A trip to grandma’s

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It has been three years since Faith’s adoption.
Josh and Anita are great parents, of course they have faults, but when it came to Faith:
They never fought aloud around her.
A note about Josh and Anita:
Josh is white
Anita is Indian (from India)
Faith is black

Josh’s mum lived out of state, Faith loved her granny, the stories she told and the treats she baked(with her help of course).
The family would go and stay with the grandmother once or twice a year.
Faith would visit alone sometimes and stay weeks sometimes but not often.
One visit in September was special though.
The day was chilly but fair, Faith and Josh traveled the distance in record time, rocking on 70s tunes and EDM.
Grandmother’s house was medium with black shingles and grassy lawn.
“Joshy”,called his mom,”How have you been?”
Faith hugged tight to her granny as the woman embraced her grandchild.
“How long do you want me to keep her?”asked granny.
“A week”,replied Josh,”Me and Anita have to work some things out”.
“I see”,said granny,”Well, Faith and I will have a ball while you’re gone. Won’t we”
Faith smiled.
After he left, Gran took Faith in. The house was full of photos of the past and ancient mythology texts.
Faith took up a book and started reading.
Ever since she had known granny, she loved reading the Norse and Greek myths.
This time, Faith read the tale of Loki snipping away Thor’s wife’s hair and was forced into the land of the dwarves to fashion a new head of hair for her.
Granny reappeared from the spare bedroom and rejoined her granddaughter.
“Have you eaten yet, sweetie?”
Faith’s tummy rumbled:
“Let’s go fix you something to eat”
Faith followed and watched as granny made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her.
“This is the last of the peanut butter, looks like we’ll have to go to the store”
After chomping down her meal, Faith and grandma got into her van and went to town.
The store always fascinated Faith, it charmed and mused her.
“Can I get this?”she asked, holding up a bag of sweets.
“I suppose but one piece a day, make it last”
Faith promised.
With everything paid for, they left with the goods.
In the van, granny looked over.
“Say, when was your last haircut, my dear?”
Faith shrugged,”I don’t know”.
“Want your granny to trim it up a bit?”
Faith smiled,”Yes!”
It was settled, Faith was going to get a haircut by granny”
A note on granny:
She is a senior hairdresser
Her shop was closed today but she used her key to open the door.
A flick of the light switch, the shop was lit with light.
Granny swept off the chair and applied a booster seat to it,”Hop on, dear. Let’s get you cleaned up”
Jollity, Faith was lifted and plopped on the chair.
A white cape with hearts printed on it was flung and fastened tightly on the young one’s neck.
The chair was pumped five times and granny applied her apron to her dainty frame.
Turning the chair around and relaxing it, granny washed the kinky, coily hair with special wash, custom made for Afro hair.
Back in position, grandma dried the hair and teased it to its full length.
When grandma found out Faith was black, she updated her western shop to accommodate for black or foreign hair.
(A little something for her grandchild)
With the fro fluffed up, granny turned to her client.
“So what would you like done?”
Faith thought a moment,”May I see the book that has all the styles in it”
“Sure”,grandma said, retrieving the book.
Faith set it on her lap and opened it, skimming the pages for five minutes.
“That one”,she exclaimed, pointing to a girl with a close fade.
“Are you sure? It seems like a big change. Let’s keep looking”
Faith refused and squealed,”I want that one”
Granny sighed,”Okay, anything for my little princess”
The book was placed on the counter and Granny applied a number #3 to her clippers.
Fluffing Faith’s coily mass, she flicked on the clippers and asked,”Ready”
Faith smiled,”Yes”
With that, granny started the buzzing on the child’s hairline and took it down through the nape.
Faith was in awe as the clippers made another pass, then another.
With most of the mass buzzed down, grandma applied a number #2 guard onto the clippers and faded the sides.
A number #1 was second to last, mowing down part of the nape and a guard less clipper cleaned up the neckline and around the ears.
Faith suddenly piped up,”Granny, can we go all number #1”
Granny sighed again and connected the said guard to her tool.
She then proceeded to take the buzzed hair down to a 1/8 inch length.
Faith was loving her new cut but something about her indicated something was missing.
“Fade the sides, please”
Granny did so, using guard less clippers to give her grandchild a sorta skin fade.
“I love it!”
“I’m glad you do”,said the elder, putting the clippers away.
Granny took off the cape and Faith took up a broom and helped her grandma clean the mess of hair up.
They drove home after that, and the rest of Faith’s time there was pretty uneventful.
When Faith was due to go home, Josh was not the one coming for her.
Anita was:
The adopted mother was surprised at Faith’s new hairdo but she just said,”It looks nice”
Granny looked at her daughter-in-law and asked,”Where’s Josh?”
Anita looked dejected,”He and I need a break. I’m going to my brother’s house for a month and I want Faith to go with me”
Faith clung hard to her grandmother,” I want to stay with daddy”
“I know you do, baby. But mommy needs a little time away, you’re going to have a blast with uncle Rajesh and you’re cousins”
Faith retreated into the house as Anita sighed deeply.
“She does not handle change well”,said granny,” I will keep her here until you and Josh can work something out”
“Okay”,replied Anita, massaging her temple,”Hey, can I ask a favor?”
“What is it, dearie?”
Granny entered Faith’s room and informed her on situation.
“So I can live here?”
“Not quite. It will be only be a month until everything settles, I hope. In the meantime, your mother wants to have her hair done. Would you like to come and watch”,concluded granny.

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