A wish come true

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The day started as normal. An early morning with a long commute to the office. A workday filled with coffee in an attempt to energize myself. And another long commute home, fantasizing about the weekend. 


I got back to my apartment and opened the door to my girlfriend Amaka relaxing on the couch. 


“Hello, hello” she said, smiling up from her phone. She was dressed in sweats, implying she had been home for a little while. 


“Hey” I said, plopping down my bag and sliding next to her on the couch. 


We were both 25. Young professionals trying to make it in London. I worked in advertising and Amaka at a digital design agency. 


“How was it today?” she said as she pulled me in for a kiss. 


“Not too bad” I nodded slowly. “Gonna start shooting next week so I’ll be out of the office again.”


“Oh that’ll be nice.” she nodded while looking me in the eyes. Her eyes were warm and hazel. They looked amazing with her caramel skin. 


“Yeah” I tossed my head back tiredly as I replied. 


“You wanna know something funny” she said. Sitting up slightly and placing her hand on my leg. 


“What’s that” 


“Well what would you think if I cut my hair short.” 


My heart froze for a second. Immediately I started thinking whether I had cleared my search history. If she had found my pinterest boards of short haircuts, my Hairstory Network account or videos I had purchased. Even though we had dated for almost 4 years my hair fetish had remained under wraps. 


I furrowed my brows, feigning confusion. 


“I might cut my hair short.” she said raising her eyebrows. 


“Really?” I replied. My mouth was dry and I was on edge. I felt as if I was tip-toeing on a tightrope. I didn’t want to express any over the top excitement but was also trying to think how a normal boyfriend would be acting in this situation. 


“Maybe” she shrugged with a smile. She sat back onto the couch. “Nah not actually. I just wanted to see your reaction.” 


“Oh” I felt a mix of relief and disappointment. Relieved this wasn’t the day my fetish was exposed, but also disappointed something I had been dreaming of wasn’t potentially about to happen. 


Ever since we had dated I had fantasies of her cutting her hair short, it was hard to help myself with the mane of hair she had. As she had a Nigerian father her hair was dark curls reaching to just around her shoulders. It grew slowly and ever since we dated she had only been in once for a trim. 


I did love her hair, it felt endless sometimes as I dug my fingers into its abundance. Amaka cared for it well, she had an extensive hair routine, washing, conditioning, hair masks, special serums and more steps I wouldn’t be able to recall my name. Every morning started with her showering and taming the frizzy mess it often became overnight. 


But of course despite how lovely her hair with my fetish I found myself constantly fantasizing about her one day having it all cut off. Patiently I had been waiting and praying one day she would, but at the same time never felt comfortable trying to convince her. 


“How short would you go?” I felt my cock starting to harden just talking about her hair and wanted to venture a bit further. 


“How short would I go?” she repeated


I felt the need to swallow.


“Yeah, say you had to cut your hair short, how short would you go?” I said somewhat unsure of what I was saying. 


“I don’t know” she shrugged, clearly not finding the question as strange as I worried she would find it. “Maybe I could just shave it all off” she almost scoffed as she said her last sentence and I could gather she wasn’t really taking it all that seriously. 


I was feeling like taking what felt like a bit of a risk. I turned her head to face me and took two large handfuls of her hair from either side of her face. I pushed the hair back behind her head and pretended to study her face. 


“You could pull it off,” I said, nodding slowly, as if I had just come to the realization. “Cutting it all off” 


She chuckled, looking slightly confused. 


“I was only joking about that”


“I know, I’m just saying” I nodded slowly. “One day you should do it, just to have some different”


“Maybe” she furrowed her eyebrows as she spoke.



It was early April when we had that conversation. Now May was coming to an end. Her hair hadn’t been brought up despite my mind constantly going to that conversation we had 6 weeks ago. Amaka had just removed her box braids that she had in for the past month. It was almost a schedule now, she left her hair natural for a month and then into some form of braids for the next month. Box braids being her most popular choice, but also a fair amount of locs, passion twists and cornrows to name a few. She found her hair a lot to take care of and had adopted this routine to lessen the strain. 


“Back to spending an hour every morning on this shit” she said huffing as she came back from the shower, having just removed her braids that morning. It was a warm Sunday, with early afternoon sun coming through our ajar window. 


“Why don’t you just always keep it in braids?” I asked with genuine interest. “Like if it’s really so annoying to take care off” 


She rolled her eyes. 


“I’m not spending 200 pounds every month on that shit” she snapped back. 


Amaka was a girl with a bit of an attitude. She spoke what was on her mind, something I admired. 


Then she half scoffed and half laughed. “Unless you wanna pay for it?” She raised her eyebrows. 


I puffed air out of my mouth. “You make more than me”


“And why is my hair actually shrinking?” She was looking at herself in our large mirror next to the kitchen. “And why are my ends like this?” She held up her still damp hair to inspect. 


She was being slightly melodramatic, something I was used to at this point. 


“Like what?” I got up from the couch and ventured over to her. 


“All fucking weird, like the end isn’t even curly” 


I could see what she meant. The bottom inch of so was almost straight instead of the tight curls across the rest of her head. 


“I mean I think it’s not that noticeable” I said sincerely. 


