Abra Abracadabra – Part 4

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Fastina was a cute Spanish Lady with dark Black Hair to her waist. She was maybe 40 when I met her in 1994. She was a statuest women with a nice figure that was well proportioned and she went to the gym 3 days a week to stay in shape. Fastina was married with 4 children, 3 girls and a son. All the girls had waist length hair and were just as beautiful as their mom.

Fastina was upset with her stylist and had heard about my services for free, as long as when you decided to cut your hair, I got the mane that you cut off. For six years I took care for the family and always had a nice Spanish meal as a reward and friendship. The first daughter Maria was now 15 and wanted to have her waist-length hair cut to a chin length bob. Everyone gathered around as I caped Maria up, combed out the long black hair and cut the ponytail off in 31 shinkings. It was beautiful and thick and young virgin hair just freshly severed.. The family was in awe as Maria was the first one to have broken tradition by cutting her waist length hair. I handed the 27” ponytail to Maria who said here Mommy for you to keep. Fastina was cying about her daughter Maria’s decision but accepted change as a way of life that some choose. Fastima put the braid into a wooden box and closed the box.

Maria had broken tradition and it was about 3 months later Fastina came in with the twins. Blanca and Isabella, both wanted a change as their sister had gotten. The twins were 13 years old, I talked with them about a new hair style. It was to be a short Pixie cut for Blanca and and inverted Bob cut for Isabella. Fastina sat and watched as her child Blanca was seated, caped up, her hair pulled out, combed and sectioned off into 3 sections, sides and nape for a short 3” Pixie Cut to be done. I combed out the sections of hair and then cut off each section with about 12 to 13 snipping each section. As each section was cut off the hair fell down to the chin and nape, each section was handed to Blanca as she caressed it and gave it to Fastina. Kind of a ritual of passing. I shaped up the 3” Pixie cut with clippers and a 21/2” attachment with a 4.0 steel 1/2” Blade to make the passings at an even 3” all over. I started on the front right side of the side burns running the roaring clipper straight up to the forehead, long strands of hair fell away as Fastina watched in shock and Blanca squealed with joy, as Isabella was watching intently as to what was about to happen to her hair. Over the right ear, up the back side of the ear and then onto the nape. 3 passes later and more hair piled on the cape and floor as Fastina was in shock at the amount of hair being severed to a short cute sexy bold Pixie Cut. Up the left side back of the ear to the crown are and thenoverthe ear and down the side burns as hair filled up the floor and cape. The last cutting was down the middle and with 4 passes a nice short 3” Pixie Cut was completed. Hair was everywhere on the cape and about 3” thick on the floor. Blanca had one head of thick hair cut off and reduced to a beautiful Pixie Cut. Blanca was uncapped and stood up, she was beautiful, even more with a short style, easy to care for hair, then her long waist length mane was.Blanca’s smile and squeal of OH I LOVETHIS Cut as she ran her hands through it, embellishing the short cut and easy fast care over the long mane all the Spanish community wore as a culture.

