Abra Abracadabra – Part 3

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I first met Margaret during a check out in 1985. Margaret had a chin length Inverted Bob Cut at the time. I said what beautiful red hair, you should grow it out to be waist length? Margaret said thank you and stated that she had never had her hair long, but; had always wanted to grow it out. I said well we can work on doing that. I told Margaret that I did hair as a side job and would love to see her hair to her waist or longer if she would allow me to take care of it for her. Margaret agreed to let me take over her hair department and help he grow her hair to waist if not longer?

Margaret like most true red heads was fair complected skin with freckles all over her face. Margaret was a true beauty who stood about 5′ 8” and weighted about 125 lbs. She was probably a 38, 24, 30 and reminded more of an Ann Margaret type person, full of life and funny.

From 1985 to 1991 Margaret grew her hair out as planned. Seven years of hair growth at about 1” a month, trimming 1/2” every 3 months to keep the ends nice and straight. One thing I hate on a long haired lady is hair that looks like a picket fence downside. Jagged ends are not cool. A nice straight blunt cut ends are so nice to look at plus keeping the hair full and silky smooth looking. Margaret’s hair was now 60” Long, it fell in a nice reddish color to her calf’s, with a nice shine to it as we washed it with Mane and Tail every 3 days. Silky glistening Red hair to hold and caress as her husband loved to do.

Margaret came to have her hair trimmed every 3 months about 1/2”. I noticed that she was with child and asked how far along she was? Margaret stated; “About 7 months now OC.” I trimmed her ends up then asked Margaret about her long hair, what was she going to do with all the long hair to manage, plus taking care of a new born? Margaret thought about what I had said, then kind of shrugged her shoulders as if to say never thought about it? Margaret looked at me then said: “Guess I will keep it long till it becomes a burden to me huh OC?” I nodded and replied, “ Guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I finished up and Margaret left. I thought about her next trimming in 3 months, heck she would be having the child by then? So, guess we just will have to wait to see what happens between now and then?

Margaret came by the house, her hair was a mess and she was carrying forward with child very far, she looked like she had stolen a bowling ball and was walking around with it. Margaret started to cry, I asked what was wrong. Margaret stated she could not take care of her long hair like she did before, she was going to be in delivery with 60” of hair, what should she I do OC? I asked her; “What are you asking specifically Margaret?” Margaret said she and Tom her husband had been talking about all the hair she had to take care of, plus a new born on the way to take care of, plus being a house wife. How would she find time, after the birth, to do it all, plus manage her hair length. They talked, then decided, maybe a short style would be more practical, not having to take care of all the hair at 60”. I was taken back by Margaret wanting to cut off all her beautiful long mane of Red hair? I replied that if you want to cut it we can do that, but; are you going to miss that beautiful long mane of hair you have had since growing it out for the last 6 years Margaret stated that she would miss it, but; here in the last week, she did not have the tie to really care for her long mane and maybe it would be easier to just say good bye to it and remember it as an event she had done. OC lets just cut it off now OK, before I change My mind and give into my whims of keep this mane of super long hair. OK I said lets look at some styles for you then Margaret.

We looked at Bob cuts, Chin Length Bobs, Inverted Bobs, Pixie Cuts long at 5-6” to short 3” and very close cut 1” Pixie cuts. Margaret kept looking at the short 3-1” Pixie cuts and asked if she would look good in hair that short. I explained that the change would definitely be drastic, but; I said I felt that Margaret had a nice facial feature, short hair would definitely look great on you I said, the shorter the better, the 1-3” Pixie would rock the scene as daring, adventurous, bold statement to go from 60” of hair to a 1” Pixie cut. Margaret said the old ladies at church would surely faint when I cane in buzzed in a 1” Pixie Cut OC. We both laughed and Margaret said lets do it OC a 1” Pixie cut, get rid of all this mane of hair as she tossed it up and back, lets do it now OC, YES a 1” Pixie Cut will be stunning, wash, blow and go hair, never had hair that short but soon will huh OC?