“Urghhh” she pushed her head back. “I don’t get it, I haven’t had it cut in like 2 years now and I swear it’s shrinking, like it’s shorter than before.” She put her hand around her collarbone. “It was here right after I got it trimmed. “And now it’s like, what, grazing my shoulder, how is that possible?”   


While I understood she was frustrated I felt a stirring in the pit of my stomach talking about her hair like this, even if it was her complaining about it not being in perfect condition. I still didn’t fully understand her relationship with her hair. She continuously complained that her curl pattern was getting worse, constantly complaining about it’s length and of course the amount of effort and expensive products it required. But still despite her complaints she obviously cared for it dearly and the few times I ever mentioned cutting or even trimming she was opposed to it. Surely a short haircut would actually benefit her I had told myself on multiple occasions. Maybe I was just trying to justify my own wants. 


“What if you trimmed that part away?” I asked.


“Then it’s even shorter” she turned her head in the mirror, surveying her locks. “I think the whole thing is kinda fucked, that’s why it’s not getting longer”


I took a deep breath. Anytime bringing up short hair was both exciting and terrifying for me. 


“Then just cut it off and start again” 


Her hair really didn’t seem anywhere near as bad as she clearly saw it, sure it wasn’t growing as she wanted and the ends were slightly damaged but still it was a mass of, for the most part, healthy curls. All her friends constantly complemented her on it and I genuinely didn’t think cutting it all off was necessary. But of course it was becoming more and more necessary for me as time went on. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be properly satisfied until the day she did cut it short. 


“No, no” she shook her head sternly. 


“Why?” I pushed. “It would be sick, you could dye it some cool color or something”


“And it will literally take 5 years to grow back” she replied back irritably. 


I shrugged. “Well then you could try out tons of different styles on the way. And could still just get braids in the meantime I guess.” 


She scrunched up her face.  


“I reckon it would be pretty cool” I shrugged trying to sound somewhat convincing without sounding too bothered. 


“You realize if I cut it all off, it will literally take 5 years to get back to this?” she lifted out her curls. “I thought you like my hair?”


I took a second to perfect my response. 


“I do, I do” I pursed my lips. “But like really it seems like it’s driving you crazy. Truly, I reckon cutting it short would be a pretty awesome change for you. Also I feel like you want to do it, you’re just scared of change or something. Because with how much you complain about your hair, clearly you’re not happy with it.” 


I felt as though maybe I had gone a bit too far. I was a very easy going, laid back sorta person. Rarely did I talk so animatedly. Especially about hair. 


She took a second to take in what I said. 


“Why are you so obsessed with this all of a sudden?” she asked, shaking her head.  


I tried not to panic. 


“Because I genuinely think you would like it and I reckon a part of you wants to. Look, imagine you could have short hair and then if you didn’t like it you could just snap your fingers and reverse it.” 


She had a puzzled look on her face. 


“Then you would want to try it right?” 


“Sure” she said shrugging, seeming a little drained by the conversation. 


“Well that’s what it’s like anyway.” I reasoned. “If you don’t like it you can try wigs, you always say you want to try wigs, you can just do braids, like it doesn’t have to stay short like that.” 


“That’s a stupid argument” she almost laughed. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I’m not ready to cut my hair short” 


Despite her response I clung onto the word ‘ready’. I decided I had done enough for today. 


“Fair enough.” I smiled. “Sorry I got very passionate for a bit there, I really don’t know why.” 


She giggled and leaned against me. 


“It’s cute when you talk like that”



It was a week later that something surprising happened. It was a Thursday evening, the first proper hot day of the year with the temperature in the mid 20s. We had gone to a beer garden with another couple, Tom and Charlotte. Amaka was in a sundress, her hair down and looking its usual bouncy self. 


As I sipped my lager, something, or rather someone peaked my interest. Another light skin girl was sitting a couple of tables behind us. Amaka was facing the other way to couldn’t see her. The first thing that caught my eye was her hair. It was pink, and more importantly to me it was short. Styled into finger waves, she had used what must’ve been some sort of product to keep it in place. My excitement towards short hair had grown to a new level over the last month or so and I was immediately hard looking at her. 


The girl:https://pin.it/4BNg08n


Still I was afraid to mention anything to Amaka, fearing I had pushed slightly too far last time. 


I continued the conversation with our group of friends, sipping my beer. It was a perfect evening, still light even as the time reached 9pm, the beer garden full of young people chatting. I tried focusing on our conversation but my mind kept wandering to the girl sat 10 meters away. 


I felt my heart skip a beat slightly as she rose from her seat and walked towards our group. She was dressed casually, jean shorts and a cropped top with Air Maxs completing the look. She looked to be somewhere in her early 20s. I tried not to look at she made her way right next to her table, most likely heading to the bathroom I guessed. 


I watched Amaka closely and I couldn’t help but feel this excitement take over me as I watched her eyes fix on the figure as she walked past. She had definitely seen her. 


Amaka didn’t say anything until a few minutes later. I saw the girl walk past our table again and to my surprise Amaka opened her mouth to speak. 


“See that girl” she had directed it at me but wasn’t speaking hushed as to keep the conversation private. I pretended as though I hadn’t been ogling her for almost an hour now. 


“Pink hair one?” I looked over at the girl as she settled into her seat. 


“If I ever cut my hair short, I reckon it would be something like that” she nodded as she spoke. 


My stomach did a somersault. My throat had gone dry and I was hoping my now raging erection wasn’t noticeable through my shorts. I truly could not believe she had said that. 


