A Summer “Trim”

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“Blake come on we have to get your hair cut!” My mom said from downstairs.

“Okay just a second!” I said as I put my book away.

My mom always gets my hair cut at summer. I personally don’t mind it at all but my brother Ryan doesn’t go because they “cut it too short”

An excuse I always found kind of funny because it’s just a slight trim. Because my brother is such a baby my mom just cuts it at home. Half of the time you can’t even tell the difference when it’s over.

I walk down stairs to see my mom standing next to the door waiting for me. When I walk up to her she looks at me and smiles. She playfully runs her hands in my hair to mess it up.

“Hey come on mom!” I say as I playfully fight back.

She chuckles and calls out to Ryan “We are going to the barber Ryan do you want to come?”

“No thanks!” Ryan says from his room.

“Of course not.” My mom mumbles from her mouth as we walk out.

We arrive at the barber’s. We always go to the same one because my mom is friends with the owner. I’m actually friends with the owners son in fact. Ryan is friends with another kid that recently moved into our neighborhood named Quinten.

We walk in and my mom hugs the owner.

“Hey Cassie it’s nice to see you again!” She said breaking off the hug.

“It’s nice to see you too!” Cassie said.

Cassie is the owner of the barbershop that I was talking about. But she also cuts hair herself.

“I’m assuming you’re taking Blake to have his summer trim?” Cassie asked.

My mom nodded.

“What about Ryan?” Cassie asked.

My mom chuckled and said “Nope we could never get him to get his hair cut.”

Cassie clearly disproved of him not being here. “You have to start being more firm. In fact I actually just shaved Mike down to nothing for the summer.”

My mom looked clearly shocked by this news. As was I.

“Really!? You shaved your son bald?” My mom asked in disbelief.

Cassie nodded and said “Baby smooth”

“Heh maybe that’s what I should do to my boys…” Mom said as Cassie smiled.

“Hey mike was very much against the idea. But after he loved it so much we’ve chosen to shave him bald every morning to keep his new look.” Cassie said.

My mom looked at me like she was trying to imagine me bald.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind being bald. I do like having short hair so I’m pretty sure I would like it and look good too.

My mom and I sat down and waited for my turn.

After a while my mom spoke up. “I have to use the bathroom I’ll be back.”

“Ok mom.” I said as she got up.

As soon as my mom entered the bathroom one of the employees called for me.

I walked over to the chair and sat down. After putting the cape around me Cassie walked over.

“I’ll be handling his cut today.” She said in a commanding tone.

“What kind of cut will he be getting?” asked the Barberette.

After looking at me in the mirror for a second Cassie grins and says “Use the Clippers with a zero all over.”

I was shocked that I was going to be getting such a short haircut but I was ok with it because I always thought I looked better the shorter my hair was.

I looked at Cassie in the mirror and silently thanked her. She returned it by blowing me a kiss and then she walked away.

The Barberette took out the Clippers and took the guard off and started them. She plunged the Clippers into my head and started striping my hair away.

The Clippers felt heavenly on my head. It was like getting the best scalp massage possible. The Barberette was silent and never said anything. She was just focused on reducing every bit of hair to stuble.

After going over my head with the Clippers she rubbed her hand all over my head to find any spots she missed.

“Ok ma’am I buzzed him down just like you asked.” The Barberette said as she turned to Cassie.

“Mmmmmm I think you should shave him down to the skin with a razor.” Cassie said as she handed the Barberette a straight razor.

“Yes ma’am.” The Barberette replied as she started putting the shaving cream on.

Just as the Barberette was getting really to start shaving my mom came out of the bathroom.

When she saw me she had a shocked expression but it quickly turned into an expression of satisfaction.

“Oh wow Cassie you were right! He does look better!” My mom said as she walked over to me.

“Yep I told you boys look better bald.” Cassie said proudly.

“Yeah you were definitely right! I might have to drag Ryan’s butt in here whether he likes it or not!” My mom joked.

“Well I hope you’re ok but I’ve scheduled Blake to come here everyday for the next 3 months.” Cassie said.

“Oh that’s terrific!” My mom said cheerfully.

Cassie and mom continued to talk while the Barberette started to shaved every bit of hair off my head.

When the cape was removed I put my hand on my head and smiled widely.

“Wow! I look better than ever! Don’t you think mom?” I said enthusiastically.

My mom started rubbing my head with me and said. “Yeah this new style is perfect for you Blake!”

Me and my mom thanked Cassie for introducing me to my new look.

When I walked outside the sun hit my pale head. The heat that was once unbearable for me now felt nice. Almost like stepping into a warm bath after a cold day.

When me and mom got into the car she kept talking about how I looked so much better now that I was bald.

Every time we got to a red light my mom would rub my head for as long as she could before the light changes to green.

When we got home my mom said “I still can’t get over how good you look Blake! The bald look really suits you!”

I looked up at mom and said “Oh I know it does… But do you know who it would also look good on?”

“Who?” My mom asked still enjoying the smoothness of my scalp.

“Ryan.” I smirked.

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