A Visit To The Nurse II: A Weekend of Wellness

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The Nurse allowed me to regrow my hair, though I spent a year locked in chastity, due to my inability to stop touching myself. I never told her, but she always knew. By my second visits, she put the belt on me. She finally promised me sexual freedom if I attended her annual “Weekend of Wellness” that she threw with some other Nurses at an abandoned mental hospital in the woods that is now an AirBnB.

When I arrived at the hospital, the Orderlies took me for my intake. Per the Nurse’s instructions, I surrendered everything that I had with me, including the clothing that I wore. Then I needed to wait in a line naked with the other patients. Some of them were crying. One of them, a girl with blonde hair to her butt, seemed particularly upset. As I grew closer and closer to the head of the line, I realized why. The Nurses were shaving the patients head to toe for hygiene purposes. I cried as the Nurse buzzed off my stylish red pixie, which took me so long to regrow, along with my eyebrows and pubes. As punishment for crying, my Nurse lathered me up and shaved me smooth with a safety razor. She finally stamped “PATIENT” on my forehead with a black rubber stamp.

Once my hair was off, I was assigned a room with another patient, a big brutish man who, much to my delight, greeted me by bending me over the bed and using my asshole. When he finished, two Orderlies came in and took their turns as the brute watched. After they finished, they dragged me to the Nurses for a vigorous scrubbing and an enema. I saw the formerly blonde girl there too. She must have also cried because they shaved her smooth as well. After we received our “cleaning”, the Nurses decided to use us in an ass to ass experiment. And, then, the weekend really began.

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