Abra Abracadabra – Part 2

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The Steve Miller Band had just released this song in 1982, it is still one of my favorite’s today. I was going shopping at Wal Mart and heard the song on the oldies station here. I immediately was taken back in time to 1982 and the events that surrounded that song and 5 very long haired ladies working at Walmart from 1982 to 2016. I failed to mention the Abra Abracadabra is for all these Five women. It is because, I would always see them, give them a big hug and reach out, touching at their braids of hair, saying “ Abra Abracadabra gonna reach out and grab ya.” It was harmless and we would laugh about it.

The second lady in this saga is Sonya. Sonya is a Blond woman, like Red Sonya, about 5′ 10” tall, a nice well toned body, but; Sonya had thick Blond hair to her waist, when I first met her at Wal Mart, she was a check out lady. Between 1988 to 1993. Sonya not only worked at Wal Mart, but: came to take care of Norma, my wife during her illness 3 days a week, to begin with, then 5 days a week, then Norma asked Sonya to move in to the basement Master Bedroom. Sonya lived in the basement for free, cooked Lunch and dinners, plus watched Norma. There was no sex between us, all business. My wife watched Sonya’s hair growing from waist length to Knee length by 1993. Of course I took care of the Hair trimming for Sonya, plus the short 2” Pixie cut my wife had worn since 1985. Sonya would talk with my wife for hours on end, watch TV with us. Norma would occasionally brush Sonya long hair out on days when she was feeling good. She told Sonya her hair was to her waist back in 1985 when we met and I cut it to a 4”Pixie cut the second week we were together. Sonya looked at me and said you cut her hair OC? Yes I did, truth be known Norma had had it long for 20 years, was tired of being a religious hair person with traditional long hair, so we cut it off short. Plus it is so easy to maintain,wash, blow and go, or if 1” long just towel dry in a bout 5 min off we would go to ride and have a dinner afterwards. Sonya just stared at Norma then Norma said THATS TRUE, dont miss the long mane of hair either Sonya. Sonya just looked at her hair, carressed it, and said OK.

I would go ride the Harley in charity rides on Saturdays and Sonya would watch me leave and take care of Norma. Then one Saturday Norma said that Deb (Her daughter) was coming to watch her, to be with her for the day. so why don’t you take Sonya in my place as a partner on the rides? Sonya loved a Harley Davidson, riding in a group on a charity run and said she would gladly take my wife’s place each Saturday. For 41/2 years Sonya and I went on Charity Motorcycle rides and had fun. We would come home. Norma would always want to see the photos of the ride,where we went to, how the ride went, who we met, plus we always brought her a nice steak Dinner with a Baked Potato. Each month I cut Normas hair toa 3” Pixie or 2”? Sonya would watch intently as I clipped Norma’s hair shorter.

I will never forget the day, June 19th 1993, I was cutting Norma’s hair on a Saturday morning at 7 am before we were to go on a ride at 11am. Sonya watched as always while Norma wanted it shorter on top so it would be cooler with the warm weather coming in. Sonya watched as I cut Norma’s hair from 3” to a nice 5/8” spiked top and a short ¾” sides and nape. As I cut Norma’s hair I could see Sonya playing with her mane, holding it out, looking at it, stroking it, playing with it, then looking at me cutting Norma’s short spiked look. Sonya looked at me, stood up from the couch, came next to Norma, felt her hair all spiked on top and short sides. Sonya looked again at her mane and felt Norma’s short hair ten said: “OC, before we go ridding today, do you think I would look better in a short Pixie cut? Since 1990, everyone seems to be abandoning long hair for short bobs and Pixie cuts. I know now, a short Pixie Cut is what I want OC.” Norma looked at Sonya and said: “Long hair is very beautiful like yours Sonya, but; a pain to keep up. Sonya, you do not know how often, brushing out your long hair, I wanted to say, Sonya do you ever think of getting all this mane of hair cut short?” Sonya said “Thank You Norma, that settles it.OC Cut this mane of hair short, give me a short Pixie cut like Norma s, spiked and short, looks bold, daring, easy to maintain. I have had long hair all my life to my waist, now at 42, I want a change.” I asked “Are you sure?” “ Yeah I am sure., before I change my mind lets do it.” We put Norma back into her recliner, I caped up Sonya. pulled the long hair out, put it into Sonya’s lap, it fell down the cape to the lap, to the knees as Sonya sat looking at it. Norma looked at Sonya and said WE are going to relish this day Sonya. Sonya smiled, I did the hair into a nice long loose ponytail, so I could just clipper it all off to 3/4”. I would start down the middle, then to the sides and nape. Then I would come back over the top with a nice 5/8” Buzz. I raised the clippers with the 3/4” attachment, plunged it into the top if the head, right down the middle they roared leaving a nice swath of 3/4” hair behind, as the hair was being severed. Sonya screamed, for the first time, she saw in the mirror a 3/4” path of short hair. Norma said “No turning back now Sonya, freedom is taking place.” I made two more passes on each side before the whole top of Sonya’s head was a 3/4” short cut. I then went to the sides, Sonya watched as the hair was severed with each passing, again and again, around the ear, back and up the nape I then cut the other side. It took some 15 swipes at the mane, as it was finally severed laying limp in my hand. I gave it to Sonya she sighed : “I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS YEARS AGO OC.” Sonya rubbed the hair loving it. I finished up with a 5/8” buzz on top. We went on the ride, everyone complimented Sonya on her new bold, daring, biker chick look, rubbing her head and smiling. NEXT.

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