A Visit To The Nurse

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I arrived at the Nurse’s office ten minutes early. She still greeted me with a slap and a gruff command to strip. Once naked, I stood with my arms on my head as she examined my body with big hands clad in white latex gloves. No hole was left unexamined.

My long red hair, just above my butt, seemed to displease her. She called it unhygenic and greasy, even though it was well-cared for. Eventually, she sat me down on a chilly metal stool and grabbed a pair of clippers without a guard. When I tried to object, she slapped me again. Then she held me down as she buzzed off my hair.

Rubbing my grade zero head, she said, “If it’s to come off, then it should all come off, right, dear?”

Then she fetched a razor and a can of shaving cream. Knowing better, I sat very still as she shaved me smooth. Once she finished, she ordered me to keep my head bald and uncovered for the next 30 days until I saw her again. I was also to abstain from any sexual activities, including touching myself.

I had to leave her office immediately. As I walked back to my car, still in shock over losing my hair, all of my pretty red hair, I noticed the people staring. I then immediately broke her rule about touching myself.

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