A surprising encounter with Sandy

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Through the years I have been occasionally visiting a private club not too far from my town. Sadly it didn’t bring me much joy lately. The girls are not as beautiful as they used to be and worst of all, less friendly. Well if you wanna go there for quickly having (payed) sex with someone who’s not interested or a bad actress, it’s still the right place for you I guess.


So was it all bad? No there’s always an exception to the rule. She goes by the name of Sandy. Quite an appearance, slim beautiful body, well-spoken and extremely long natural blond tresses.

Not dressed up or too much make up. She could be the girl next door.


The first time I visited her we had a lot of laughs. Hanging with my far too long bangs above her face, she gently blew it aside and remarked that I had quite longish hair. When I told her I was sometimes thinking of having it cut or maybe even shaved, she replied not to, cause everybody else did that.


Now I was planning to visit her again and so I made an appointment at the club, making sure she would be present that day.


That day. Sandy had booked us her favorite room. Like previous time she invited me to shower together. Though the shower was big, we stood very close to each other. She grabbed her hair and put it in long tail which pinned on top of her head.


I grabbed the opportunity to start the conversation I had planned.


‘Better not get it wet.’

‘Well it will get humid dear, but makes it more easy to comb, so …..’


‘Didn’t you tell my last time that you cut it yourself when it gets too long?’

‘Yeah sure, I just comb a tail and let hang in front of me and take the shears to cut a few inches.’


‘Ever cut someone else’s hair?’’

‘Not really. Not really cutting …. Though I did shave an old boyfriends head once upon a time. Only using clippers, so no actual cutting with shears that is. Must confess it scared me to do it, never ever did I touched a pair of clippers before.’


‘That’s a brave thing you did.’

‘Maybe. I think this friend was more brave than me, letting me do it. On the other hand, most guys are more daring than us girls I guess.’


‘Not all guys. I surely would not have the guts. Would not even dare to ask someone do to it. Let go off actually going ahead with it if this person agreed to it.’


‘Well as they say, be careful what you wish for, you might just get what you want. You don’t want to be bald are you? Or is it that you aren’t brave enough to go for it?’


‘I do sometimes think of it …. But by the time I make an appointment with a hair stylist and she asks me what I want with my hair, I kind of freeze and ask her to cut two inches at the most.’


‘No need to go to a professional stylist if you wanna shave it.’

‘Yes I agree. It would be even more of an experience in fact when not.’



‘So how do you feel about your hair today?  I mean right here and now.’

‘All this talking about it, brings it to my mind …’


We stepped out of the shower and helped each other to dry. Both bare naked she ran her fingers through my hair.


‘Something perhaps you want to tell me … or even make a wish? ‘

‘I am not that daring you know …’


‘What have you got to loose …? ‘

‘Well if you say NO, then I would feel rejected if you comply I dare to risk my hair.’


‘I won’t say no if I am right about what your question will be … and for the other thing … you might be right. So I guess we will have plain sex then, not what you really want and came for today?  You just have to ask my dear….’

‘Will you please cut my hair?’


‘Hurray! The words are out. Now let’s see if you are indeed a brave guy. Here’s my once in a life time offer, so if in your shoes I’d grab this opportunity. Like I told you, I didn’t CUT that guys hair. Neither I will yours , sorry …… but if you are daring enough I will run the clippers over your head.’

‘How short will you ….?’


‘Short? Short isn’t the word I’d use. Zero blade, no attachment. I do not fancy the word bald, but I will take it all off ….. I will get the clippers, just wait a minute and think it over. You can still back out.’


Sandy left the room and was back within two minutes.  She sat down on the edge of the bed and told me to kneel in front of me. She began messing with my hair. Both hands, moving it in all directions. Then again holding it very firm – almost hurting me.

She directed my to lay my head on her womb. With one hand holding me tight I heard her turn on the clippers with the other. Then turning them off and with her hand under my chin, raising my head so she could look me in the eye. Silence ….


‘Sure you wanna go through with this? I guess making you horny was your main objective, or …?’

‘You absolutely succeeded in that Sandy. In fact, I arrived to the point that I will let you do everything you want. Question is, do YOU want to continue …. I’d like for you not merely to ask what I wished for, but it’s important for me that you LIKE to do it. Maybe even get you aroused.’


‘Like? I feel the adrenaline rushing in my whole body. You might say I am very eager to continue now that we’ve come this far. But I will take it slow, enjoy every move AND every cut ….’

‘But … you said …’


‘Changed my mind. You are in luck pal. You have so much hair, the machine might get stuck if I don’t cut the bulk first.’


Sandy combed my hair from the mess it was, straight down. The hair on top combed all towards the front, reaching as far as my mouth. With this curtain in front of my eyes I was unable to see her next move.

Not see, but definitely feel. The shears touching my forehead felt cold, as Sandy slowly but decisively cut everything below my eyebrows. Uncovering my eyes I could see strands of hair slowly gliding down my body. We were both silent.

Sandy repeated this style of cutting both above my right and left ear. I felt both aroused and scared.


She put down the shears and reached for the clippers now.


‘You’re still sure you want this?’

‘No Sandy, I do not want this ….. but I wish it ..’


This was enough for her to click on the clippers and put them in my neck while she pulled my face towards her, laying it on her breasts.  I was completely defenseless. She ran the clippers, in the middle of the base of my neck, up to the tiny bald spot on top of my head. As she repeated this, I felt the cold iron of the clippers. Leaving no hair.


After finishing the back she tilted my chin upwards, she leaned backwards and pushed my head to between her legs.


‘Lick me or I’ll send you home looking like this. Oh yes go on …’


I felt the moist coming out of her pussy, while she ripped me of the hair on top.


‘Come here … ‘


With a half head of hair remaining, she spread her legs and guided me inside her. We made love in a more than ferociously manner than I even did before. She made me wild with the shaving of my hair and it got het wild even more than me.


Being both out of breath, or should I call it exhausted, we felt on our side. Lying next to each other, kissing and she gently and with a big smile on her face she shaved  what hair was left on my head.

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