“Oh really” I tried to remain level and peered over as if to inspect her closely. “Yeah that would look really good on you I think” 


My mind was racing. I needed to not be too pushy, Amaka didn’t like being told what to do or have other people tell her what’s best for her. I felt that if I let her think this was her idea and simply supported it, my chances of getting my wish granted were better. 


“Cutting your hair short?” Charlotte perked her head up and turned around to see who we were talking about. She was white, a friend of ours for a few years now, with wavy auburn hair reaching past her shoulders. 


“Since when are you cutting your hair short?” She turned around in her chair. “Which girl?” 


“Bro don’t look like that,” Amaka said, grabbing her friends arm. “Be a bit less obvious jesus.” 


“Oh no way the girl with pink hair?” Charlotte had spotted the girl. “Oh my god. You’re cutting all your hair off? Since when?” 


“No, no. I’m just saying if I would” Amaka clarified. 


Charlotte’s eyes widened and she excitedly tapped Amaka’s arm. 


“Do it! Please, please do it, that would look so sick, trust” She exclaimed. 


Amaka was really the most confident person I knew, but for now she had a look on her face I wasn’t used to seeing. Something mixed with discomfort and awkwardness.


“No, no, no” she began waving her hands in front of her. “It’s – it’s a hypothetical.”


“You could pull it off so good tho” Charlotte has turned to face her. “Like all short and a cool color. Please, please do it. One day you have to!” 


Charlotte’s insistence had caught me off guard. This moment had become more and more exciting by the second. 


“I mean -“ Amaka stuttered, unsure of her words. “One day, it’s just gonna be a big change” 


I decided to hop in. 


“Yeah one day, it would be really sick. But maybe you’re not ready” I added. 



It was the very next day I realized just how significant yesterday had been to my hopes of seeing Amaka with short hair. 


It was a Friday evening, we both had finished our work days and were planning on a night in. It was warm, Amaka was in shorts and a t-shirt and I was only in my boxers as we sprawled out on the couch. 


“Do you think I could pull this off, really?” She turned her phone to me, showing a photo on Pinterest.



I swallowed hard. Surely this wasn’t actually happening. My thoughts were scrambled but I knew I had to act. 


“Oh wow” I said, taking a closer look at the style. While maybe it wasn’t quite as short as I had envisioned in my countless day dreams, it was unmistakingly short, off her ears completely. It would be a massive change for her. “Honestly, I think that would look so good on you” 


She bit her lip and nodded slowly. I couldn’t help but look at her curls, it was definitely a good hair day with the curls looking well defined. I tried to imagine watching them all be methodically snipped away. 


“Yeah, I kinda like this one,” She said. “Has a bit of length still, I think it could work with my curls.” 


“Yeah, definitely” I nodded enthusiastically. “I would love to see you with that hair. It would be pretty hot. Kinda edgy, you know”


She pursed her lips and nodded. 


“It would look sick.” She exhaled. “I really don’t know if I’m ready though” she instinctively put her hand against her neck, underneath the abundance of hair. 


I was too afraid to push her, so the conversation regarding her hair ended. We ended up ordering food that night and watching a movie. As the ending credits to the movie appeared, I looked down at Amaka who had been laying in my lap. My eyes were shut and the heaviness of her breathing confirmed her to be asleep. I gently stroked her hair before tucking it behind her ear. Her ears were cute, not displayed too often with the length and mass of her hair. I pictured what it would be like with her ears exposed. 


I felt slightly disappointed I hadn’t acted on her showing me the photo as much as I could’ve. With her bountiful curls in between my fingers, my urge to see then cut off grew and grew. Feeling a new sense of confidence I opened up my phone and searched: natural hair salon london. I scrolled through the results, looking at the salons on offer. I browsed a few websites but it was this salon called New Beginnings Natural Hair Salon that caught my eye. The landing page described them as a small studio, specializing in short natural haircuts. I clicked on services and looked at the options. The option big chop immediately caught my attention and I promptly clicked on it. 


Ready to cut off your length and try a short cut? Our stylists can transform your long hair into a stunning short style. Book your appointment now. I read the text over a few times and looked down at the curly head of hair underneath me. 


“Let’s do it” I muttered to myself, clicking on Make an appointment. I filled in Amaka’s name, but using my phone and email and selected next week Saturday at 3:00 pm. 



It was Tuesday that I had built up the confidence to tell Amaka the decision I had practically made on her behalf. I had a plan on how to phrase it, which I hoped would convince her. 


“Hey, so I have a little gift for you” I began saying as I entered the living room. 


Her head perked up. 


“Nawww” she smiled sweetly. “And what’s that?” 


“I booked you a hair appointment” I tried to push away any of the nerves I had. 


Her eyebrows furrowed slightly. 


“Well and I’m gonna pay for it too” I added. 


“For braids?” She said, still clearly confused. 


“No, no” I felt my mouth go dry. “For that short haircut you keep talking about.” 


Her eyebrows furrowed intensely. 


“What?” she scoffed. “I don’t want that. I never said I wanted to actually cut it short like that”


I tried my best to recall the arguments I had composed in my head. 


