A Visit To The Nurse III: Becoming A Patient Forever

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The Nurse was so pleased with my performance during the Weekend of Wellness that she made me an offer to become her patient forever. I would never be able to care for myself again, which is what I wanted. It took about a month to get my affairs in order. Then I arrived at her facility in the last outfit that I owned.

“It’s time to begin your intake,” she said, indicating for me to strip.

I surrendered my purse and my clothing, which she immediately tossed in her industrial-grade incinerator. As I watched my last remaining possessions burn, I relaxed. I was starting my new life. Then I sat down for her to shave off the red stubble that grew back since the weekend.

“You will be undergoing electrolysis,” she said, prepping my skin, “we find that it’s much easier for our patients, especially once they’ve been lobotomized.”

She took me to the procedure room. After she took care of my hair, making sure that I would never grow it again, the Doctor arrived. He secured me to the table with the Nurse’s help. Then he took out the ice pick and hammer.

I vaguely remember them washing me afterwards and dressing me in a blue gown. Then they took me to my room. The Doctor lingered, deciding to enjoy the empty vessel that he just created.

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