A woman in my barbershop part 1

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It was 7 in the morning, I had just opened my shop and sweeping with a broom when a young lady entered my shop. She seems to be just 24 at max 28, her hair was pinned in a bun with a rubber band, and she was wearing a yellow Salwar. I made out she is married observing the bangles at her hand.

She approached me with a smile and asked, “Can you trim my hair?”

I answered back, “Yeah, I cut woman’s hair, but the shop opens at 7:30, so you have to wait”

She answered back, “well, I am in a hurry…you see I am not a regular barbershop visitor, it’s just that my parlor is too far away…and they refuses to come at my home”

I glanced at her.

She started undoing her hair and continued, “my baby would wake up by 8, so you see I have to get a haircut, and then bath before he wakes up…or there would be violent tantrums home”

I sighed and said, “Okay, but this time only. Only because you are a new mom okay?”

She had opened her hair now, and without even asking me she took a comb standing near the barber’s chair. She started combing it.

It was very long, past her waist, thick at first, then very thin at ends with untidy ends.

I said, “That’s a lot of hair”

She turned to me and said, “Yeah, that’s about a year of hair growth”

I kept the broom, and she started to sit on the barber’s chair. I stopped her, “you won’t need that, unless you want a very short above shoulder haircut”

She replied, “Well I just need it up to my midback, so yeah no chair”

I went near her and took the comb from her, and inserted into her hair, and started combing it. Then asked her, “How much you want me to remove off”

She replied, “Well I had it till waist…so now cut it till midback

I sighed and then picked up the mist sprayer, and started spraying on her hair from her shoulders. I then massaged it and then again combed it, and then placed my right hand at her hair below her breasts and asked her if I should cut. She felt the touch and replied, “Well that was my length before, go little above”

I now placed my fingers at bra strap length, she agreed. I brought her hair in front so that she could check the length, she nodded in affirmation.

I removed my hand and then combed her hair one last time and asked, “Straight or U cut?”

She replied, “Keep it straight”

I touched her head signaling not to move and inserted the scissor at her left and kaachchchch…chch.

Her chopped strands slide to floor. I gave the second kaachchchch…chch, more of her hair fell. I saw her reflection at the mirror, she had a strange smile and kept her eyes tightly closed. I gave the third cut and her hair was cut till middle.

I took the comb, and adjusted her hair little, and then again continued. I did this time quite fast…kachchch…chchchch…chchhhh chopping her rest of the hair.

I then made the hair even snipping some more hair on left side, then took a comb and combed her hair to make sure it is even. I then dusted her back with a dry cloth to remove any stray hair which attached with her cloth,

The floor behind her was covered with her black hair now. I signaled her to check it. She started seeing her hair from her reflection. She then moved all her in front through her left. At last she saw her chopped locks on the floor

I said, “That’s lot of hair”

She smiled, “yeah my hair is actually very thick, it had deteriorated at the ends”

I replied, “I can use thinning scissor to reduce the volume if you want”

She thought for a minute and the said, “Not today…I will be late, later maybe. How much?”

I replied, “₹85 only. Yeah you will need more trims to keep your hair healthy”

She left the paying me my fees after tying her hair in a pony which just reach her mid back now.

I thought that would be her last visit, a woman would get her hair done in barbershop only when she is extremely desperate…and that doesn’t happens very often.

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