Aarya’s big chop (part 1)

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Summer was nearly over and I had to get ready for school starting in two days. My parents had always been concerned about my lack of concentration in studies. This time before school starts, they had already enrolled me in a tuition centre so that I show improvement in my academics.

“Aarya let’s go!” My mother called out as we were going to do some back to school shopping.

My parents and I left for the market and I was very excited to get my hands on some new stationery. We pulled up in front of the stationery shop and went inside.

“Mr. Rai? I haven’t seen you in like 4 years! How are you!?” A lady exclaimed as she saw my father. She was in her 40s she was there with two teenage boys who were presumably were her kids.

As it turned out she was a family friend. My parents started talking to her. I lost interest in their conversation and started checking out her children. I can’t be blamed! I was 15 and one of them was really really hot!

He was wearing a white t shirt that showed off his worked out chest. He was tall and wore his hair is a crew cut. The other boy had a very feminine face. He was wearing an incredibly over sized t shirt and it was looking as if he was almost walking around wrapped in a sack. He also wore his hair in a crew cut but he wasn’t attractive at all.

“My little girl here had the same problem!” Said the lady.

“Little GIRL!!???” I thought to myself. That feminine boy was actually a girl??!!!!! She looked nothing like it.

The lady continued.. “children of this age tend not to concentrate on their studies. They are always hot headed and distracted. Last year this problem reached it’s peak with my shyra over here. So I shaved her head bald. This way her head is always cool and light, she doesn’t spend hours on her appearance and she stays away from boys.”

After some more small talk the lady left. We shopped for stationery and left the shop. My father had already planned to get his haircut after the shopping so we went straight to the barber shop.

I was a bit afraid to go with him and wait there because of the little story that lady told us but then again I was sure that my parents didn’t believe in such methods.

We entered the barber shop where two chairs were occupied and my father went sat on the third. My mother and I took a seat in the waiting area.

Kamal, my father’s favorite barber, caped him and was ready to cut his hair. They chatted as kamal cut my father’s hair. He just trimmed the hair and soon enough he was done.

“See you next month Mr. Rai” kamal said and smiled.

“We’re not leaving just yet kamal” my father said. I want you to do another haircut, Aarya come sit.”

I was shocked as I heard my father say this. My mother didn’t even have a reaction as if she already knew what was going to happen.

“But I am just fine without any haircuts” I said trying not to sound too nervous.

“Aarya come sit in the chair or this won’t end well for you” he said angrily this time.

I was scared so I just got up and got in the barber’s chair. I had never had my hair cut in a barbershop before. I had my hair so long that they hung down to my butt. I had just had them trimmed every now and then at the salon or by my mother or father. I did not know what I was in for today.

Before I could even contemplate anything, kamal wrapped a tissue tightly around neck and caped me. I knew that there was no escape now. My precious long hair’s fate were in Jamal’s hands now.

My mother came up to the chair and said ” take everything below this point off”. She was keeping her palm near my bra strap.

I was shocked!!! My long black straight hair that were down to my butt were going to be cut at a bra length!!!.

I revolted “that is very extreme!!”

“You spend 4 hours a day to take care if that hair and on the weekends it’s sometimes even 5. We can’t have you wasting this much time now that you’re also going to go for tuitions” my father said.

He continued..”look darling. This is necessary. If you obediently sit through this haircut, I won’t get worse for you. I wanted a shorter length but your mother has agreed to this length. So unless you don’t want to loose more of you precious locks than you’re already are going to lose, I suggest you shut up and sit straight.”

I was so afraid of my father at that time. But it was too extreme I was really nervous.

I was just looking myself in the mirror and kamal combed my long hair. “Sweety that is too much for you to handle. These long locks are weighing you down so much. I will fix this”

He took all of my hair at the back clutched then in his hand like a pony tail , picked up a scissors in the other hand and SNIP SNIP SNIP.

My once long enough to cover my butt hair were cut into just above my bra strap.

My long black hair were lying dead on the floor of that barbershop.

I started crying. (Obviously). My father got really angry and said I shouldn’t have cried like I was being tortured or something.

“This is for your own good. You won’t be able to manage the heat and study at the same time.” He said. “Kamal… cut it shorter. I don’t want hair covering her neck or ears. I don’t care if she looks like a boy. Just cut it all!!!!”

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