A Stranger in a Bar

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I found myself starting over in my mid thirties. Newly single, in a new city with a new job, in this noisy, overpriced downtown apartment. I hadn’t even known there was a bar two stories downstairs from me when I signed the lease. When there was a big fight or game on, it got pretty rowdy, but on nights like tonight, when there was nothing but baseball on, it was peaceful. The bartender had gotten to know me and would put the Dodgers on whatever screen I wanted.

They were wrapping up a 5-3 win over the Brewers when she sat down next to me.

She told me her name was Jane. My first instinct was to try and get her number, but she assured me that tonight was the first and last time we’d ever meet, so that wouldn’t be necessary. She was probably a little older than me, maybe early forties, but it was hard to tell, as she took good care of herself. Her skin was smooth and her dark brown curls cascaded down her shoulders. She was here for business. Had been for the last four months, was flying out tomorrow, and hadn’t been laid in the same amount of time. I appreciate people who get to the point. She told me that she likes it rough, likes to be dominated, and above all else, wants to see something new, something no other guy had tried with her, but then, she wouldn’t tell me what she had seen. She also told me that she gives men she wants to fuck a fake name like “Jane”, but I don’t know what else to call her.

Half an hour into our conversation, she asked if I wanted to go somewhere more private. I tried to pay my tab, but it had already been settled. She followed me upstairs.

Once we got to the apartment, I was in absolute control. It’s what she demanded.

I locked the door and closed the blinds. We took a couple minutes to review the ground rules and confirm that the safe word was “Purple”.

I took a deep breath and got into character. I grinned and glared at her.

“Take off your clothes! Now!”

“Hehe… if you insist I guess.” she giggled playfully.

“You don’t guess. You obey. And call me sir!” I scolded her.

I was really winging it here with the whole Dom thing, but I was once a theater geek, so acting came naturally for me.

“Yes sir!” She responded. She slipped off her blazer and unbuttoned her shirt, tossing it to the ground. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall, then peeled off her pantyhose. Now clad in nothing but a matching black set of lingerie, she took her time to uncover the bra and pop it off, then slid her panties down. Her body was soft, but perfectly proportioned, and her breasts, while clearly augmented, had come under the knife of only the most skilled surgeons. Her pubic region, on the other hand, looked a bit shaggy, showing the signs of months of neglect.

I took her clothes and placed them on top of the cabinet above the fridge. I was a good half a foot taller than her and even I could barely reach it.

“Good girl. You’ll get those back when we’re done.”

I thought back to the time I had played Inspector Javert in my high school’s performance of Les Miserables and tried to channel that stern aura of authority.

“Look down!” I commanded. “What is that?” I pointed at her groin.

“Umm… I think that’s a pussy, dude.”

I grabbed her pubic hair and yanked it for a second, then turned around and spanked her.

“You will call me sir.”

“Yes sir!”

“How dare you insult me by coming into my house with your ‘pussy’ so unkempt.”

I grabbed her by the shoulders and took her to my bathroom, which luckily I had just cleaned this afternoon. I opened the drawer, taking out a razor.

“You will run the shower and take care of that. And if I find one single hair remaining on your pussy…”

I paused. I had held a particular fetish my entire life but never acted on it. I half expected her to scream PURPLE the second I verbalized it, but decided to throw caution to the wind. Easy come, easy go. “…I will have to shave it myself… and then I’ll shave your head too.”

She grinned. “Yes sir.”

She took a long time in the shower. I used that time to scrounge whatever items I had laying around that could be used as makeshift bondage gear. I’d seen plenty of BDSM videos in my days, but my apartment wasn’t exactly the San Francisco Armory. I managed to dig up a long ethernet cable, a roll of duct tape, a leather belt and some chopsticks and rubber bands. After about fifteen minutes, I wondered whether I should demand she come out, considering how long she took, but figured she was being very thorough. Understandable, considering the stakes. Finally, I heard the water turn off. I waited a couple more minutes, then heard the door unlock. She came out wrapped in a towel, her hair was wet.

“Take that off!” I commanded.

“Yes sir!” she smirked, and dropped it to the floor.

My jaw dropped when I saw what she had done with her pubic hair.

Absolutely nothing. She hadn’t even touched it with the razor. She had a smug look on her face that said to me, without saying a word “What are you going to do about it?”

“I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me!” She just grinned some more, taunting me. I shoved her onto the bed. “Hands above your head!”

“Yes sir!” she responded with enthusiasm as I taped her hands together.

I tied the cable around one of her ankles, then strung it under the bed, around her wrists, back under the bed and around her other ankle, so she was tied down spread eagle with her hands above her head. I came back from the bathroom with the clippers I use to trim my beard, shaving cream, razors and a towel. Then I filled a mug with hot water.

“I told you what would happen if you make me do this myself!”

I turned the clippers on and plunged them into her bush, getting the whole thing down to stubble in a few seconds. I applied the hot water and lather and carefully shaved down the rest of the stubble. At first, I was a bit nervous. I had never shaved a vagina, seeing as how I don’t have one, but it was certainly a lot easier than shaving my balls. I managed to get her pussy shaved smooth without so much as a nick.

