A Visit to Vesper 2 (“Shave Me Baby”)

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If you haven’t read the first part of the story, here it is:

A Visit to Vesper (Bettina Bobs her Hair)

This story picks up right where part one left off – right after Sophie gave Bettina the haircut of her life!



Bettina couldn’t stop cupping the ledge of hair above her nape. No hair…hair! No hair…hair! Bett smiled slowly, nervously, transfixed by her own reflection.  The thrill she felt over her new haircut met a spark of shock at how stark and graphic it was – it didn’t look like her! The haircut ran from the crest of her top lip round the back of her head in a spirit-level line below which no hair remained.

When Bettina was finally able to sit still, Sophie meticulously styled her glossy cap of hair before misting it with a light serum. The barberette moved around the chair, smoothing and tucking each strand into place. She had purposely left a lot of the weight to maximize the contrast with Bettina’s bare slender neck and help keep a solid shape. Bett shook her head and marveled at the way the heavy bob whipped around at the back – Sophie had done an incredible job. Her hair swung in a lazy ripple and settled perfectly back into a neat centre part that seemed to push the pout of her full lips all the more to the fore.

Bettina changed out of the latex cutting cape and back into the crisp white of her button-up shirt. Her neck looked so delicate – A pale column caught between crisp white and dense black. Sophie fastened the stiff collar for her, gently caressing her as she did. Bettina felt a squirm of pleasure pass through her as the the cool rigidity of the shirt’s collar replaced Sophie’s warm tender touch. She felt it bite gently into her tingling nape as she moved. That freshy shaved skin was so very alive to every new sensation. She liked to maintain a Hollywood wax elsewhere on her body for the very same reason.

Bett took Sophie’s face in her hands. She was the taller of the two by a good 4 inches and her hair fell to hide their lips as they kissed. “Thank you,” she whispered.


A ripple of playful applause greeted them as they resumed their spot at the bar and Bett, caught between mortifying embarrassment and the giddiness of a thing discovered, hid her grinning face with one hand. Evidently they had attracted a small audience. The bobbing weight of her new hair was a delicious reminder of her time in Sophie’s chair with every move of her head.

“Quite a show you two lovebirds put on – so hot!” the bartender teased as she furnished the pair with two gin martinis. Bettina tried not to let her self-consciousness show and would have succeeded had she not turned a shade close to beetroot.

“Sorry I’m just teasing, honey. Aw – you’ve gone so red! Sophie, you’re some kind of hair witch. She looks even more gorgeous than when she walked in. That haircut is fire! Bettina is it? I’m Gina,”

said the garrulous barmaid as she held out her hand to Bettina, who grinned and took the opportunity to admire Gina.

Gina was button cute and filled out her tight pin-up girl dress wonderfully. She wore glasses with thick feline frames under her striking ‘Bettie bangs’ and victory roll hairstyle. The very edges of her temples were shaved to allow the bangs a wider sweep across her forehead in a clean U above the high arch of her eyebrows. Her light brown skin and huge dark eyes contrasted strikingly with the cherry-red gloss of her hair.

“Gina Generous!” gushed Sophie. “Gina has the best Burlesque act, Bettina. We perform at a club called Das Zirkus on the same nights sometimes. She’s incredible!”

Gina beamed, flattered. Generous she was, from the wide flare of her lips and her hourglass figure, right down to the measures she poured. Bettina started to wonder about other facets of her generosity. Thank god for driverless Cabs, she thought – the gin’s effects were making themselves known.

“Aw – Sophie, stop it! But thank you,” said Gina. “Actually, I can’t wait for the show tomorrow night – You’ll be there, right?”

“Of course! Wanna come, Bettina?”

“Call me Bett, Sophie. And I’d love to.” Bettina cooed.

The Dutch courage had brought back a bit of her old boldness and she leant forward to run her hand up Sophie’s thigh as far as she could. She mocked a sigh, “Gina, it’s been a pleasure, but you’re going to have to excuse us while I fumble out a cheesy line. Sophie, I’m not quite used to my new haircut yet and I’m going to need help styling it in the morning, see? You’re the only one I trust with my hair now, so….” Bett waggled her eyebrows and felt her familiar confidence flooding back.

Sophie made a pout and nodded with mock sincerity as she pushed her crotch forward to meet Bettina’s hand. Their eyes were still locked as they both gestured towards the coat check at the same time. The gesture was so synchronized and grandiose that they burst out laughing.

“Ok – you two cuties have fun!” called Gina wryly, reaching over the bar to wipe it down – she couldn’t even have been as tall as Sophie.

“Good to meet you, Bettina. Hey, Sophie – I might need your help tomorrow night. Do you mind taking your tools along? I have something planned…”

“Ooh – love to, Gina,” Sophie called back excitedly. “See you then!”

Her newly light head felt so small against the familiar leather coat as the shiny collar slid up Bettina’s bare neck. It made her shiver with pleasure. Sophie shrugged on a short, heavy biker jacket and popped the collar up to shield her tightly faded undercut from the chill night air. The thick little ponytail at the back of her head bounced, then settled against the outside of the high collar. Sophie and Bettina made their way, arm in arm out of Vesper’s doors, shining, and shorn.


They woke shortly after dawn the next morning in Bettina’s bed. Outside her window the sun glinted silver off the lake’s lapping wavelets. Sophie nuzzled the back of Bettina’s neck, clearly relishing the feel of a smooth shaved nape against her tender lips. Last night had been like nothing either of them had ever experienced despite each of their varied histories. What they shared was not just a passing infatuation, or even just a fetish. This was special, they knew.

