A Suspenseful Surprise

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“Are you still driving me to the salon?  It would be easier if you dropped me off after the gym.”  Sue said, walking in to the kitchen in a sports bra and leggings as the clock ticked to 7am.

Dan was closing up his gym bag.  “Yep, almost ready to go.”  He watched Sue grab a white cutoff t-shirt off a chair and slip it on, then pull her ponytail through.  “Wow, she looks incredible,” he thought, admiring her curvy, strong body and wavy medium blonde ponytail falling to her mid back.  Dan often wondered how he landed such a beauty.

Sue grabbed her bulky gym bag while holding the end of her long ponytail in front of her face, checking out her split ends.  “I have a change of clothes packed for lunch with your parents.  I’ll shower after the gym then we can go straight from the salon.”

Dan admired his wife from across the gym.  She’d taken off her cut off t-shirt and switched out her leggings for tight booty shorts.  He watched her do lunges toward and away from him, admiring her toned legs, great breasts, incredible butt, and long ponytail hanging behind her head, swinging back and forth.  She went over to a cable machine and Dan yelled “Sue!  Hold on!”  He walked over and pulled her ponytail out of a pulley.  “Thanks babe” she said.  Dan wished she would just chop the hair off.  He wanted badly to see her with a short crop, like she had when they met 5 years earlier.

Dan dropped Sue off at the salon on the corner and drove down to the other end of the plaza to park.  He went in to the salon/barber shop at the other end, more geared toward men’s cuts.  It had been a month since he’d had his hair cut, and it was looking a little shaggy.  Sue was getting color done with her cut, so Dan knew it would be a while.  Dan went in, and to his surprise, the wait was 90 minutes.  He decided to go get a coffee and a snack, when his phone beeped.

Sue sent a picture of her hair going up in foils with a funny face.  John chuckled, and sent back a quick response.  He headed back to the salon/barber he’d get his hair cut at and got another text, this time with Sue’s hair in a towel.  Dan sat down in the chair, gave some instructions, and the barber got to work on the back of his neck

With his head down, Dan saw a woman with long blonde hair in heels and a tight, blue dress, walk by behind him.  She sat down in the chair next to him, but with the tinted and textured glass partition, he couldn’t make out her details.  The music was loud so he couldn’t hear them talking.  Another pic from Sue.  This time showing the stylist cutting off about an inch.

A couple minutes later, Dan heard the pop of clippers turning on over the loud music.  He peered to the side in time to see long blonde hairs falling behind the obscured partition. “I can’t find my #1 guard to do your fade.  One second.  The barber went to the chair with the blonde woman and came back.  “He’s using the #1 on that woman right now.  What a drastic cut!”  “All good.” Dan said.  “I’ve been wanting to try something different.  Let’s do a skin fade today.”  The barber set to work.

Another picture from Sue.  Long layers being cut in.  “What are we doing on the top today boss?” said the barber.  “I’m tired of dealing with it in my eyes, but just a trim.  My wife has been telling me to just get a buzzcut like I had in college, but I’m not ready.”  The barber popped in to the booth next door to retrieve the #1 guard for the fade, where Dan had seen long hairs falling yet again from the top of the blonde woman’s head.  There couldn’t be much hair left.

“Wow, she really went short,”  the barber said when he came back.  “#1 fade around the sides and back, with a short pixie top.  It doesn’t even reach her eyebrows in the front and is sticking up on its own less than an inch high in the back!  He did a great job though.  She looks amazing.”

“I changed my mind.  She’s inspired me.  Let’s just buzz the top.” Dan said.  A moment later the barber plowed the bare guardless clippers across the top of his head, 3″ long brown hairs sliding down the cape to the sounds of a blowdrier from the next booth over.

“Almost done!” Sue’s text said.  Another picture, this time of her long hair being blowdried.  “All that time getting her hair colored and it looks just like last time.” Dan thought.  “I wish my wife would take notes from that woman in the next booth,” he said, as the barber pulled the cape off and dusted his neck. Dan could see long blonde hairs clearly on the floor nearby, being swept up.

“She did.” said a familiar voice from behind him.  Dan turned around, and looked down at the high heels on the floor.  He saw thick, toned legs, and the bottom of a deep blue dress that ended barely low enough to cover her privates.  “Those pics you got over the past few hours are 2 months old,”  she said.  Dan’s eyes scanned upward in disbelief.  The curvy, strong body, the perfect breasts, the familiar earings hanging from exposed ears. and the beautiful face… of his wife Sue.  “Ah, the brave woman from the next chair over!” Said the barber.

“I was lucky to be able to sneak behind you.  I hope you like the surprise.  I sure to like your new cut, it reminds me of when we met.”  Sue said, as she turned herself around to give Dan a full 360 degree view.  Dan’s jaw dropped, seeing her newly lightened blonde hair, short and blown back and to the side on top, with the close, tightly buzzed sides and back.  She looked down to see the bulge in Dan’s pants.  “I guess I don’t have to ask what you think.  You just have to survive lunch before we get back home for your next surprise.”

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