A very short bob leads to more. IRL

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As a bit of background I have always found women with short haircuts to be the most attractive.  When my wife and I were dating she informed me one day that she was going to trade her shoulder length bob for a really short haircut.  When I inquired how short it would be she informed me that I would have to wait and see.  When she returned her hair was cut into a sexy over the ear bowl cut pixie with longish layers on top and a tapered nape.  This was the confirmation of my short hair preference. She looked amazing.  We have continued the haircut journey for with almost every variation of short styles that I can imagine.  This story is what turned a spark into a full blaze in our relationship.

Following this first short haircut she had grown out her bob to chin length that she wore for about a year.  I was informed one day that it had gotten too long and she made an appointment to get it cut next Wednesday.  I think she could sense my interest as she asked if I wanted to go with her.  I accepted without hesitation.

Wednesday came and we readied for the day agreeing to meet at home to go together for a drink before her haircut.  We arrived at a bar and grill for our afternoon date.  When the usual conversation paused I asked how she was getting her haircut.  “Short.” was the simple and firm reply.  She then informed me that the stylist was referred to her because he was great at cutting short women’s hairstyles.  I inquired as to how short and was again informed that I would have to wait but that since I would be there I could see it for myself.  I was obviously aroused and she noted this confirming it with her hand.

One drink led to a second before we closed the check and left the bar.  We walked a block toward the salon.  It was a nice place upstairs in a commercial building next to the lake.  We were greeted by a very pleasant young lady who confirmed my wife’s appointment and showed us to the waiting area that was across from the stylist chairs and work area.  She offered us a glass of champagne which we accepted.  As soon as she returned with the glasses a smart looking gentleman approached us.  He introduced himself as David and confirmed my wife was Kim.  He greeted me as well before asking Kim “What are we doing today?”  She informed him that she was thinking of a shorter bob.  Reaffirming this “Actually, a lot shorter.”  I was referred to you by a friend who says you are great at short cuts.  David confirmed this “Definitely, I will cut it as short as you want!  Let’s have a seat as he ushered her away to the chair.”

I sat alone enjoying my champagne observing a conversation I couldn’t hear.  Kim used her hands as they seemed to be discussing the cut.  She used both hands to define the length at the level of her ears and made a upward motion at her nape.  David nodded as he indicated an angle from her nape to her jawline.  Kim seemed to agree.  She was caped and he used several clips to secure the hair about an inch above her ears and around her back to the top of her head.  What happened next was unexpected.  He immediately took a pair of clippers and removed a large black guard and changed the blade.  Without hesitation he gently guided her chin downward and ran the clippers up her nape exposing a clean patch of her scalp.  I wasn’t aware at the time but now know this was a #1 Oster that he was using.  In a matter of minutes he had completed the undercut all the way around.  Kim seemed to enjoy the process as she bit her lip and glanced back at me in the mirror.  The nice young lady passed by observing the cut and actually gasped inquiring to David “How short is she going?”  He smiled without looking, “Short.”

He released the hair from her top in sections using his shears to construct the bob.  He took the length in the front just above  her earlobes and angled the back up just below her occipital bone.  I sat on the couch forgetting the champagne in my hand as I looked on at Kim who seemed to be completely at ease as he continued with this really severe cut.  He styled the bob and confirmed it’s symmetry as he used his shears to trim it just so.  At this point I assumed he was nearly done when he instructed “Chin down and we will finish the back.”  Kim complied as he turned on his trimmers.  He plunged them directly into the base to the bob as he shaved her nape clean up to the weight line he had created.  When he was done her nape was cleanly shaved up to her occiput.  The receptionist, clearly interested at this point, passed by gawking again.  He dusted Kim off and used a mirror to show off the finished product.  He spun the chair so she could see the back.  Her eyes lit up as she reached up timidly to feel the bare scalp below the bob.  “That feels awesome.” she declared looking my way “I love it.”  Both parties seemed satisfied as they looked my way Kim inquiring “What do you think babe?”  Dumbfounded I responded “You look amazing!”  David was clearly aware of what he was observing as he removed the cape and completed the transaction with the register at the receptionist stand.  Kim reached up to stroke her shaved scalp several times as I paid and tipped David.  As we exited the shop she grabbed my hand guiding it to her nape “Doesn’t that feel cool?”  I affirmed this with a kiss as I cradled her bare nape in my palm.  She kept this style for about 8 months returning regularly to see David every 4 weeks for a trim and neck clean up.  I accompanied her as often as I could.

One day in July Kim informed be that she was tired of the bob and wanted to go really for the summer.  She instructed me to find a picture of a short haircut I would like and she would see what David thought.  I scoured IG and Pinterest for very short pixies.  Much to my delight I discovered several extremely short feminine styles and became aware of the term “bald fade.”  I settled on several that I really thought she would declare too short.  When I showed her the selectios she pointed out one with a very short top and a high bald fade.  “Send me that one.  We’ll see what David says.” was her reply in an almost nonchalant way.  I forwarded it to her as she opened it up and saved it commenting “That’s really short.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the salon with her that day due to work.  I was busy doing my usual tasks when a text popped up from Kim.  It was a photo.  I tapped on it without really thinking when it revealed a close up shot of her temple and ear.  The side of her head was shaved to the scalp with tiny little shorn hairs visible on her cheek and ear.  A message quickly followed “David loved the idea of a bald fade.  Short enough for ya’ babe?”  I was stunned and instantly aroused.  I replied that I couldn’t wait to see it but did not get a response.  I requested that she send me a pic but still no response.  Preoccupied, I waited for 35 minutes before my phone provided the eagerly anticipate alert.  It was a text from Kim “It’s really short…  Feels awesome.”  I again requested a picture.  “We’ll see.” was the response.  Nothing else until 10 minutes later another alert resumed my anticipation.  This time it was a picture.  Kim provided a selfie that included her back right nape and side.  She had an amazing bald fade pixie.  Her bald fade was extreme and I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  Her sides and nape were peeled to the scalp mid way up with a tight high fade and maybe 3/4 of an inch left on the top.  She was buzzed.  My arousal was instant.  I replied back “Damn, that is hot.”  I requested another view but was rebuffed “Come home and see it for yourself.”  It goes without saying that I headed straight home and had the experience of a lifetime.



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