A Transformation for Penelope

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High School 1965, my Senior year, I had 5 classes, three of the classes were with Penelope, so we became good class mates plus a nice friendship with Penelope. Penelope was an Italian / American cross. Who had an Olive skin color, brown eyes, Long thick Black shinny hair to her waist, with a very nice body.

Penelope and I would have classes, eat lunch together discussiong current events, style, fashion what ever. I always loved to hold Penelope, caressing her long mane of hair down her back commenting how beautiful she was. Penelope asked me one day: “OC, what would you say if I asked you to cut my hair in the newer style, say a short chin length bob cut or maybe that new short 4” Pixie Cut?”. I looked at Penelope, nearly choked on my drink, swallowed replying: “REALLY PENELOPE, REALLY?”. Penelope looked at me saying: “I have been considering a change OC, I never have had short hair, I am tired of the long hair, I was thinking a change like all the other long haired at girls school are cutting their hair, so maybe I should do the same to be in style or Vogue OC, what do you say?” I said: “ If that is what you want to do, lets do it Penelope, I mean if you really want change then change it will be for you my friend.”

Penelope agreed nodding her head saying over an over again: “OK LETS DO THIS, LETS DO IT TONIGHT OC OK?” Sure was my reply say your home at 6pm? Ok deal. The whole day went by, all I could think about was cutting off Penelope’s long mane of hair to a shorter style of the chin length Bob Cut or a Pixie Cut. My mind was transfixed on 6PM, would it ever come fast enough? School got out, as I drove home I counted the hours from 2 to 6. Time slipped by slowly as I watched TV dreaming of Peneolpe’s mane being seered, I was estatic that Penelope out of the blue asked me to cut her hair, wow what a privelege for me to be cutting all that long hair off as I had dreamed about so many times. Finally the time came for me to go to Penelope’s, I was on a virtual estatic high as I drove to Penelope’s place. I arrived at Penelope’s, was greeted by her mother Maria, who was a stunning Italian women with a soft spoken voice a little accent who wore her hair in a huge Braied swirl on her head.. Her hair was a Black with silver strands, beautiful to see. I thought how long her hair could be if let down? I also met Penelop’s older sister Lucia who was very beautiful, with long black hair that flowed down to her knees. Her hair was evenly cut at the bottom, so full an thick like Penelop’s.

Maria asked me: “OC are you really going to cut Penelope’s hair?” I replied; “If thats what Penelope still wants to do Maria, Yes I will cut her hair.” Maria asked if she an Lucia could watch or not? I have no objection if thats what you want to do Maria. Penelope came downstair from her bedroom upstairs, her hair was freshly brushed, swaying from left to right as she came down the stairs. Her hair was glowing against the rooms lighting, shining so nicely. Maria, Lucia watched Penelope enter foyer. Then Penelope said; “OC, lets do it, lets cut this mane off for a short Pixie Cut I think, OK OC?” Maria an Lucia both looked at Penelope asking Penelope: “ Are you really going to cut off your beautiful mane of hair Penelope, REALLY? We do not think that is a good choice for you, your hair is so Long, so beautiful Penelope. Then Maria said in Latin “Penelope, per favore, non tagliarti I capelli lunghi e belli.” meaning (Penelope pleasedon’t cut your long beautiful hair.)

Penelope looked at her Mom an Sister then said: “ I am going to do this, I want to cut my hair Momma, OK, it is my hair I am 18, please say no more.” Maria then replied (“Sono I tuoi capelli tagliti corti se per favore penso che tu stia commettendo un errore.” Meaning ( It is your hair, cut it short if you please, I think you are making a mistake.” Penelope asked me to cape her up, as I did then said cut this hair off now OC. Maria an Lucia watched as Penelope was being caped up, her long hair brushed out for the last time. They watched me get my rubber band, Pulling the hair thru the rubber band once then twice. What a thrill holding the mane of hair in my right hand and pulling it thru the rubber band. The hair was now tied off. I picked up my scissors saying “ Are we ready to cut off this long beautiful waist length mane of Black shinny hair?” Penelope answered , “YES OC DO IT.”. Maria an Lucia watched as the scissors were opened then put to the mane of hair. I closed the scissors making a crunching sound, as the severed hair fell away from the mane of hair resting at the chin. Maria an Lucia were in shock, speechless as they watched Penolope’s hair being cut shorter with each schinking into the mane of hair. The hair was severed as I held a mane of long thick beautiful black hair. Maria an Lucia gasped at the mane in my hand. I put the mane into Maria’s hands. She held the mane of severed hair saying: “ What have you done Penelope, what beautiful long hair you had, now a short chin length cut.?” Penelope swung her hair from side to side and yelled estactically saying “Short hair, easy to care for hair, no more waiting 2 hours for it to dry after washing it WOW so nice Momma.”

Maria left the room an came back with a tape measure. Maria then measured the mane of hair, 28” was the length. Maria spoke saying “ 28” of hair Penelope, youjust cut off, about 5 years of growth my daughter.” Penelope said: “Momma I am going to cut it shorter next month. I asked Maria, curiously Maria, how long 9is your hair. Maria unpinned her braided mane, It unwoun itself down her shoulder, falling down her back, her waist to her calfs in a thick braid. I was in awe, calf length in a braid was like floor length, ankle length. I was looking at. Lucia asked OC would you cut my hair next? OK.

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