A slaves duty

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  1. I have my hair done up in a ponytail if I don’t I will have my entire head shaved so I must keep it tied up in a high ponytail. Wake up with my hair down I walk to the sink and gather my hair up in a tight high ponytail and wait for my master he walks in I look at him he’s holding one of my severed ponytails and puts in on the table do you know what day it is he says I reply with no he says back to me it’s time to cut your ponytail off again I say to him please master not today but he does care he says if you resist I will shave your head now hold still he pulls my trousers down and applies life to my vagina and ass and the inserts his penis into my vagina and thrusts my over the table whilst pulling my hair then he takes out the clippers and begins to take my ponytail off the sound of the clippers drowns out my moaning as they dig into my beautiful golden think ponytail the noise of my hair crunching in the clippers and my moaning fill the room my head slowly gets lighter and my small pussy begins to throb “it hurts” I say with the wish he will stop at this point he has cut through half of my hair and removes his enormous dick from inside me my pussy relaxes but I can not rest yet I feel his cock push against my ass then enter the pain shoots through me as my ass is stretched wide open my ponytail barely hangs on now I can feel only a few strands left holding my ponytail to my head then with one last plunge of the clippers my ponytail is off then my feel loads of warm fluid in my ass he came inside my ass and removed his cock I say in a soft voice thank you master and feel my hair I was left with a stump where my ponytail was I feel his cum drip out of me and he shuts the door

Let my know if you enjoyed and comment what I should do for part 2

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  1. Hi,

    Nice story, would be nicer if you did not write everything in one block. Try to follow the suggestions the dashboard offers you after you post it as a draft… makes reading it more enjoyable (I think it is worth it).

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