A woman in my barbershop part 2

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But I was wrong…
It was 7:30 in morning, my shop was just opened for customer and I receive one of my favorite customer…the new mother who had her hair trimmed last time in my shop.
I could see her as I sat inside my shop, as she walked towards my shop from other side of road. She was wearing the same yellow Salwar, and her hair was held in a pony which reached below her mid back now. I welcomed her as she entered.
She smiled, “You recognize me?”
I said, “Yeah, very few woman customer you know…trim?”
She laughed, “Barbershop is not that bad for haircut I think but earlier I thought different…”
I replied, “So tell your friends about it…and…”
She removed her clip as she said cutting me in middle, “Yeah, the regular one please, not like last time”
I replied, “Two inches off, okay?”
She agreed turning her hair towards me.
I picked the comb and inserting it in her hair combed it thoroughly. Then marking with the finger at her breast length. She nodded in agreement.
After combing for last time, I took the scissor and kept it little above her ends and started cutting it…kaachchchch…chch…chch. I cut it quite ruthlessly taking no break from left to right.
I again combed her hair and then tuned her towards mirror. She acknowledged it. I then dusted her clothes and asked for her clip.
She passed it to me. I combed her hair one last time, then collected the hair in a pony at her neck…for tying it with clip.
Her hair was very thick at top and heavy growth I could see in her nape. I asked her, “Do you want me to reduce the volume?”
She was confused to answer it…I explained, “Don’t worry your length would not be reduced, I will be using thinning scissor”
She agreed hesitantly, “Yeah… I have time for it…yeah okay do it”
I told her, “You have to sit in barber’s chair for it”
She smiled as she took the seat. It was big chair for her.
I smiled at her saying, “First time in barber’s chair?”
“No, no I have many experience in parlor, but those were not so big”
I answered back as I searched for the thinning scissors in cabinet, “Those aren’t true barber’s chair you know”
She smiled. I continued, “You must had last sat on them in your childhood.
She said gently, “Well yes, I don’t remember much…but dad used to take me to a barbershop, I had to sat on a plank kept on it”
I questioned, “You never got haircut sitting normally in a barber’s chair?”
She answered, “Honestly…no”
I said, “Whoa! Means you have been to barbershop last at what max age of 12”
She replied slowly, “Well 11 actually. And hey I came to your shop 3 months back”
I didn’t said anything, but kept on searching for the thinning scissor. She continued to tell, “Well I started growing in long after that, mom used to trim it at home then. Then I start going to parlor at age of 16, and you know…so no barbershop visit”
At last I find it. I said, “Welcome back to barber’s shop then” I then signaled her to sit comfortably.
Then turning the wheels slowly, I bent the support of chair as done during shaving beard of males. She was distressed, but didn’t said anything. I bent her as much as possible, so she was almost in lying position, her hair hanged loosed from the chair.
She said slowly again, “Never knew, thinning is done like this in barbershop”
I replied, “Well actually nobody gets their volume reduced here, everybody gets a haircut. Do you know these thinning shears are actually brand new even though I got them few years back?”
I then collected her hair in pony at her base of neck with left hand and sat on the floor for better grip, then touching the thinning shears at her pony base applied pressure to the scissor. Few strands fell. I again changed my grip and ran it at different place.
I continued doing that till I was satisfied. The floor below was covered with not much of hair, if I would have combed a lady with hair fall problem, I think same amount of hair would be collected.
I then straightened the chair to normal sitting position, and then with a comb spread her hair, as if I am going to cut it. I then put a towel on her shoulders, and then sectioned her hair from front to back in five sections. Taking the first section from back, I inserted the thinning scissor near her scalp, and cut it. I did the same with four sections, and then I moved to front doing the same, but she asked, “Can you do bangs?”
I was little surprised, “You want bangs?”
She replied, “yeah, if you can do it”
I didn’t said anything, I just kept the thinning scissor and picked comb, brought some more hair to front section and combed it straight across her face, such that her face got covered.
I then picked regular scissors and asked, “Short bang or long?”
She replied, “Medium”
I placed the scissor just above her eyebrows which were well threaded and kaachchchch…chch, her hair went down to her lap. I continued cutting, as I chopped more, her face revealed, eyes tightly closed and an expression of excitement.
After my scissors passed through she opened her eyes. She smiled seeing her face and then the hair on her lap.
I said, “I should have used the cape…” as I combed her hair to remove cut locks from her hair.
She then put her hair in a pony then a bun and said, “Thanks for reducing the volume, its look nice now”
I said, taking control her hair from her, holding her hair high at top of her head, “your nape should be shaved…”
She didn’t replied, I continued, “clean nape makes ponies look beautiful you know…”
I didn’t waited for her reply, but started adjusting the towel on her shoulder. Then collected all the hair in my fist and made a bun at the top of her head. I then sprinkled water on her nape, bending her head forward, and then massaged it.
I then took a razor and started attaching new blade to it and asked, “Ever had nape shave before?”
She replied in a sad tone, “Yeah, when I was in college…I had done it”
I placed the razor where her hairline ends and told her not to move, and then I ran the razor from top to back of nape. I again adjusted the razor and did it again. By my fourth run, her nape was cleared. I checked her sides, she didn’t had much of sideburns, so left them.
I tuned her around and with left thumb picked the bangs and said, “I am removing the baby hair if you don’t mind”
She agreed and then keeping the razor at her front ran it down removing the baby hairs.
I then kept the razor and removed the towel and wiped her nape with it, then ran some alum to it, and told her, “It’s over”
She got down while touching her nape. She said, “Wow! A complete makeover…”
I smiled and said, “Yeah. ₹125 please”
She paid. I then took the clip from her and ponied her hair and attached it.
She smiled and left the shop.
I knew for sure now that she have become a customer of my shop…”

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