I seated Margaret in the Barbers chair, combed out her mane of hair for what was t be the last time, Margaret looked in the mirrors as I combed the mane out, she said: “Ya know OC, I will miss the care and trimming from you over the last six years, but; I am really anxious to cut all the mane of hair very short, I am really getting excited about watching the scissors cutting through the braid or how are you planning on doing it OC?” I thought for a moment and said how about a nice loose ponytail, and a clipper cut at 1”, get it all cut off at once, 59” severed at once I would like to do. Margaret said that her hair was now 62” since the last trim at 60 it had grown another 2”. I measured the hair 61 7/8” long. I said well we will have to cut off 607/8” Margaret, 5′ of hair to be all shorn at once. Margaret laughed, she said OC I am going to call Tom and have him film this event, I mean how often do you get a client with 5′ of hair being cut off all at once to a short sexy 1” Pixie Cut. Tom Liked the 1” Pixie Cut and said go for it, now I have called him and said I am doing it Baby a 1” pixie cut, so he said OK will bring the movie camera to film it all, be there in about 15 min. Margaret. OK Tom we will be waiting.

Tom arrived with a movie camera and set it up to film the eventful cutting. Margaret said we are ready now OC, do it OC, do it, I want a 1” Pixie cut now OC Oh My God I cannot wait to see this happen. I did the hair into a loose Ponytail done high at the center of the head. I then got the clippers ready, put on the 1” attachment, caped up Margaret,I said we are ready now. Margaret took a selfie of her hair long for the last time.then said OC lets DO IT, cut this mane all off short OC.

I turned the clippers on, then brought the clipper up to the nape of the neck, Margaret eyes were saucer wide looking at the ponytail over my shoulder and the loose hair ready to be mowed down from 60+” to a 1” Pixie Cut. I ran the clipper slowly into the hair at the right side, nape of the neck, as the clipper roared into the nape hairs, the hair fell away leaving a nice 1” path of hair 2” wide, Margaret gasped , Tom smiled saying WOW is this going to be cool to film Margaret, wow it is looking great with 1” of hair left. I was beside myself with them both Awe and Oohing as the clippers made a nice path to the crown of the head. I brought the clipper down to the middle and plowed the clippers into the hair severing more strands of hair to join the already loose mane of hair, straight up I went again to the crown, a nice 4” path of 1” of hair was broadly showing now. I brought the clipper to the left side and started on what was the last pass on the nape area a 6” path of nice 1” hair was broadly showing. Margaret and Tom we in awe of how nice the nape showing looked, so short and nice looking. Margaret said that this short style was going to be so easy to care for compared to the 5′ mane of hair. Tom was saying how great Margaret was going to look, plus all the comments from everyone about the drastic change. A true metamorphosis was taking place from ankle length to 1” and it was shaping up nicely with just the nape to crown finished. I moved to the left side and came up behind the ear to the crown showing now more hair being released and another nice 2” path of 1” hair left behind., I brought the clippers to the left side burn and went straight up with the clipper whirling and cutting a nice 2” path again, now we all could see the results as a 2” path was opened to match the 1” of hair from back to front on the left side, The long mane was lifeless just swinging in the air as I moved from back to from and more hair strands joined the severed ponytail. Tom took some great filmmaker of the hair severed and hair left at 1”. Margaret with her hand combed the hair down and it was beautiful so short now,ust a beautiful sigth to view. I started on the right side at the side burn and moved the clippers straight up and a 2” path of hair was severed and joined the swinging ponytail, up the back of the ear and the hair was now left for the forehead area to be mowed down. I brought the clippers to the forehead and ran the clipper straight back severing all of the ponytail and leaving it swinging in my left hand. The style was completed, Margret and Tom caressed the long mane and the short 1” of hair was discussed as how great it was not to have all that 5′ of hair to take care of anymore.

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