A Trip to the Barbershop

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It was a hot, humid morning in late-August. 16-year-old Abigail was eating breakfast with her three 12-year-old brothers, Mike, Ricky, and Jimmy.

Abigail kept tucking her hair behind her ear. Her hair is dark, curly, and reached to the back of her knees. Her brothers, however, had dark hair that was all knotted and was down their armpits. Each brother swept their long bangs to the side.

Their mother walked in a few minutes after they finished eating, telling them that she’ll pick them up for their appointment right after school.


Later that day, their mother picked them up and drove off in the car. As they reached their destination, which was a small part of town that they haven’t been to before. Before long, the car stopped in front of a store with a red-and-white spinning pole: a barbershop.


The nervous siblings came out with their mother and entered. As they entered, their mother led them to the waiting area across from the barbers.

After a few minutes, one of the barbers chairs opened up and Mike was the first to get his haircut. The barber caped him and started to cut his hair. Large chunks of hair fell onto the cape and down to the floor. The barber then took his clippers, and started to shave Mike’s back and sides. Afterwards, the barber used a comb to create the shape for the top, as well as the fade. Mike’s long hair was turned into a Crewcut. After Mike was finished , the same haircut would be given to Ricky and Jimmy.

Abigail nervously went up. The barber caped her and brushed out her hair. He then took a large pair of shears and cut her hair to her shoulders, making Abigail nervous. The barber took out the clippers, which he used to even out and shorten Abigail’s hair to just below her chin. He then shaved the back of her neck with the clippers to finish up, giving her a Bob.


After leaving the barbershop and on the ride home, Abigail’s brothers sat silently and saddened while touching their hair. However, she didn’t mind her Bob haircut.

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