and you should be able to decide what to do with your hair, just don’t go too overboard please” said Carmen

“Thank you, thank you, thank you mami, you’re the best” said Vanessa as she tightly hugged her mom in gratitude.

“All decided then, I guess it’s time to go girls” said Linda, while the girls said their goodbyes to their mothers, everyone got into Hannah’s car and left the salon.

“Since it seems you ladies will be having a free afternoon, wouldn’t you like some hair styling?” proposed Kate

“Oh my, thank you Kate it’s been so long since my last hair appointment” said Stacy

“I guess we should make the most of our day off” said Helen

“All right, but I think I’ll just have some split ends cut” said Carmen

“Don’t worry about it Carmen, I’ll take good care of you, come on hop into my chair” said Kate pointing out the magic red chair.

Later that night at Linda’s house

The girls arrived and immediately got the slumber party started, they changed into their pajamas, ordered some pizza, watched some movies, played music in the stereo, danced, grabbed some snacks and gossiped a bit about their school’s friends and classmates. Tiffany grabbed her tools and did some manicure and pedicure on everyone, when she was done she proposed to get the makeovers going.

“All done girls, and Hannah you can pay my services by giving this beautiful head one good shave” said Tiffany

“Of course, is the least I can do after such great work, sit right here and I’ll have you smooth and shinning in no time” said Hannah as she grabbed her special pink maxi razor, some hot towel and shaving cream.

Hannah put the hot towel on Tiffany’s head, let it soak in a couple of minutes and then covered her entire head using a small barber’s brush. Then proceed it to pass the razor as slowly as she could, as she knew Tiffany enjoyed a methodical shave, but she had a second intention behind it, she wanted Courtney, Vanessa and Olivia to watch as closely as possible, as she figured the effects of the chair had already taken effect on them, she only need it a stimulus to triggered to its maximum capacity. The girl’s eyes were glued to Tiffany’s shaving, a sensation quickly aroused inside of all three, they couldn’t describe it, but it was as they had this uncontrollable impulse to get rid of all of their hair until nothing remain but their bare heads.

“All done girl, soft and smooth” said Hannah as she was finishing massaging Tiffany with the special Kugandan lotion.

“Excellent as ever darling, I’m simply gorgeous” said Tiffany while admiring her head in a small hand mirror.

“All right Lily, want to go next?” asked Hannah

“Wait Hannah, I was thinking perhaps I could be next…” said Vanessa a bit anxious

“No way, it’s my turn” said Olivia, as she too was getting a bit altered

“Not a chance, Hannah do me, please!” exclaimed Courtney

“All right, all right, take it easy girls, I give you all your cuts in a minute” said Hannah while smiling mischievously

“That won’t be enough Hannah…” said Courtney

“Yes, we need a big change” said Olivia

“What you guys mean, like a pixie or something?” asked Hannah pretending to be confused, as she wanted them to say what they truly wanted it to get done.

“We need you to SHAVE our heads right now Hannah!!!” said Vanessa almost screaming, as she and the girls couldn’t resist the sensation of having hair in their heads anymore, they need it to be bald as soon as possible.

Hannah grew a big grin smile in her face, as she knew her plan had worked perfectly, Lily and Tiffany were giggling among themselves as they couldn’t believe Hannah had got it away with this, but now they wanted nothing more than to assist their fellow baldy to gain some new heads among their ranks.

“Oh, now I get it, in that case, what are you guys are waiting for? You three are in desperately need of a haircut” said Hannah

“We know! But you just keep stalling us” said Courtney

“I was just messing with you guys, I knew since we left the salon you would want nothing more than to get your heads shaved” said Hannah as she grabbed three clippers and hand it one each to Lily and Tiffany.

“Enough talking, let’s get the shaving started” said Olivia

“Yes please!!!” exclaimed Vanessa

The three set of clippers started running, as they quickly went through the heads of the girls as fast as they could. In a matter of minutes, the floor was covered in a mixture of Olivia’s black hair, Courtney blonde wavy hair and Vanessa’s curly brunet hair, the girls were thrilled with each pass of the clippers. After a second pass with the special battery clipper, the barberettes covered their heads with shaving cream, they began to shave them with the razors in the same slow and careful manner that Hannah had used previously. Olivia, Courtney and Vanesa felt in cloud nine with each stroke of the razors, as their mysterious desired was being full field, they were getting a bit aroused and Olivia was about to moan when suddenly Linda opened the door.

