Aarya’s big chop (part2)

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After the shoulder length cut…..

Father told the barber to cut my hair shorter and without any delay, Kamal brought his scissors near my ear and started cutting everything below it off. I was just numb at this point. my hair had never been so short before. I could feel my neck, chin and collarbone being exposed. My head was feeling very light.
All I kept thinking was how everyone is going to react at school when they see me like this. My hair were so short they couldn’t even be tied into a ponytail, and that is what caught my father’s attention. He came near the chair and started running his hands through my hair, checking the length. My hair were just covering my earlobes and they couldn’t be tucked behind my ear anymore.

“The hair will be in her face all the time, how is she supposed to study???” my father said to Kamal angrily.
“Sir she is a girl, shorter hair won’t look good on her” Kamal replied.
“I didn’t ask for you opinion Kamal, cut the front shorter!!”

Kamal obeyed the orders and plugged in his clippers, with a #3 attachment. He brought them to my nape, pushed my head forward into my boobs and started clipping away my now short locks shorter.
The clipper felt very weird on my nape, my body started to tremble a bit and my head was shaking. Kamal firmly pushed and held my head down while he kept running the clippers high up my nape. He clipped the area above my ears too. I felt extremely exposed and nervous. Finally he put he clippers down and started cutting my top and front hair with scissors.

Soon enough he cut my hair into a pixie. The top of my ears were covered by hair on the sides and on the front I had some sort of short bangs.

I thought this is over now and I was kind of relieved because the cut looked quite feminine and sort of sexy. I thought I could get used to it eventually.

Then father said something that was not expected at all. “Her ears are still covered, her forehead is covered. I know she’ll just spend all the time combing and styling these bangs. What part of a short haircut you don’t understand Kamal?”

“This haircut is for a girl sir.” Said Kamal.

May father yelled, “I don’t care if she looks like a girl or a boy, I don’t care if she looks good or not!!! Just get those locks off her head!!!!”

I had never seen my father this angry before. Kamal was now hellbend to satisfy his customer. So he put a #1 attachment on the clippers, forcefully pushed my head and shoved his clippers into my hair. I wasn’t sure how short #1 attachment was, but when I felt the AC breeze on the back of my head I figured it out. I was frighteningly short!!!!!

He kept at it on my sides, above my ears up till my temples. I could feel his fingers making contact with my scalp. I felt so naked and helpless. He passed #3 clippers on the top of my head. My top hair were now so short I could almost see my scalp throught them and the sides and back were clipped down to a #1 which is even shorter.

My father said he wanted to see skin above my ears and nape. So Kamal shaved my sides and back with #0 attachment. Then he worked up some lather and dabbed it on my neck pretty high up until the top of my ears. Then he took out his straight razor and shaved my back and sides clean and smooth.

I felt humiliated and violated. I didn’t even know what to think anymore. I looked in the mirror and on my head where I used to see my butt long back straight hair, all I could see was some spiky short hair on top and shaved smooth skin on the sides.

Kamal massaged my head and swayed it back and forth. I could feel his cold fingers on my freshly shaved scalp. He finally removed the cape and the tissue. He said “here you go sweety, now you don’t even need a comb and you won’t sweat in this scorching heat. You must feel so light and cool now.”

“You look like a cute little boy now.” Said my mother.

All I could think of was how badly I want to grow it out now. I was relieved that this nightmare was finally over and now I just have to wait for my hair to grow back!!!

My father rubbed my head and smiled. “That’s right! My little boy Aarya” he said while laughing. He paid the barber and while leaving he said “I’ll bring her next month for maintaining this. Thank you”

To be continued…..

3 responses to “Aarya’s big chop (part2)

  1. You can make her bald cause it is her exam time and make her results come though it’s better but still not good. It was vacation her hair growled bit from her bald head. she used a bit time in gelling her small hairs anyway and her father noticed that even a little bit of hair she gelled it. Make her father ask her to stop wasting time on telling her to study, but she doesn’t listen. When the vacation gets over she got shaggy normal hairs. Make her father seeing her gelling her hair and wasting time even though they are so small hairs. Her father asks her to come with him. They go to barber shop. The barber started doing her regular cut when ask her to make her bald. The girl questions him. He says that she brought good Mark’s with short hair but still it’s not good if she would have brought best marks then he would have let her keep her hair. She fights. He says her this time even if she brings best Mark he would only allow her to go back her regular haircut till he thinks and now if she doesn’t want him to turn for all time bald she better listen him. She sat crying as her school going to start tommorow. She cried and said atleast you could have left me some hair. The father angrily asked the barber to keep some hair bunch of hair at back as humiliation. The girl started crying more. Barber gets done it was looking very bad with that little hair on back. The girl was going to stand up and started crying to herself. Her father told her sto stop crying but she didn’t listen. Her father asked barber to put some shine wax to add humiliation. And asked to give him some too as he would put some everyday before she goes to school so she doesn’t concentrate on boys and boys would stay away.
    Barber put some wax and girl left with her father everyone stared her as she wearing a frock and her head was shining like the sun getting more Attraction of people. The girl lived in this agony for 3 days after which next sunday they were gone to mall. Everyone stareda t the girl as her head was shining a bit and it looked disgusting with that bunch of hair. And little hair beside it. They reached home. She slept next day she woke up and watched her head. There was little bit of gel so it was shining and her little hair was grown bit so it looked bit normal. She thought that head was not atleast bald today when her parents called her inside washroom. And asked her to sit at stool her father shaved her head with leaving that little hair more small cutting it a bit, which made it small like before. Her mom made her ready for school and added some wax and she cried, so her mom added more wax. Making it more shiny than usual. She reached school people started staring at her in pity and more people looked because of the shine her head hold. Some girls gossiped that her head was reflecting and she saw at the reflection of light her head was giving of sun…

    Please make the part 3 like this. I am beggin. Please. Please. Please

    1. Wow. Thank you for such an elaborate suggestion. You should definitely give your own story a try, this is quite imaginative.
      I will try to make part 3 similar to this but not the exact story, because this is clearly your idea and it’s great.
      Hope you like the next part too. Waiting for your feedback. Thanks

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