Isabella jumped up into the chair and said I am ready OC cut my hair short please. I caped up Isabella and pulled her hair out, combed it and fastened the cape back. I did a braid for Isabella that was braided very high near her crown. As I cut away at the mass of hair the-severed hair fell directly as planned, short at the nape and longer up front following the chin line. As I was cutting Isabella’s hair, Isabella smiled and said OH YES, YES, YES, finally no more mane of hair to take care of and a nice new hairstyle for me. I trimmed up and shaped the inverted back and followed the line along the chin on the left side and then the right side as hair fell to the floor and cape. Fastina was watching with amusement as hair was cut and falling into place, Fastima stroked her waist length ponytail that was pulled to the right today and looked at her hair and the the graying stands that were appearing lately in her mane of hair. I finished up Isabella and she jumped out of the chair went to the big mirror and fluffed her newly styled hair cut saying, never again will I have long hair Mommy., never. Fastina looked at her hair stroking the long mane of hair, then she looked up at me, her two children, then asked me. OC my hair is turning Gray, I work 12 hours a day cooking in the restaurant, June and July were super hot and August is going to be hotter. We have recorded 120+ with the stoves, grills, mixer, and deep fryers. I come home my hair is wringing wet, I wash it, shower and get ready for bed, my hair is still wet and Geraldo asks why is your hair wet, then I explain to him about it and maybe I should cut it short, then Geraldo said Yeah maybe you should? Would I look good in short hair OC? Isabella and Blanca said OH YES MOMMY , Yes, Yes, YES GET IT CUT Mommy, BE FREE. Fastima sat for a minute in shock, she never expected her children to say that to her. Maybe a NO MOMMY NO, but; a Yes Mommy be Free?? Fasima sat there for a moment trying to absorb the comments. I’d say you would look great in any style, Long or short Fastima. But; explaining what you have and Geraldo’s approval, lets do it if you want to cut it, lets cut it short, be cool.with a short style and new hair do for the first time in your life Fastina, it is 2000 and a new 2YK thing going around, styles are short hair this year, a Pixie Cut has always been around since 1958? Fastima stood up, undid her hair, combed it out in the mirror, looked at her daughters, then asked them, what style do you think? I like the Blanca short Pixie cut but; is that too short? How long is my hair OC? I took out a measuring tape and had Fastima hold the tape at her crown then pulled the tape down to her waist. The hair was thick, beautiful, full and came to 33.5”. Fastina then grabbed her hair, pulled it around looking at it, then stepped up to the barbers chair, sat down in the chair, then said, OC cut it off to a 3” Pixie Cut if you will, but; can you cut it so I do not see all my hair falling in the cape and onto the floor like Blanca’s was, that would really freak me out.

I caped Fastina up, pulled her long beautiful black thick mane of hair out from under the cape and tightened the cape. I pulled the hair into a really loose ponytail at the top of her head. I told Blanca to hold the braid up as high and loose as she could. Fastina looked into the mirrors front and rear. OC if you cut it to a 3” Pixie Cut like Blanca’s, that means I will have a mane severed of 30” is that right OC? I said yes it is Fastima some 30+” will be severed at once leaving a nice 3” Pixie Cut for you. OK lets do this OC, I think I am now ready. I put the steel Blade 4.0 and the 21/2” attachment back on, had Blanca hold the braided hair loose so I could cut the hair off easily. I flipped the clippers on and Fastina jumped, I told her t settle down and we would be done really fast. Fastina sat still watching the clippers as they approached the nape on the right side. I carefully took the clippers and pushed them into the nape moving upward, the hair was being severed and Fastina screamed as she watched the clippers slowly move up the nape leaving a nice 3” thick cut and a severed 30+” of hair hanging loose. Fastina said OH MY WHAT HAVE I DONE OC, the cut is so cool at the nape, I should have done this years ago, I am going to like this haircut for sure, I can feel a cool breeze for the first time in my life, Oh God this is nice OC, Thank You for talking e into doing this, I am going to miss the mane of hair I have had for so long, but; wow what a cool feeling as I moved the clipper to the middle and right sides, Fastima was beside herself at the new short cropped Pixie cut and the long mane hanging loose. Fastima shed a small tear and watched as I went to the left side and up removing more of the mane and showing more of the new to be short Pixie taking shape. No hair fell on the cape or floor which was what I knew would happen. Fastima was saying come on OC finish this up I want to shake it, feel it loose and short hair. I finished up with a cutting on the top with 4 passes and took the cape off of Fastina. Fastina shook her head and screamed OH YES OH YES how nice and short and light headed I feel OC, Wow, never thought I would ever cut my hair, now look at me, a short haired Spanish Lady and looking good. I stated that it look so nice, a short 3” Pixie Cut now, gone was the 33.5” of hair to the waist and now in place was a cool, sexy, bold looking Fastina. Fastina took her braid and gave it to e saying as promised this is yours and so are these spires of hair from Blanca, Isabella, Maria and mine now. We took the braids out and measured the total cuttings some 27.5, 30.5, 24 and 26” so in all some 108” of silky black virgin hair, I thanked The young ladies and hugged them all as they left smiling.

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