“Amaka,” I said, placing a hand on her arm. “I know you want to. You keep talking about it, pointing out hairstyles you like, asking me if I like stuff. Like, I mean, this is what Charlotte and I talked about, you clearly want to do it.” I was borderline gaslighting at this point, she had truly only scarcely brought up cutting her hair, but at this point I didn’t care. I had been a pretty amazing boyfriend for years now, I could be slightly manipulative now, surely I deserved it. 


“So,” I continued. “I thought I would make the first step for you. I booked you this super cool salon, specialists in curly hair and they can do it for you.” 


Amaka was hard to read at this point. 


“I’m really not ready” she said, almost hushed. It was not like her to be so quiet. 


“I know it’s scary. But like, look.” I looked her in her eyes. “You’re clearly not happy with your hair right now, I know how much effort it is, and I mean you’ve had it long like this for your whole life. There are so many cool things you can do with it short, surely you don’t just wanna keep it long like this forever.”


“Yeah but-“


“Look,” I butted in. “Just trust me, I’ve already made a booking, I’m gonna treat you to this because really I can tell you want to, you’re just a bit scared and that’s fine.” 


Still her face displayed confusion. 


“Just say yes” I said. 


“Should I really?” she had this unfamiliar, concerned look on her face. 


I smiled warmly. “Yes really. It’s gonna look so good I think you know that. With your tattoos and piercings” I motioned to her tattooed arm. “Gonna look so good” 


Still to this day I can’t believe the next words that came out of her mouth. 


“Okay, I should just do it right?”



The next few days were this strange fever dream for me. I was almost constantly thinking about Saturday, my dick getting hard anytime I did. 


It was hard to read Amaka over these few days. In fact the impending haircut didn’t actually come up in conversation as much as I had anticipated. Luckily there had been no talk of pulling out, or going for a trim. So far it seemed as though she would be cutting her hair short. I was guessing the image she showed me would be her cut of choice. 


I guessed that her lack of bringing up the haircut came down to nerves, and like I said Amaka was someone who rarely got nervous or flustered. So I found her relative silence on the matter somewhat strange. 


She had messaged Charlotte who, as one could imagine, was thrilled. Her mum was a bit less thrilled, finding it hard to fathom she would really cut off the hair she had kept long her whole life. 


Everyday Amaka was styling her hair in differently, aware she wouldn’t be able to do any of these styles come Saturday afternoon. 


Still I was almost certain she wouldn’t go through with the cut. Maybe it was just my pessimistic nature but I was convinced any second she would announce the cut was off and ask me to cancel the booking. That moment never came and it wasn’t until Friday evening that we had another proper conversation about it. 


“You’re gonna come with me tomorrow right?” she said sitting down at the table with a bowl of pasta. 


I sipped my wine. “Of course. I’ll be with you, don’t worry.”


She exhaled and nodded. 


“Do you know if you’re gonna show a photo or just kinda describe it?” I asked before taking a bite of my food. 


“I have a few photos. I guess I’ll see what she thinks” she reached into her pocket, retrieving her phone. 


“Scroll around” she said as she handed me the phone. 




I looked at the Pinterest folder she had created and scrolled. I saw the photo she has previously shown me to and to my delight that was pretty much the longest style in the folder. They were all short, as short as I could wish, almost as short as one could go before it was considered a buzz cut. 


“Some of them have color but I think I would do that another time. First get used to the cut.”


“Makes sense” I nodded. “I like the photos, I bet any of them would work with you.”


“I hope so.” She seemed sad. 


“Nervous?” I asked


“I think I might throw up tomorrow” she admitted, lowering her head against the table. “I really don’t know if I should do this.” 


I rubbed her back, comforting her. 


“Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it. You’re gonna be like why didn’t I do this sooner, I just know it.” 


“I hope so.” She seemed distant as she spoke. 



The next morning we slept in until just after 11. 


“I don’t wanna get up” Amaka groaned when I finally rose and stretched next to the bed. 


“Coffee?” I offered. 


“Mmmm” she mumbled back as she rolled over. 


I returned a few minutes later with the coffee. 


“I’m not gonna pull out because I’m not a pussy but I really better not regret this.” She muttered as she accepted her coffee. 


“You won’t.” I assured her. 


I hoped I was right. Or at least if she didn’t like it the blame wouldn’t come back to me. 


She sipped her coffee before getting up and going to the shower. The salon recommended washed hair, but without products. I watched her come back in the room, her hair up in a towel. 


She removed the towel and as I sat on my phone at the edge of the bed watched as she shook away the towel, her wet curls sprawled across her shoulders, the wetness adding another few inches to its length. 


“I’ll just put a tiny bit of cream.” She said as I saw her open a jar of product and run it into her palms. “Just a bit, I think they just don’t want gels or anything.”


“Makes sense” I nodded back. “Excited?” 


She moved her head side to side. 


“Let’s see how it all looks.” She said with a degree of uneasiness.


“It’s gonna look good.” I reassured. “Now you’ll have shorter hair than me” 


She didn’t reply, focusing on her hair. 


I couldn’t wait to see how her haircut would progress. As Amaka pulled her fingers through her hair I tried to imagine how the stylist would approach the haircut. Would they simply chop off the majority in a ponytail? Snip away curl after curl? Maybe use clippers even to remove the bulk? I guessed it depended on how short exactly she would go. 


