A smooth Headshaving confession

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Near the street where it was located the Salon known as The Hair paradise’s, sat on the steps of a short stair right next to the main square, there was Azumi chewing gum while looking at her phone.

Azumi was your typical average 19 years student: a bit short compared to the average women, with some nice curves despite being thin, with a well-developed pair of C-cup breasts and a young-looking cute face that was decorated with a precious long mane of sweet brown straight hair, dressed in her favorite black comfy t-shirt of luck and wearing a refreshing pink skirt to endure the hot season.

Azumi was still questioning herself if she should continue carrying her plan to confess his love to her crush, Carl, and let him cut all her hair.

You see, Carl was a handsome thin boy and arrived in the city last winter with his single mother, a recognized hairdresser that won the lottery and opened a successful hair salon in the center of the town.

A few days later the opening of the salon, he attended to the same college as her and even they shared the same class, although they didn’t interact much, mostly because of the shyness of Azumi and the quiet, peaceful busy personality of Carl, which was due to working on the barbershop with the mother on the afternoon, a thing he didn’t mind much, as he shared the liking of that job, but there was just one problem that was troubling Azumi of him.

Carl had an… let’s just say an interesting fetish. She accidentally discovered it one day, while walking to her way back home, she passed near the salon and overheard the rather interesting conversation that Carl had while talking to the phone:

“You know pal, the job of a barber isn’t as easy as you or our friends think. First of all, I must strictly follow want they want, otherwise, we would only lost clients to the competency, and I honestly don’t mind about styling all these long-haired girls, and all, but… you know… It would be so good to just headshave at least one girl on my mom’s salon, but unless some girl willingly gives me the order to shave all her hair, I can’t do anything, not even surprising them with one. Anyway, it was nice to talk to you, see you around there later”

“So Carl has a headshave fetish…?” Azumi thought to herself still hidden on the wall. Feeling observed, Carl remarked:

“Huh? Did someone hear me…? Ah, it must be that I work too much… anyway, back to another unsatisfying day of work”

Embarrassed, she quickly ran away unnoticed from the outside of the salon as fast as she could, and for the next day, she tried to avoid Carl at all costs. Azumi clearly loathed the idea of her hair being cut, much less being shaved into baldness.

What would her few friends think of her if she even went to do that idea? It was sure to her that she would hear nasty comments like “Oh Clarice, how did you dare to give up your precious mane? You look horrible”, “I don’t want to be friends anymore with such a bald freak like you, get lost!” or “Poor thing, she must be facing cancer” among others nasty snarky remarks.

But even still, as the days passed the butterflies she felt on her stomach didn’t stop and without realizing it, she was slowly becoming intrigued by the idea, even if she hated it initially.

A plan must be done to make the hairdresser’s son fall in love with her. She would chew a giant bubble of strawberry bubblegum, and pop it so it can be all over her hair, knowing that with it, the boy would be forced to shave it all, as far as she knew, cutting hair was the only option available for getting rid of gum.

She clearly loved her hair, but if shaving it all off could help in getting more chance to get him to fall in love with her, she would willingly give up her precious mane for it… or it was?

Before she started to get ideas of giving up in her plan, it was too late to go back, as the big bubble pooped out and covered most of her hair with the pink gum

“Aw great… I guess there is no point now in fighting it…” thought to herself before entering the salon when immediately, Azumi was greeted by no other one than her crush

“Hi… I hope you’re not too busy right now, I need to get a really short haircut” she said embarrassed of herself

“Of course, dear, just wait until … what have you done to your hair Azumi? It’s all pinky gum everywhere”

Surprised that he recognized her with all this mess, she continued… “Yeah, I know… could you just shave it all? I would pay good cash if you could get rid of this mess”

Immediately, as he heard those words, inside himself Carl felt like he hit Jackpot. Finally, this was now his chance to finally shave a girl, and a cute one, but he needed to stay calm on the outside, for not ruin this opportunity and creep Azumi.

