Abduction Part II

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Abduction Part II

Julia sat in her bed, caressing her newly smooth bald scalp with her hand and exploring her now toothless mouth with her tongue. Her fingers traced the location were her eyebrows once were. Julia quickly realized that she wanted to pleasure many partners with her new found abilities. She texted Kent “I think we need to take a break, you aren’t what I want anymore.” They had only been dating for about 2 months anyways. She re-downloaded Finnder, a dating app for finding quick hook-ups. She updated her profile “Full of surprises. Always down to meet a guy willing to try something new and different. You’ve never felt a blowjob like mine.” Julia spent about an hour on the app, before finally turning it off. That’s when she received a text from her friend Amber. “OMFG Julia, you will NEVER believe what happened to me last night!”

Amber woke up in a cold metal chair, stripped completely naked. She could see a reflection of her self sitting in a strange surgery room. There was a dome light above her. She couldn’t move her body or speak, but she could hear a voice in the background.

“Begin Recording. 10/18/3030. Traveling back in time approximately 1010 years. Young Caucasian female. Approximately 25 years old. Red hair, approximately 27inches long. Red eyebrows. Blue eyes. Straight white teeth, estimating braces from age 14 to 16. 5’8” tall, approximately 118 lbs. Will commence collection of specimens immediately.”

A figure approached Amber with a surgical mask on. He was dressed in a doctor’s smock with gloves on his hands. He approached her and gently opened her mouth. A second figure appeared and wheeled a cart over to the chair.

“Ok, Tricia, hand me the root releaser.”

A needle full of green liquid was passed over to the doctor. Amber began to breath hard.

“Don’t worry, you are completely numb from head to toe, you won’t feel a thing. When you wake up, this will feel like nothing more than a dream.”

Amber watched as the doctor poked and prodded around her mouth for what seemed like forever with the green needle.

“Ok 32 injections completed. Pass me the hair follicle destroyer. And Tricia, be sure to bind her hair into a pony, we don’t want any stray hairs escaping us like the last one.”

“Yes, Dr. Shaver.”

The other figure passed the doctor a needle filled with a blue liquid. Then Amber saw in the reflection as the figure began grabbing Amber’s long red hair and pulling it back into a tight pony tail.

The doctor then approached Amber.

“Such a shame to extract all this gorgeous red hair, but then again, collecting these samples is imperative for the survival of the human species.”

Amber heard a muffle laugh from behind her.

“Don’t laugh Tricia, its true, without healthy hair follicles, and dental roots, the future would be full of bald scalps and toothless mouths!”

“Right you are doctor!”

Then Amber watched as the needle with blue liquid descended into her scalp. The doctor poked and prodded all over her scalp, although all Amber felt was a light pressure. She felt two final dots of pressure where her eyebrows were and then the doctor stepped away.

“Ok Tricia, take the before images and dimensions of the mouth down to the lab in section 7. I’ll finish up with the extractions and collection of samples here.”

The other figure walked out. Amber watched as the doctor walked over to her. He spent a few minutes arranging tools on his tray, every so often glancing at his watch.

“Oh no, looks like someone is drooling.”

He wiped the corner of Amber’s mouth with a towel from his tray. Then glanced once more at his watch.

“Ok perfect, time to reveal the new you!”

She watched in the mirror as he reached from the front of her to the back of her head, grabbing her pony tail. She felt a pressure on her scalp as he pulled it tight, and lost sight of what was happening in the mirror.

“This used to be my favorite part.”

She felt the pressure increase and watched as the doctor slowly pulled the ponytail farther and farther from her head until what looked liker her whole head of hair was in his hands. Then she saw him wave his hand once over each of her eyes.

“There we are, a completely perfect depilation.”

As the doctor walked away with the hair, Amber caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her mouth was completely ajar, but would have been even if she could move it. All of her beautiful red hair was completely gone. Even her eyebrows. In its place was a completely denuded scalp, reflecting the light from the dome. She was completely bald.

“Now for my favorite part.”

The doctor returned and slid a rolling stool in front of her. He grabbed a pair of what looked like giant tweezers.

“Don’t worry, the replacements we will give you for your samples are of the highest quality and will be completely indistinguishable from your originals.

The doctor began reaching the tool in Amber’s mouth. Each time she felt a slight pressure in her gums, but only for a moment, then the doctor would discard something in a tin collector. Amber would hear a light “klink,” and the doctor would reach in her mouth once more. After what seemed like 30 or so “klinks,” the doctor set down the tool and moved Amber’s head this way and that to look inside.

“Ah yes, I must have gotten them all.”

Amber saw the doctor grab the tin collector and walk off. She saw herself in the mirror and was even more shocked. Her wide open mouth was completely toothless. Her once pearly white teeth were now completely gone. Amber didn’t have much time for the shock to set in, as the other figure came back, holding a clump of red hair in one hand and a box in the other.

“Ok time to set this one off for the long night.”

The doctor walked over and injected a yellow serum into Amber’s arm.


Amber awoke to her alarm going off in her ear. She hopped out of bed and into the shower. As the water ran down her body, she sprayed some shampoo in her hands. She began rubbing the solution on her head, and noticed that it felt like her hair was moving in circles. With two hands she grabbed her long red longs and pulled. The hair came off in her hands! Amber let out a quick scream and threw the hair out of the shower. She reached up with both hands and explored her hairless scalp. The warm rushing water and her soft hands felt very erotic on her slick, bald, scalp. Amber began to caress her newly denuded head. Soon, she was rubbing her pussy and her slick, bald, scalp. After she let out a body quivering orgasm, she finished showering and stepped out of the shower to look at herself. She had been a knockout before, but now that she was bald, she didn’t know how anyone could resist her. Her slick, shiny, bald head really showed off her long neck and blue eyes. Then Amber thought about something.

“If my head is bald like it was in my dream, what about my teeth?”

Amber reached into her mouth and took hold of her front teeth. She pulled and to her shock, the teeth came out. She was now looking at a mouth with a set of toothless gums on top and teeth on the bottom. She ran her tongue over the now toothless gums lining the top of her mouth.

“What the fuck was going on?”

She grabbed hold of the bottom set of teeth and pulled. They too cam right out of her mouth. Now her mouth was completely toothless. Only Amber’s bare gums were visible in the mirror. She ran her tongue over her gums, trying to see if there was any way she was imagining this. She wasn’t. Amber, who once had luscious long red locks, and perfect straight white teeth, was now a toothless, bald, smooth goddess.

“Holy shit,” she slurred. “What the fuck am I going to do?” The words cascaded out of her mouth sloppily.

Amber reached for her phone and texted Julia.

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