We ate a late breakfast at home before changing and gathering our things to leave. It was just after 2 when we both slipt on our shoes and made our way outside. It was a bright day, and like most Saturdays in London, bustling out the street. I was dressed casual, white AirForces with jeans and a t shirt while Amaka was in a navy mid thigh length dress. I noticed her makeup was more pronounced today than normal. 


After two underground rides we had reached our stop. 


Just after turning the corner, exiting the station I could already see the salon down the road, it’s green sign standing out to my eyes. 


“Let’s go” I led the way across the street. 


It had a large front window and we paused outside the salon for a second. I felt although I might burst, my dream was about to come true. 


Amaka pushed the door open and we were greeted by a cool gush of air. 


“Hey” the girl working as the receptionist called out.


I could now take a better look at the salon. It was small, but stylishly decorated. There were couches against the right wall and then a small desk the receptionist was sitting behind. Against the left wall were two chairs, facing massive floor to ceiling mirrors. Both chairs were occupied by girls, both with pixie length hair. The two stylists were both girls too, one with pink box braids and then other with a bleached buzz cut. 


“Hi” Amaka was a few steps ahead of me and had reached the receptionist. “Have an appointment for Amaka at 3”


“Alright awesome” she pulled up an Ipad and scrolled around for a second. “Yep Amaka, for a big chop. Now that’s gonna be a big change” 


She raised her eyebrows as she spoke. Her own hair was long, straightened and dark. 


“Yeah,” Amaka said uneasily. “Big change”


“Ok so your stylist is Melody, she’s done in just a few minutes, so you can just take a seat for a little. Do you want water, tea? Coffee maybe?” 


“Umm, just some water would be great,” Amaka replied as we both made our way to the couch. 


I watched Amaka nibble at her lips. I squeezed her leg. 


“Nervous?” I asked. 


“I just hope I like it.” She replied in a hushed voice. 


“You will” I reassured her. “Wonder what your colleagues at work are gonna say”


“Didn’t even tell them.” She fidgeted with a lock of her hair as she spoke. 


“Oh why not?” 


“Don’t know” She was staring ahead, not looking back at me. “Think I was just a bit nervous to hear what they would say”


“Well they’ll be in for a big surprise when they see you.” I turned her head to face me and pushed a chunk of her hair behind her ear. “Without all this hair.”


The receptionist returned with 2 glasses of water and Amaka gulped thirstily. 


Her hair looked immaculate, it was still damp from the shower and each curl was looking defined. It began to dawn on me what was about to happen and I felt an unbelievable feeling of excitement rising up. My girlfriend was actually about to cut off all her curls. I couldn’t believe it. 


I saw the stylist with the buzzcut remove the cape from her client and I couldn’t help but sit up a bit. She must’ve been Melody I realized. 


Sure enough after another minute her client was rising from her chair and walked towards the front counter. As she paid, Melody began sweeping up some of the hair sprawled around the chair. 


“Guess you’re almost up” I said, trying to hide my excitement. 


“Mmmm” Amaka mumbled back. 


Melody leant the broom against the wall and then walked in our direction. 


I got a better look at her now. She must’ve been in her early or mid thirties I decided, and she was dressed casually, jeans, an oversized Nas graphic tee and Nike Dunks. She was cute, I grew up around a lot of East Africans and deduced she was probably Ethiopian or Somali from her face shape. Her hair was buzzed short and blonde, it worked well with her overall vibe I thought. 


“And you’re Amaka?” she said as she reached us. 


“Hey” Amaka nodded. “That’s me”


“I’m Melody, welcome, it’s great to have you here”. She spoke with sincerity. 


“Thank you” Amaka smiled back. 


“And boyfriends here for support?” she motioned to me. 


“Something like that” I chuckled back. My heart was racing. I wondered if Amaka’s was too. 


“So you’re down for a big chop I saw?”


Amaka nodded in return. 


“Very exciting. Let’s go sit down and we can discuss.” 


“Okay” Amaka looked at me. I could’ve sworn I saw something resembling fear in her eyes. I squeezed her hand. 


“I’ll be watching from here” I said with a reassuring smile. 


Melody walked towards the chair and turned it to face Amaka. She plopped down onto the black leather and Melody turned it to face the mirror. I was disappointed not to be closer to the action, but it was hard to complain, they were only 5 or 6 meters away giving me a decent view. When I strained to listen I could pick bits of their conversation. 


“So we’re cutting this all off then are we?” Melody had pulled out a wheeled stool and was next to Amaka. 


Amaka put on what looked like a strained smile and nodded. 


“Yeah pretty much.”


I could see Melody grinning through the mirror. 


“Oh that’s just so exciting. Are you nervous?” 


“Yeah quite” Amaka replied. 


A hairdryer being used at the next station cut out the conversation but I watched as Amaka pulled out her phone and the both of them crowded over the screen. I guessed she was showing her inspiration pictures. 


I watched with interest as Melody pointed at images. I was struggling to sit still and I wished I could know which style was being decided on. Even with the hairdryer now off, their conversation had become slightly more hushed and I was only picking up a few words. 


“Tapered… hair type… I get you, I get you” The few words I was hearing clearly from Melody. 


They discussed some more before Melody caught me by surprise and turned to me. 


“And does boyfriend want to come and watch the fun part maybe?” She cocked her head as she looked. “You can come take my seat.”


I couldn’t have risen from the couch faster and had to stop myself from running over. Melody stood up from the stool and rolled it over to me. 