Now it was time for the real fun, if she’d allow it to go that far. I untied her ankles and pushed her onto the floor, then tied her wrists to the headboard so that she was on her knees with her arms raised. At this point, my cock was so hard it was almost painful to keep it in my jeans, so I unzipped and let it free. I put it in her mouth to get it nice and wet, then turned the clippers in and pulled it out to give her one last chance to say the safe word.


I stopped. She was going to say purple. I knew she wouldn’t go through with having her head shaved.

“Pur…ty sure you don’t have the balls to do it.”

I rammed my cock back in her mouth and pushed the clippers right down the middle. Again and again, back and forth while she passionately sucked my cock, until all the hair on top of her head was lying in a pile on my floor. I had to pull out, as I wasn’t ready to cum yet.

I threw her on the bed so she was on her back. Then I remembered about the chopsticks.

“This is what you get for failing to call me sir!” I placed her right nipple between a pair of chopsticks and wrapped the rubber band around them until they squeezed tightly, then did the same to the other nipple.

I slid a finger inside her pussy. It went in effortlessly as the moisture made a mess on my bedsheets. I started to go down on her, smelling and tasting her obvious arousal. She moaned, louder and louder. I stopped.

“You are not allowed to cum until you are fully bald. If you do, I will throw these clippers out the window and make you leave looking like that.”

“Yes… yes sir!”

I resumed eating her out, waiting until the moans got almost to the point of orgasm, then stopped abruptly. I did this a few more times.

It was time for the next step. I flipped her on to her back and showed her the clippers again. “Want me to continue?”

“Yes sir!”

Then count to ten.

I slapped her firm ass with the belt. “One.” Another strike. “Two”. Then three, and four, and so on. She seemed completely unfazed by the pain, even as I hit harder with each stroke.

true to my word, I kept clipping her hair, but not all of it, only one side of her head. Now she was about two thirds bald.

Instead of turning the clippers off, I flipped her over and placed the back of the clippers on her throbbing clit. It was the closest thing I had in my house to a sex toy. As a wise man once said, I still jerk off manually. Her heart raced and her moans got louder. A steady drip of moisture leaked out of her. She bit her lip, trying her hardest to keep the orgasm in. When it looked like she couldn’t hold out any longer, I pulled the clippers away.

“Good girl.”

I filled my side of the bargain and put the clippers back to her scalp, making quick work of all the brown hair that remained until she was left with a short, ragged buzz cut.

“Would you like to cum now?” I asked her.

“Yes sir!” She instantly replied.

“Well too bad. I said you couldn’t cum until you’re bald, and that’s not bald.”

I got some more hot water and wet her scalp, then spread the shaving foam over it. Then I un-taped her hands and gave her the razor.

“Now be a good girl and finish the job.”

I continued to go down on her while she shaved herself, stopping occasionally when she seemed close to orgasm, all the while looking up to marvel that this was really happening.

“All done sir!”

It wasn’t perfect, but she had gotten almost all the foam off. Close enough. It was mostly smooth to the touch.

She had earned her reward. I slipped a condom onto my throbbing shaft and pushed her back. It slid in with minimal resistance. She screamed in ecstasy with each thrust, convulsing in orgasm right as I pulled the chopsticks off her nipples. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes that I was inside of her, but it felt like days. She was like an animal, and so was I. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I came, timing it perfectly with her orgasm.

While I let my heartbeat return to normal, she went to the bathroom to clean herself up. Once again, she took a while. I was shocked at what I saw when she came out.

“What the fuck?”

Her hair was back, exactly how it had looked when we first met earlier this evening.

She laughed and pulled the wig off. “I stashed it under the sink.” I could tell that she had touched up her head a bit, the rough patches were gone.

“So you were wearing that wig all night?”

“Yep, up until I took a shower, and you didn’t notice. I haven’t shown my real hair at work in years. Takes too much time, and time is money. I’ve gotta say, this feels really nice. Fits little loose now, but I can tighten them.”

As she was getting dressed and getting ready to leave, she pulled out her phone.

“This was fun. I’ll be in town in a couple months. We should do this again. What’s your number?”

“I thought you didn’t give out your phone number, and weren’t going to see me again.”

“First of all, I didn’t say I’d give you my phone number. I asked for yours. And I’m making an exception. You actually did something I hadn’t thought of before, and I trust you to think of something even more creative next time. And maybe get some toys that didn’t come from Panda Express.”

“Heh, well, I’ll be thinking of something, but I can’t guarantee I won’t take off whatever hair you’ve grown back by then.”

“Grown back? Oh sweety. Fifteen minutes of the feeling of having a bald head is all it takes to convince me I’m never growing this back. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do. Seems a bit too time consuming to keep shaving it.”

“You could just buzz it. Doesn’t take that long.”

“Yeah, but then I’d get little hairs everywhere, and I like this feeling.” She took off the wig and rubbed her head again. “I guess the obvious option is laser hair removal but ugh, I did that on my armpits and it’s so tedious. I don’t mind the pain but it’s so boring, and my schedule is packed. Well, that’s a tomorrow problem, peace.”

And just like that, Jane walked away, leaving the last hair she’d ever grow in a messy pile on my bedroom floor.

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