A Shining New Trend: Chapter I

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Hello, this is my first story, it is written as a tribute to many authors on the  old h1ss forum, you can find many easter eggs in this and following chapters. Give your feedback and tell me if you want to see more, I’m open for suggestions and collabs.

Chapter I: “A New Barberette in Town”

Linda is on her way to the open the salon, it has been a rough year for profits and the lack of staff didn’t made things easier, so the owner finally decided to sell the place. It wasn’t much of a shock to Linda, as she figured it was either that or going out of business. Fortunately, she managed to cut a deal with the new owner to keep her job as stylist, as she will be much need it with only the two of them as employees.

As Linda arrived at the place, it was surprised to found out that it was already open. She entered and saw Kate, the new owner, cleaning some clippers and getting everything ready. She was a beautiful woman, in her mid-30s with clear skin, brown eyes and short wavy brunette pixie hairstyle.

“Morning Linda, you’re quite early” said Kate as she shook Linda’s hand cheerily.

“Well is our big reopening, couldn’t be late” responded Linda, as she felt a warming and pleasant feeling when Kate’s hand touched her.

The days past pretty soon, they turned into weeks, then into months, in that time the shop was able to gain a new clientele and business was booming all right. Linda was pretty happy with the job, she and Kate were a great team that got along very well, and they have become really good friends in a short amount of time. Something that has got Linda’s attention recently is that she noticed that Kate enjoys giving short haircuts makeovers, from bobs to pixies, undercuts, flat-tops and she was even able to convince a girl the other day to get a buzz cut, how she is able to convince her clients into getting such drastic cuts?

One day as Linda was about to enter her car to go home, then she noticed that she forgot her keys in the salon, so she went back to grab them. After she found them in the counter, she saw someone seated in the middle chair, the chair spanned back at her direction and realized it was Kate and she was completely bald. As Linda opened her mouth in awe and disbelief, Kate calmly said:

“Well, you were going to find out eventually” as a smirk formed in her face.

“Kate, you are bald!!!” exclaimed Linda

“Like a cue ball” said Kate smiling while she rubbed her hand over her smooth head

“I mean, I don’t know what to say, how long you’ve been bald?” questioned Linda with intrigue.

“About ten years” responded a relaxed Kate

“And um, why are bald?” Linda still was in shock

“It was by choice, the bald head always got my eye since I was learning to be a hairdresser, so one day I asked my mentor if he could shave my head, and I haven’t growth out a single hair ever since” Explained Kate with nostalgia, as she showed Linda her wig.

“So this whole time you’ve been wearing a wig, why?”

“Well, having a bald hairdresser could be a hard seller for a salon you know? Many people in this area are not use to see bald women, at least not yet”

“That makes sense I guess, when you were planning to tell me?”

“It was going to do it sooner rather than later, I needed time to figure out what kind of person you were and if I could trust you, so far I think I’ve made a good choice hiring you, so the real question is what do you think of the real me?”

Linda was still flabbergasted for the reveal, but Kate was still her friend and answered with complete honesty:

“Well I’m really surprised, but after watching with attention and closely, I think it suits you really well, more than that you look gorgeous, it accentuates your facial features perfectly and you’re completely smooth, I can’t see a hint of a shadow” Linda was a bit red after saying such words.

“You want to touch it?” asked Kate with a sassy tone

“If I may” said a nervous Linda, as she slowly reached Kate’s head with her hand. She rubbed her hand with delicacy and care across all her head, she was impressed with the smoothness of it, and she continued to rub it for a few moments, as she was in a trance.

“Are you in a hurry to go home?”

“Not really, Hannah will be spending the weekend in a friend’s house, why do you ask?”

“There is a bit more to my baldness story, but is a bit long, will you like to hear it?”

“Yes, of course, I’m all ears”

And so, Linda spent the whole night with Kate, listing to her experiences being a bald woman. Kate told her about her mentor, a street barber who ran a charity business shaving women’s heads, how they met and she helped him for some time. After that, she traveled the world to places where people shared her love for baldness. She worked for a couple of years in a small salon in a cost of Italy, where each summer kids would shave their heads so that sand wouldn’t get in their hair, soon it became a fashion choice for the moms as well. She then spent a vacation in Kuganda, a small African country where there is an edict for all women to have a bald head, it was made to respect their antique traditions, she met some teachers that came from all over the world to teach young girls, they all accepted the edict and some moved in permanently. When she returned of her vacation she joined a couple of organizations that promoted bald women, one of them was the Bald Mothers Club, which was formed in inspiration of a couple of teen girls’ sports teams who shaved their heads and competed internationally, the mothers went bald to show support for their daughters and it soon became a trend for the women in the area. Finally, the last salon where she worked was a place called the Razor’s Edge, where every one of the employees were bald women, but they all were wigs to pass unnoticed, it was only when they identified customers who subconsciously want it to be bald that they revealed their secret to them and then shave them smooth, and those same customers brought new ones that kept the business flowing.