Now sitting on the stool right next to Amaka I could see the station better. The chair was directly in front of the large mirror and next to the mirror was a shelf. My eyes scanned over the various tools and utensils atop the shelf and I couldn’t help but be drawn to a pair of silver clippers and a trimmer both on charge. 


“Good view?” Amaka smiled at me. I could’ve sworn her face looked slightly pale. 


“Amazing” I slapped my knees in anticipation. “I’m ready”


“Ready to see this all come off?” Melody said lifting up some of Amaka’s hair and let it fall. 


Her excitement as a stylist was only making me more excited and I hoped my boner wasn’t showing through my pants. 


“Definitely” I nodded back. 


“Show him the photo we picked.” Melody said as she unfurled a black cape. 


Amaka unlocked her phone and passed it over

The cut: https://pin.it/15eifBj

I pursed my lips. It was about as short as I could wish, a bit of length on top with the sides no more than an inch in length. 


“Oh that’s gonna look great” I said, meaning it too. 


“I think so too” Melody nodded in agreement. “Gonna completely change your look. Just have to give it a few days, at first it’s gonna feel very foreign, very light. You’re gonna go to push back your hair and they’ll be nothing there” 


I saw Amaka gulp. “Yeah I bet”. 


Melody took the cape and swung it over Amaka. It was clipped in place and Melody straightened it out. 


“Do you mind if I post a video for my story?” Melody asked as she pulled out her phone. 


“Yeah sure.” Amaka said. 


“Stay tuned for a big big transformation” Melody spoke to the camera as she lifted and let handfuls of Amaka’s hair fall. “We’re gonna make a whole new look for this beauty, you’re barely gonna recognize her.” 


She turned the chair to face the camera, catching a rather stony look on Amaka’s face. 


“Alright nice” she pocketed the phone and straightened the chair to face the mirror again. “Shall we get started?”. 


I quite literally moved to the edge of my seat. 


“Yep” Amaka took a deep breath after she spoke. 


“Ok great” Melody said as she moved behind her. She brushed her fingers over the curls a few times. They looked perfect at this moment I realized, long enough to just sit past her shoulders. 


“Ok first I’m going to take off the bulk of this” she lifted up a clump of hair. She had a grin on her face “This’ll be the real fun part. You have so much hair you know.”


I felt as though I could explode. 


Melody walked to the shelf and picked up a wide tooth comb. Her hands then went to the silver clippers I had seen earlier. 


She faced Amaka holding up the clippers. 


“Going to be a lot easier to take down all this length if I use these.” she explained. 


“Wait but are you going to like shave it?” Amaka said turning to face Melody. I could see panic in her eyes. 


“No, no. Just take off some extra length, I’m gonna do clipper over comb.” She held up her comb to demonstrate. I understood the technique she meant but doubted Amaka did. 


“Okay” Amaka lowered back in her seat and faced forward. 


“Let’s start” Melody announced. I licked my lips. 


She went to the right side of the chair, opposite to me, and slide the comb underneath the hair hanging from the side of Amaka’s head. She moved the comb out from her head, the teeth protruding through the curls. The clippers were switched on and I saw the slightest of flinches from Amaka. 


The comb was up to ear length, with a good 6 or 7 inches hanging beneath it. I watched in what felt like slow motion as the clippers made their way closer and closer to Amaka. Slowly the clippers were pulled across the comb and I watched in awe as the perfect dark curls cascaded down the side of the cape. 


The hair was left an awkward length, almost like an ear-length bob, cropped short where just seconds before it hung in all its glory. 


I looked to the floor and saw a neat pile of the curls directly next to the chair. 


“Woah” Amaka had a stunned look on her face as she turned her head to properly look at the remaining length. 


“It’s gonna look a bit weird for now” Melody said as she ran her fingers through the cropped section. “This is just bulk removal, I’ll come and shape it up afterwards.” 


Amaka exhaled deeply and nodded. I was too aroused to speak at this point. 


Melody lifted up a second clump of hair with her comb, from the back of Amaka’s head this time. Again slowly she pulled the clippers across the comb and more curls slowly peeled off from her head, slipping down the cape to the floor. 


“Feeling lighter hun?” Melody grinned as she ruffled the short hair. 


“Yeah” Amaka squeaked back. 


Melody took another section at the back with her comb and again more curls tumbled to the floor, adding to the pile behind the chair. Only her left side remained long. 


Melody turned the chair to face me, making it easier for her to reach Amaka’s left side. I made eye contact with my girlfriend and smiled. I got a gloomy stare in return.  


“Last little bit” Melody announced chipperly. 


She ran the clippers across the comb again and this time the hair spilled down the front of the cape, sprawling out across Amaka’s lap. I was in awe. Hair that I had ran my fingers through just a few hours ago was now laying lifeless across the cape. The curls looked as perfect as they had on her head. 


I let out a breath I had been holding in. 


Melody turned the chair back to face the mirror. 


“Oh my god” Amaka scoffed at her reflection in the mirror. 


Already I had to admit she looked significantly different. Her hair was normally so large and now it lay close to her head. She now had a strange hair style, almost like a super short bob. The realization that I was responsible for this was creeping up on me, I swallowed hard. My mouth was dry, a mix of nerves and excitement I figured. 