“The pizza is here girls and I also brought you some cookies to…” she stopped herself mid-sentence as she saw the scene being displayed before her eyes.

“Hi mom, we were just giving the girls a little makeover, what do you think?” said Hannah laughing.

“Well I guess you are doing some cutting, let me see closely, hum you three sure know your way around with a razor, but if you ladies want the real deal, leave the job to a professional” said Linda as she grabbed another bowl with shaving cream.

The soon to be bald girls clapped and thanked Linda, as she covered the three on cream and started a second more specialized pass with the razor, when she was done, she went for a third stroke as was her usual MO.

“All done girls and as a special treat, what do you say if we use the special lotion?” asked Linda

“Really mom?!” asked Hannah

“Sure, it won’t do any harm, besides it will make their heads extra smooth” said Linda

Hannah, Lily and Tiffany grabbed a bit of the Kugandan lotion and gave the girls a good and meticulous massage to their heads, making sure to cover every inch of their scalps.

Once done, the three girls just couldn’t stop smiling, as they looked themselves in the mirror while rubbing their heads and exploring every sight from different angles. Courtney’s head was a clear skin color, as her hair was so clear that she looked like she didn’t have a shadow. Olivia on the contrary, had a pure white shadow around her scalp, as her jet black hair was missing, but her eyes made a good show with her head, with her Japanese ascendance, now they stood out even more. Vanessa also had a white shadow, her was a bit more prominent as it was a contrast with her clear olive skin.

The girls pass the rest of the time experimenting with new looks for their heads, using make up to highlight their eyes, some skin foundation for their scalps and trying different kinds of earrings. They were having the time of their lives, looking at the mirror at any chance they got and rubbing each other’s heads, they went to sleep with a smile in their faces.

The next morning while the girls were getting ready in Hannah’s bathroom, the ring bell of the front door sounded.

“Girls come downstairs, your moms are here and they got a surprise for you!” exclaimed Linda.

“Oh boy and we do have a surprise for them” said Courtney while passing her hand through her scalp.

“Our moms are so gonna flip, specially yours Nessa” said Olivia

“I know, but it doesn’t really matter anymore, it’s not like I can have another cut to have it fix” said Vanessa while all of them started laughing at her joke.

The girls came the stairs and could hear their moms laughing at the kitchen, they nervously but with decision entered the room and immediately went into shock, as well as their mothers, it appeared the girls weren’t the only ones who got a makeover yesterday, as the three mothers were completely bald. Finally, the silence was broken by Carmen.

“So it seems we got matching haircuts mija” said Carmen while rubbing her head

Everyone started laughing, with the tension broken each girl approach their mom to contemplate their new looks.

“OMG mami, you’re bald!!!”  exclaimed Vanessa as she was touching her mother’s scalp

“And so are you mija, te ves preciosa mi amor” said Carmen as she kissed her daughter’s head

“Mom you look so cool; it looks like you’re naturally bald” said Courtney impressed by her mother’s bright Caucasian scalp.

“Thank you sweaty, and you look as smooth as well, I guess we have to thank our genes for that” said Helen while rubbing her daughter’s smooth head.

“So what do you think mom?” said Olivia as she posed with one hand behind her head.

“I’m so jealous of your head honey, I wish I can give it some color too, how do you make it so it matches your skin tone?” asked Stacy with intrigue.

“I used this cream foundation, I can put you some if you want” said Olivia

“I’ll gladly accept; it’ll be a good substitute until we can get a proper tan for our heads” said Stacy giggling while her daughter applied the foundation all over their head.

The group decided to have a breakfast at a family restaurant that was around the street. They received some stares, as it was not common to see such a large group of bald women and girls walking around. It didn’t matter to them, quite the opposite they enjoyed the attention they were receiving. They all had a pretty good time, as the mothers told the story how Kate was able to get them all under the clippers, they said it was kind of a magical impulse that they felt when they sat on their chair, the girls were amazed as they told their mother they recalled having the very same experience, while Linda and Hannah exchange looks and grinned at each other while winking.

When the waitress brought the check, she couldn’t help but stare at the group’s heads.

“I’m sorry, but I just want to say that I think you all look wonderful with your bald heads, it suits you all very well” said the waitress

“Thank you very much dear, we got it done at the salon where I work, in fact, here have this card, if you ever want to try something *smoother*, you know where to go” said Linda while handing over the salon’s card.

“Thank you Miss, I’ll have it in mind” said the waitress, while the group of four women and six young girls were exiting the establishment, with each of their heads shining brightly at the sun’s light.

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