“Of course, dear, just sit down there and let me wash your hair first with this gum-remover shampoo”

A bit confused over this, but still sitting on the chair as he ordered, she asked

“Wash? excuse me… but I want this mess to be shaved immediately… wouldn’t it be easier that way instead of using that?”

Expecting that, he calmly replied

“Frankly, I would do that to you, but as a child of a barberette, I know that removing your damaged precious mane in this situation could be quite painful with all that gum, the clippers and razors wouldn’t work quite as efficient, much less trying to remove it with just mere scissors, and I want you to feel the headshave in the best way possible”

“Oh, I see”

Azumi replied accepting this treatment and let him wash her messy gummed hair with a special shampoo he owned on the store. It was specially created to remove the gum easily from the damaged hair, but in return, it subtly weakened the hair, making it uglier and less fluffy. As he was washing, he suddenly commented

“I’m curious, miss Azumi”

“Of what Carl?” she replied

“Well… I don’t know a lot about you, but I know by the comments of some chatty classmates that you really love to take care of your long fluffy mane, and I wondered… if you love your hair so much, what is the reason why you suddenly want to shave all of it?”

A bit embarrassed over him knowing that fact of herself, Azumi she took a moment before replying

“You see… there’s a guy I really like…”

“A guy?” asked the interested barber while washing the long-haired girl

“Yeah, I won’t tell his name, but I fell in love with him some months ago… and I’m not the type of person that is brave enough to even tell him to his face…”

“Hmmm, I see… but that doesn’t explain why you decided to go all bald”

“Well…recently, I learned that the guy really likes girls with very short hairstyles, or more specific, bald girls, thus I thought that it might be easier to conquer him if I meet his standards of what he considers a perfect girl…”

Realizing this, Carl decided to tease her a little: “And let me guess… I am your charming prince, right?”

A bit embarrassed by this answer that Azumi didn’t expect to hear, she nervously asked while blushing:

“Huh? but… how? how did you know it? who told you?”

“I’m being honest, you’re really awful at hiding your feeling over me… the lovely stares you often gave me during school, the fact that you always pass near my mother’s hair salon when returning from home, your sudden tsundere behavior over probably learning my kink… and other things”

Quickly replied the barber, ending the hair wash on Azumi’s hair. There was a bit of silence until Azumi fearfully asked

“So… you will reject me?”
which Carl quickly laughed it off

“How silly of you Azumi, of course, I’m not going to reject you, in fact… If I’m honest with myself, I was looking to get a date with you… you seem to be an interesting and pretty funny gal ever since I spotted you”

“Really?” she surprisingly asked

“Yeah, lovely creature… Still, want to shave all of this? I will respect your final decision if you don’t want to shave it all” he reminded her of her plan, which she replied

“Well… I’m still fearful of that idea, but I didn’t go inside here for just a wash… not to mention, that I want to please my new lovely boyfriend”
Hearing the answer, he prepared the clippers and announced: “hehe, you asked for it cutie, say goodbye to your hair!”

Still fearing those, she asked: “Will it hurt?”

Which Carl replied: “Only one way to find out!”

With all decided, the Clippers were initially pushed on the left side of Azumi’s brown mane and began to tear apart a small portion of the hair.

“Oh my! What was that sensation?” Azumi immediately wondered, amazed by the unknown feeling of the magical clippers doing wonders on her mane

“Is that hurting you?” asked Carl which stopped, wondering if she was hurt by the clippers

“On the contrary, keep going, don’t stop!”
hearing that statement, he just continued with pleasing his new girlfriend, passing the clippers slowly through her brown hair so she could experience the amazing buzzing feeling of being liberated of all of that mess.

“I never thought…ah…. that the clippers would feel so good…” Azumi commented while feeling another pass to her now half-shaved head

“That only was just the beginning, if you like this, then, I’m sure you would love the next part” replied the barber, still passing through the right part of Azumi’s head, destroying the last few remaining locks of long rebellious hair.