Melody lifted the cape slightly, and gave it a brief shake. The hair that was stuck on the cape, fell freely to the ground. It was a surreal experience seeing these massive hunks of curls lifeless on the ground. I had an urge to pick one up when Melody surprised me and leant over herself, taking a long curly tendril in between her fingers. 


She held it up in the mirror. Amaka had a seriously glum look on her face. I tried to think of something to say to cheer her up but I felt too aroused to properly think. 


“You don’t want to save any of this?” Melody jingled the lock around. 


“Ummm no it’s okay” Amaka replied. 


“Alright” Melody shrugged and opened her fingers, the hair dropped slowly back to the floor. 


Melody walked behind Amaka and scrunched the hair with her fingers. She tousled what length remained. 


“Only just getting started aren’t we” I was surprised to see Melody had directed the statement to me. 


“Hmmm” I stammered back. 


“Still a lot to come off” Melody was still tousling the hair as she spoke. 


“Okay boyfriend I need my stool back, you can sit over here if you still want to watch” She patted the armrest of the salon chair next to her, which I had failed to notice was now empty. 


“Yeah sure” I stood up, my legs feeling somewhat weak, and plopped down on the chair. 


Amaka seemed to be in her own world, looking directly at the mirror. I wanted to know exactly what she was feeling. Nerves? Regret? The idea that she was regretting this turned me on even more. 


“One second love” Melody moved to the back of the store. 


“Doing okay?” I ventured. 


Amaka nodded slowly. 


“Just crazy when it actually happens you know. Watching it all come off like that.” she exhaled deeply. 


“Yeah it’s crazy watching this actually happen. No regrets right?” 


She shook her head. 


Melody returned with a broom. She motioned down to the hair strewn across the floor. 


“I’ll just clean this up a bit” 


She collected the hair scattered across the floor into a pile off to the side of the chair. My eyes locked onto the mass of hair, it looked like a small animal. Amaka’s eyes darted across, catching a glimpse of the mound and I watched as she bit her lip. 


“So,” Melody leant the broom against the wall and begun scrounging the shelf under the mirror. “Let’s get into the real cut shall we”. 


She turned back to Amaka with a smile, holding some clips in her hand. She stepped closer to Amaka and began using her fingers to rake through her hair. She sectioned away the top of the hair, clipping it in place. 


“You know just earlier today I had another girl come in to chop it all off” Melody remarked. “Her hair wasn’t quite as long as yours though”. 


Amaka was quiet, straining a smile back in reply. 


“It is exciting doing something like this?” I ventured. 


“Oh yeah” Melody looked over at me and smiled. “Very satisfying watching it all come off”. 


Amaka’s hair was now sectioned in a horseshoe section, the top clipped up with the rest making a makeshift short bob like shape. 


Melody now had scissors in her hand and she clicked them together a few times. She gently pushed Amaka’s head down to her chin. Without saying anything Melody took a section at her nape between her fingers. 


Snip snip snip 


Her hand was pretty much directly against her head, and I watched as another 4 or 5 inches of curls tumbled down the back of the chair. 


The store was quiet with the noise of Melody’s scissors slicing through Amaka’s hair filling the room. She took section after section between her fingers, snipping away the hair protruding out with little fuss. Another small pile was growing behind the chair. 


Amaka seemed distant, her head pointing towards her chest as more and more of her hair rained down the back of the cape. 


Melody moved to the right side now, the back cut down to what looked like a bit less than an inch. Again she worked speedily, cutting away curl after curl. This time the hair was falling down the side of the cape, falling down onto her lap or getting caught against the nylon. 


I was truly amazed seeing just how much hair she had, there seemed to be an impossible amount already in the pile next to the chair, but here I was seeing even more come off. 


“I think it’s so great your doing this” Melody remarked as she snipped away another chunk from Amaka’s right side. “Very brave but you’ll love it for sure”. 


“Gonna take a while to grow back” Amaka’s voice broke slightly as she spoke. 


I began feeling uneasy, Amaka was beginning to have a distressed look on her face. While I was enjoying the cropping unfolding in front of me, I was still worried. I didn’t want my girlfriend feeling miserable, especially since this whole thing was pretty much my idea. Still, I struggled to think of what to say, it wasn’t like she could go back at this stage anyways. 


“Mmmm that is true”. Melody tilted her head. “You’ll want to keep it short though I’m sure. Like I said this is gonna be a whole new person. No more hiding behind all that hair, this beautiful face will be on full display.” 


“Thank you” Amaka gave a tired smile in return. 


Melody was trying to be cheery but Amaka’s mood seemed to be deteriorating by the minute. 


A few snips of hair later and the shortness of the side was visible in the mirror for Amaka to see. She slightly turned her head to side to catch a glimpse. 


“So short” She said softly and I began catching her eyes misting over. 


After a few more sections were cut away the right side too was complete. Melody moved to the left side and got to work swiftly. The cape was quickly filling up with curls scattered all across it. The floor was a similar story. 


After a few minutes Melody had brought down the left side to a cropped length. The hair was short enough that it wasn’t curly anymore, instead it looked like a pelt of sorts. 


Melody unclipped the top section, the last long curls unfurled awkwardly, sprawling across the now shorter back and sides. Melody didn’t waste a second and I watched as she gathered the remaining hair. She lifted up the handful of hair and I felt my stomach spin as I realized what she was about to do. 


snip snip snip snip snip


The scissors were given a workout as Melody began sawing away the top section in one go. 


snip snip snip crunch 


The handful was disconnected and I saw a look of astonishment on Amaka’s face as Melody briefly wiggled around the hair. Melody gently tossed the hair to the floor and I watched keenly as the bundle of curls sprawled out across the tiles. 