Sophie reached over Bettina’s hip and stroked the smooth mound of her pubis. Bettina sighed and pressed back against Sophie. She kissed and licked Bettina’s neck under the dark weight of her bob while gently massaging her breasts and rubbing her slick little clit. It didn’t take long for Bett to come under Sophie’s small, nimble fingers. She crumpled in on herself at first with soft murmurs and then arched back against Sophie letting go a high pitched growl. As her paroxysms abated, Sophie smoothed Bett’s hair back and worked her earlobe lightly between impossibly full, lazy lips.

Bettina felt rather than heard Sophie whisper, “Good morning, Bett”.

Sophie took a shower while Bettina made coffee. The house was pretty secluded, so Bettina had no qualms about wandering about her own space in the nude. She smiled to herself as she replayed their night together and had just finished pouring water over the grounds when she heard Sophie calling from the bathroom.

“Betiiiina,” Sophie sang “Come here – I’ve got a little surprise for you,” Bett could hear the grin in Sophie’s voice as she strode across the hall way. Another surprise from Sophie, she thought. She already felt her stomach filling with butterflies.

Sophie sat back-to-front on the wooden chair at Bettina’s vanity. She was still damp from her shower and her hair was pulled into a topknot. She had spread a thin layer of shaving foam evenly over her undercut, right round her head from just under the parietal ridge to just above her occipital bone. Sophie had an air of anxious mischief as she leant forward, resting her arms on the chair back and dangling a razor from her fingers. She swallowed thickly and looked Bettina square in the eye.

“Shave me, baby!”


Bettina’s hands trembled a little as she held the safety razor next to Sophie’s head. Sophie sat naked, head down, her arms bound behind her back. She had been quite insistent on this, not that Bettina had any problems whatsoever with the request. The only sound was the short gulps of Sophie’s breathing – she was shaking too. She was putting herself in Bett’s hands, allowing herself to be changed and exposed just as Bettina had.

Bett started to stroke the razor along the sides of Sophie’s head, taking great care. Sophie moaned and bit her lip. The shaving foam was lightly mentholated and she blew gently on Sophie’s denuded scalp after a couple of passes to let her feel the cooling tingle. Sophie squirmed as she felt the wet rasp of the razor slide down her scalp, leaving a soft white in its wake.

“You’re going to look so beautiful, Sophie,” Bettina pulled on Sophie’s topknot lightly. “Imagine all this long hair with a clean shaven undercut! You won’t be able to hide how smooth and sexy it’ll be – the contrast will be so extreme!”

“Mmm-hmm,” moaned Sophie. “It feels so fucking good. Will I look hot, Bett? Will it make you wet just to look at me, hmm? How wet will it make your pussy to see your little Sophie walking around, knowing you shaved me bare?”

Bett could barely contain herself and paused to kiss and caress the perfect body of her erstwhile barberette. She was the barberette now, she thought. Just the idea almost made her come. She made a last few passes with the razor, led Sophie to sit on the bed, then straddled her as she wiped off the excess foam. She drew a small chrome vibrator from the bedside drawer, clicked it to humming life and slowly pushed it inside Sophie’s liquid sex.

“Can I see, Bett? Please, I want to see,” Sophie looked up at her with wide pleading eyes.

“Not yet, baby,” Bett murmured softly as she grabbed a tub of cocoa butter from the vanity and worked some between her hands. She kissed Sophie hard as she spread the slippery oil over Sophie’s smooth scalp. Their bodies undulated as Bett worked more cocoa butter down Sophie’s body to her shoulders and breasts, pulling lightly on the oily rings running through Sophie’s nipples.

After Bettina had made Sophie’s body gleam with the sweet smelling butter, she knelt behind her and undid the top knot that secured the mass of Sophie’s chestnut waves. She wound the thick tail of hair tightly in her hand and gently pulled Sophie’s head back and to the left.

“You’re so fucking hot like this, Sophie!” Bett hissed as she licked and kissed Sophie’s neck.

“Everyone’s going to see what a beautiful, sexy little kinkster you are!” Sophie was writhing and keening now, a hair’s breadth from ecstasy. Bettina ran her tongue, catlike, up the side of Sophie’s slickly shining head before letting the mass of her upper hair fall. Heavy swinging coils of hair brushed her freshly shaven scalp as she came.


An hour later, when Sophie had recovered, she changed into an oversized white shirt – a leftover from one of Bettina’s more burly conquests – and made a short dress of it with a wide belt fastened around her midriff. Her lightly tanned skin still shone with the cocoa butter and she looked uncannily beautiful in the noonday sun. Bett still couldn’t quite credit how she had been swept along that morning and she felt the adrenaline coursing through her even afterwards. Sophie kept running her hand over the tender  skin on her head and giggling shyly at Bettina.

“I love this,” she said, “And that was so hot with the oil, Bettina! I might just do that all the time now. Maybe it should be my new thing?”

She adopted an arch pose. “Oily Sophia will see you now” she intoned and flounced across the living room, almost making Bettina spit out her coffee. They had shared so much in the short amount of time since they met but they still felt the shyness of the new – that thrill of apprehension at the mystery of a new lover’s mind.

After Sophie hopped into her Cab home to change, Bettina’s murmuration of thoughts flitted to consider what lay in store for the evening. She could hardly concentrate on anything and felt drunk on the liberation of her fetish. It had been such a jealously guarded secret of hers for so long that she scarcely believed how at ease Sophie appeared to be with it. It was as if Sophie had unlocked a fresh part of her that now begged to be explored. Bettina shivered in anticipation as she prepared for her night at Das Zirkus.


To be continued…

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