Linda was fascinated with Kate’s story; she never imagined that there were so many places where being a bald woman were so significant. After that day, Linda’s and Kate’s friendship only grew closer, when they were alone in the shop, Linda would stare with admiration at Kate’s head. A few weeks after, when the salon was closed for the day, Kate asked Linda is she would do her a favor:

“Would you mind massaging my head with this lotion and oil?”

“Sure, no problem, I’ll do it gladly” Linda was excited; she loved when she got any chance to touch Kate’s head, let alone massage it.

Kate took a seat as Linda started to slowly pour the soft lotion in to her head; she started to massage it with extreme care and expertise.

“Ohhh, Linda you’re a natural, those fingers of yours are divine” said Kate in ecstasy.

When Linda was done with the lotion, she used an oil to give it a good shine.

“Mmm, Linda you have talent for this, I’ll be sure to have you do it every other day”

“Sure Kate, I’ll do it gladly, ask any time” said Linda with glee in her voice

“Let me pay you back, would you like me give you a haircut?”

“Oh, I haven’t thought about it, but I guess my hair has been looking a bit shaggy for some time, sure” Linda took a seat, while not having very clear what she wanted to get done.

Kate started to comb Linda’s long honey blonde hair, as she asked:

“So what do you have in mind?”

“Um, something short I think”

“All right how about mind length?”

“Stills seems to long, a bit shorter” said Linda a bit disappointed

“How about here? Kind of like a bob cut” suggested Kate

“Still too long, maybe a pixie cut” wondered Linda

“Ok, I like that idea you will look great, have you thought of a style?” asked Kate

“I think something like your wig it would be nice” said Linda with contempt

“All right, here we go” said Kate started cutting Linda’s hair until it resembled her short pixie wig style.

As Linda watched herself in the mirror, she was still dissatisfied with the result

“It’s cute Kate, but is not what I’m looking for” said a tired Linda

“Well, how about we try something with the clippers…” said Kate ominously

In that moment, something clicked inside Linda’s mind, as if an epiphany has been revealed to her.

“Do it Kate, shave my head, please” said Linda without a single tone of doubt in her voice.

Kate didn’t hesitate; she grabbed her clippers and passed them through the middle of Linda’s head, little by little revealing her white scalp. Soon all of Linda’s hair was chippered and all that remained was a faint shadow.

“Time get it smooth darling” said Kate with a big grin on her face, as she started to spread hot lather all over Linda’s head, until it was fully covered by white foam. Kate started to use a maxi bladed razor to shave Linda’s head, a new sensation that took Linda by surprise, but she was certainly enjoying it and felt that she could use to it.

“All right Linda, time for the second pass” said Kate as once again started to spread the foam and used the razor to shave Linda, who was enjoying even more than the first time, she was truly in heaven as she closed her eyes and savored every moment.

“All done Linda, you are now my fellow baldie” said Kate as she turned around the chair so that Linda could face the mirror. She starred at her reflection in the mirror for a full minute, sinking in the image of her bald head; it was a perfectly round shape, a clear Caucasian color with a hint of a white shadow. She slowly raised her hand to touch her scalp, but then Kate stopped her.

“Hold up a bit Linda, I’m going to return the favor and make that head as soft as silk” Kate applied the lotion all across Linda’s scalp, giving it a good massage and rub, after that she put the oil to give it a good shine, she then let pass some seconds and said to Linda: “Ok honey, now you can touch it”

Linda put both her hands on her scalp and immediately a wide smile covered her face, and as she rubbed all of her head frenetically.

“My good, it’s so smooth, I love it Kate!!!” said Linda with great happiness, as she continued patting her head.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of baldness my dear, I knew you were destined to become a baldy since the moment we shook hands” said a satisfied Kate.

“Really? You were planning to get me under the razor since day one?” asked Linda with curiosity

“Kind of, you see I have developed a very special ability, thought to me by my mentor Zeke, when I shook hands with a lady, I can feel if she has an unconscious desire to be bald, and when I do I can also liberate those feelings, so that they can experience the smoothness for themselves, eventually, I hope you can keep the secret” said Kate with an air of mystery.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it between us, but what is next for us?” asked Linda filled with intrigue.

“If I’m being honest, I opened this shop to continue the work that I’ve been doing for years, helping women like you to discover the happiness that only baldness can bring, but first we have to recruit some more hairdressers and of course, make sure they join the bald side, so what do you say Linda, will you help me to bring a shiny new trend to this town?” asked Kate as she put her hand on Linda’s head.

“It’ll be my honor Kate, I can’t wait to help other women to discovered their true smooth selves, the same way you did with me, thank you” responded Linda with conviction as she also put her hand on Kate’s head. Both women rubbed each other’s heads, wondering for their future ventures.

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