The hair on top was now only a few inches in length and I guessed according to the picture I saw the top would have to be taken down another couple inches. 


“You’re weren’t kidding about a big chop” A voice came from behind and I turned, slightly startled, to see the receptionist standing behind the chair, hands on hips. 


Amaka strained another smile, but the paleness of her face was clear to see. 


“Right” Melody turned to face her colleague. “So much hair I can barely believe it.”


“I can see” the receptionist nodded slowly taking in the abundance of curls across the floor and cape. 


“Her first time with something short so I bet it’s really scary for her, but she’s been a trooper so far isn’t that right” Melody smiled at Amaka though the mirror. 


“So far” Amaka replied softly. 


“Ummm babe” Melody was speaking to the receptionist now. “Can you get a dustpan and clean this all up.” 


“All the hair yeah?” She begun walking away from the chair. 


“Yep” Melody said as she grabbed a hairdryer from the shelf. She gave the cape a quick blast, sending the dark curls to the ground. 


The receptionist was back and begun gathering all the hair was a broom, adding it to the pile already on the side. It was truly a mound of hair. 


“Don’t think I’ve seen so much at once like that” she said, snapping a photo with her phone before sweeping it into the dustpan. 


Melody had her focus back on Amaka and she started snipping away hair from the top section. It was only an inch or so coming off now. My attention however was focused on Amaka. With all the excitement of the hair coming off I hadn’t quite registered just how different she looked. It was almost like her hair was up in a bun, her neck and cheeks exposed. Her head looked tiny without the usual mass of curls, almost like a freshly shorn sheep. 


I sat back reflecting on what had just taken place, the whole thing feeling like a fever dream of sorts. 


Melody continued to work diligently, shaping the top and now starting on the sides with her scissors. 


After 10 minutes of concentrated snipping by Melody, the haircut was beginning to look complete. I was sitting slightly lost in my thoughts when the sound of clippers brought my attention back to reality. 


Amaka’s head was tucked to her chin again and Melody ran the clippers across the lowest part of the nape. 


“How does that feel?” I asked. 


“A bit strange” Amaka replied with a sniffle. Her eyes were slightly red. 


Melody continued with the clippers sharpening up the edges of the haircut. After a few minutes the clippers were switched off and returned to the shelf. 


I was guessing the cut was almost done. It looked quite immaculate in my eyes. Melody had a great eye for detail. The sides and back looked shorter than I had expected, only half an inch or so in length it seemed. Maybe 2 inches were left on top, showing off the slightest of curl. 


My suspicions were correct I found as Melody used her blowdryer to remove some small hairs before unclipping the cape. 


The girl I saw sitting in the chair was wearing the same clothes as my girlfriend but she was seriously almost unrecognizable. Her ears, normally hidden, were on full display. 


“Let me put a bit of product in it quickly” Melody said as she reached for a jar on the shelf. 


Amaka looked at her reflection as if she was staring at a foreign alien, slowly turned her head to take in her new self. 


“Give it a touch” I said with a warm smile. 


Slowly her hands reached the back of her head and she recoiled at the touch. 


“Oh my god” she nervously chuckled. She bit her lip hard as she traced her finger along the side of her head. 


Melody worked some product into her hands and begun styling the top section of her hair. She then started using a diffuser, styling the top into tight curls. After another 5 minutes I was looking at the final product. 


It was a beautiful haircut I had to admit, Melody was clearly skilled. I was still in shock that it was Amaka sitting there in front of me and that she had actually gone ahead and had it all cut off. 


Melody snapped an after photo of her client and just like that Amaka was out of the chair, inspecting herself closely in the mirror. 


“Do you like it?” I asked her as she walked up to me and pulled me into a hug. I placed a hand on the back of her neck, feeling the short prickly hair. 


“Mmmm” she murmured back and nodded. 


It wasn’t until after I had paid, we had thanked Melody and had exited the salon that I realized Amaka wasn’t thrilled with the result. 


“It’s so short I can’t believe it” she groaned the moment we were outside. 


“You just need some time to get used to it I think” I tried calming her. 


Tears were now forming in her eyes and I held her arm. 


“I feel naked” Then she started sniffling. “Like there’s nothing on my head anymore and my ears look big and my head looks so small. Why did you think this was a good idea?” 


She turned to look at me with teary eyes. I gulped hard. 

Hope you enjoyed! Any feedback greatly appreciated 🙂



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  1. Ah you want feedback…well I find it just wonderful this one (and that without some explicit erotism in it!)
    The use of space between the lines of the story makes it even more alive… tension building, teasing me as a reader!
    And nice to share the pictures, indeed beauties with such short hair…

    Always a pleasure to read what you wrote.
    Thanks for posting this one.

  2. I absolutely love this one — it’s not often we get a story dealing with this type of cut, and the texture and issues involved. I liked the semi-open ending, too, as the idea that she wasn’t a fan of the cut can hold some appeal, or, if not, then we can imagine and effusive, romantic answer winning her over to the new look. And the inclusion of the pics was a nice touch, too.

    All in all, great, as always. Thank you for sharing it!

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