A short haircut for Caroline

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2 years ago I still had long hair, it reached my lower back. I started to watch videos of women who had their hair cut very short, sometimes even military cuts like flattops, and I started to want to get a short cut like that. The day I graduated I thought it was finally the right time. I went with a friend to a hair salon where I regularly went, inside my hairdresser was taking care of a woman so I waited. My friend touched the bun I had made and said something like:

“It will be weird to see you without!

This sentence stressed me even more, I did not know yet how my entourage would react. I usually wore a big bun or very long braids and after being in the hairdresser’s chair all that will be seen at the place of my bun will be freshly cut hair with a 4 shoe. The hairdresser motioned for me to come over and asked me what I wanted today and I showed her a picture to explain, in the picture there was a young blonde girl with hair cut very short on the sides probably with a 2 and a little longer on top with a 4. My hairdresser was surprised but after asking me several times if I was sure she put a cape around my neck. She brushed my hair for a few minutes and then took out her scissors.
She started to cut my hair at the level of my shoulders, I could see my long locks falling to the ground between each blow, each time it made me gag I had never had my hair so short since elementary school. After giving me a long bob haircut she took out her clippers and as she lifted my hair near my left ear she turned on the machine, I heard a loud buzzing sound near my ear. She asked me again if I was sure of my choice and I said yes.

“Caroline is getting her hair cut!” said my friend who was filming the scene.

The clipper lifted my hair and made it fall to the ground in less than a second, the sensation was incredible, it was for the first time in my life that I felt such a sensation! Feeling the clippers go through my hair was fantastic, I would have liked to have a buzz cut at that moment!

“Look! All her hair is on the floor!”

My hairdresser had finished going around my head so she switched guard and then put the clippers in the middle of my forehead and pushed back, I could see in the mirror a huge mass of fallen hair. She repeated the operation several times and then took a small clipper to make me a clean neck and temples. She took off the cloak and cleaned the back of my neck to remove the small hair. I looked down and saw a mountain of brown hair! When we came out of the salon my friend started to touch my hair.
“She said, “It looks so good on you!

For the next few days I couldn’t go 10 minutes without touching my hair because I loved it so much! I kept my hair short for a year before I let it grow out and now it’s a little below my shoulders. But lately I want to do it again but with a flattop!

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