A strange twist

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Cheri was over it. 8 months dating Jake, 8 months of meeting here and there, driving miles for a hookup at a hotel, promises etc. and she’s had enough. Meeting online a year earlier, Cheri and Jake eventually went on a date after a few months of his confessions of a struggling marriage, wanting to end it with her and just how unhappy he was in his situation. She had listened, comforted him, offered support and was understanding of his dilemma. She had fallen in love.

He confided in Cheri of his wife’s refusal to have sex, spending wild amounts of money and threatening Jake with taking the kids in a divorce if it ended that way. Her father a prominent attorney had reaasured her he would “fuck Jake’s life up” if he caused his daughter any problems. Jake knew he must remain faithful even when it got bad at home, he had a high powered lawyer.

Early on in their fling Jake had conveyed his problems over late night dinners and booze, where the truth serum flowed. Talks of no sex and even intentionally telling him she would grow her “fucking hair down to her ass” knowing Jake was a big fan of her short style, just to piss him off. The topic came up during sex often as the two became intimate.¬†Over the next few months Cheri knowing he was attracted to shorter styles went shorter and shorter with her cuts, Jake was so complimentary each time and it seemed after each cut, talks of leaving his wife and a plan was all but inevitable.

The shit hit the fan this past weekend when Cheri left the salon with the shortest haircut of her life, one she knew Jake would love. He had sent her a picture weeks prior and for good or bad, the stylists hit the mark. Once hair past her shoulders, now was a tight faded pixie, with a bit of skin flowing to smooth bald at the bottom. She left excited, nervous, anxious and of cousre wet thinking about how Jake would respond.

He had mentioned not arriving back in town until later in the day and they would meet then for a quick bite. She was giddy to show off her new hair or lack thereof! Fuck him she thought to herself, whata  lying fuck, as she parked at the market only to see Jake and his wife walking out to his car, cart full off groceries, beer and wine. Was all the talk just a bunch of bullshit? It certainly seemed the two were happy, goofing around in the lot like 2 teens. She had to know. After all, it now seemed to make sense. All the far off meetups, sneaking arounds, what a crock of lies she thought. He was a fucking cheater.

After a few shots of bourbon at the local bar, the decision was made. She would drive over to their home, knock on the door and expose the fuck for what he was. A liar, a cheat and dickhead. The doorbell rang and Carol, Jake’s wife, opened the door. “Hi I’m Cheri, you must be Jake’s wife, may I come in, I wanted to have a word about your husband if I may?” she said as Carol welcomed her into the home. “Jake’s upstairs, should I grab him” Carol said, now sitting on the edge of the chair facing Cheri.

“No, I’ll say what I need to say, the rest is up to you. Your husband and I have been seeing each other for almost a year. He said ya’ll had issues and whatever bullshit else he said, whatever, jsut know he’s been cheating on you, well not just cheating, but fucking me as well.” Cheri by now feeling the 4 shots of Maker’s form the bar.


“Well that’s quite a bit to swallow, I mean, I hate to believe you, but from your short haircut, I’m inclined to believe there is some sense of truth, Jake is a short hair lover, seems to make some sense. So what else has he said if I may ask”?

All kinds of shit talk, that you all were having issues, he was unhappy, you were talking divorce, just a bunch of shit” Cheri said now beginning to get her coat and get up.

“So what made you think we’re not agreeing to split, what makes you think I would love a cheater” Carol said as she walked to the bottom of the staircase and yells for Jake to come down.

“Not sure, I saw you 2 earlier at the market, didn’t look like two people heading for a divorce. Carol grabbed her hand and asked her to sit back down.

Jake entered the room and was taken back at the site of Cheri on the sofa.

“Cheri, hi – so what brings you over, didn’t I tell you we would meet later tonight?” he said, now sitting in the group.

“Meet tonight, what the fuck Jake, I mean, don’t you think this is fucking weird, I mean, meet you tonight, fuck you dickhead, I mean – this is sick” Cheri said now noticably agitated. Carol stood up, poured herself a glass of wine and spoke

“She busted your ass Jake, she saw us at the market, you told her you weren’t arriving back in town till late”

She slowly walked over to Cheri who by now had tears of hatred or saddness. Carol slowly rubbed the back of her head and sat next to her.”You should count yourself lucky girl, now you’ll leave with at least a little hair left on that head! Had you not run into us earlier this evening, it could have ended badly. Whatcha think Jake, she’s already down skin tight like you like it, didn’t you say it would only be a few weeks and you would have her shaved fucking bald” Carol said as she walke to the door.

“Now get you fucking ass out and take that fucking horrible haircut with you” she said as Jake walked behind her. “Baby this one went all in for you” she said smiling. “Did you get it out of your system for a while longer baby, she did fucking go short, shorter than the others, you’re getting better at this game” Carol laughed!

Jake laughed, “Don’t forget Alice form the bar babe, I had her getting crewcuts every week until you told me it was getting out of hand”

“I’m sorry Cheri, I didn’t mean for you to see us today, I wanted so badly for it to last a few more weeks at least, after all – I think you were about to consider that High-n-Tight for me, you certainly screamed you would when would fuck!” he said

“After all, look at Carol and look at yourself, trade this hot ass blonde for a man-woman? I mean, I love short hair, but it’s for men.”

Cheri stood at the door, eyes glossy in complete embarrassment.

“That should teach you to fuck around with a married man’ Carol said as Jake embraced her from behind, stroking her long blonde locks and shutting the door.



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