Not too much time passed before all that was left was a brown stubble where her hair was.

“Could I feel it now?” she commented, wanting to experience the stubbly sensation, but Carl quickly replied

“Not yet my love, you’re not finished and we need to get rid of all of it, but first, let’s weaken that so the shaving could be easier to handle!”

Then, Carl went to a room for a short time to retrieve a warm white soft hot towel on his hands and put it around Azumi’s scalp, and just when it made contact into her stubbly head, he commented…

“Is too hot for you? It’s my first time using that treatment and…”

“Don’t worry, I like how warm it feels!” quickly replied the girl, enjoying the steam doing its thing onto her stubble.

Taking advantage, Carl carefully massaged her head with the warm towel for a long time until its hot properties wore off. Then, a different kind of sensation felt over her head, as Carl spread shaving cream over her scalp

“Ehehe… that creamy feeling is soo cool… and tickly!”

“Liking the softness over your scalp, right Azumi-chan?”

“Absolutely, but what is it’s profuse?”

“Well, it will certainly help in shaving it all with the razor, but I must admit… I never used an actual razor before on anyone, I had a bit of experience with clippers, but not with razors, so… could you please stay still? I don’ t want to scratch you accidentally”

“Ok… but you better hold my naughty head”
Nervous about not wanting to injure her client, he began to slowly pass the razors over her head, dazing the girl to unimaginable levels, however, when he began to become confident over it, he began to fasten his actions. Needless to say, she wasn’t amused over it

“Hey! Don’t go so fast! I want to feel it more time” >-<

“Oh my, looks like we awoken a hidden headshaving fan…” quickly commented over the reaction of the girl

“and who is the main guilty of that” Azumi smugly replied with a naughty grin

“We already knew that, don’t you?”

the finishing passed were done and she was all finished.

“Ok, take a new look at your new do, Miss Azumi. Do you like how it turned out?”

Azumi looked at the mirror couldn’t believe what she was looking right now. She was clearly still herself, but without all that messy mane, she began to appreciate her hidden features that once were locked from her views, such as her cute tiny ears, her bluish eyes, and her true small soft head.

She surely missed her hair, but she admitted that without all that brown pile of hair, she was still cute, or even more cute than before, not to mention that it would gladly help economically to her, as she wouldn’t use shampoos and other hair products for a very long time. After a few ten seconds of clear silence, she happily screamed

“Oh my gosh! this feels freaking amazing dude!” looking at his girlfriend enjoying her bare scalp, Carl had an idea

“It certainly suits you Azumi, but I think we’re not done yet…” stranged over this, Azumi asked:

“Wait there is still more? but how? I’m already a cute hairless woman” which he replied

“I know, Azumi-chan, but looking at you, I want to try adding a chemical product to ensure that your scalp is smooth for a really long time. It isn’t permanent, but it will make difficult for your hair to grow in months, and it makes your scalp shine.

Now, do you want me to do the finishing touch to turn you into the perfect bald girlfriend?”

“Yes,” she blushed as she confirmed her scalp’s fate, letting her now-boyfriend cover her entirely of her once haired zone with a generous dose of good waxing Nair.

It felt quite odd, yet satisfying the new sensations she was feeling over her smooth bald dome, like the moment he began to shave the locks immediately turned into an erogenous zone.

A few minutes passed before he finished for real with another massage with hot towels for a brief moment

“And done! Thanks for choosing this hair salon for your treatment my cutie”

“Thanks, Carl, how much do I need to pay you?”

“Nothing sweetie, is on the house” He finally said before surprisingly kissing Azumi on her now smooth head

“Oh, my…! see you soon at class Carl!” Before leaving, he remembered and quickly asked

“Wait! do you want to meet you later after work? You know… for couple kinky stuff…”

“Surely! see you later then” she finally said as she went outside the salon’s door to show her new look and enjoy her new life with her loved one, happy to finally have achieved her goal

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