Abra Abracadabra – Part 5

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I first met Dazi and Rami in 1996. They were the new owners of a Subway Sandwich Shop inside of Wal- Marts Super Shopping Center. Both were of Pakistani decent, I was told Dazi meant Pretty and she was just that. A nice small framed woman with Thick Black hair, that fell in a braid down her back to her ankles. Rami meant loving as he loved his Dazi, especially her long mane of hair that fell in a traditional style of long, thick, black hair in a very thick almost 8” braid to her ankles. Now Dazi was 5′ 6” tall, so her hair at ankle length was about 64”.

From 1996 to 2017, Dazi seemed to be under a spell of wanting to change, to become a modern American woman, with a short hair style like a Chin Length Bob or a Pixie Cut. I trimmed Dazi’s hair every 4 months about 3” or 4” but; always kept her hair in the ankle length style that her Rami so adored and loved to undo her braid, too comb her mane out for her each night, then braid it back up. Dazi knew of Ramis wants, she always felt special when Rami combed her mane out and Braided it back up for her after they made love, it was special, sensational love, but; Dazi still wanted to cut her hair into a short modern style. What a dilemma Dazi had to keep her mane long and wish for a modern short hair cut.

Every time I would trim Dazi’s hair, she would look at the new style Books, then she would ask OC would I look good in a short Pixie Cut or a chin length bob cut? I had seen many women of Indian decent over the years cutting their super long floor manes short, into a chin length bob cut or the 4” Pixie Cut. The transformations from super long hair to a short hair style were ravishing in the the new shorter style. I would tell Dazi, “ You would look beautiful coming out from under all that hair, I understand your plight, but Rami has told me do not cut more then 4” when you trim Dazi’s hair OC. Dazi was always compliant with Ramis wishes but; yet she yearned to have her hair long ankle length mane of hair all cut off short to a nice 4” Pixie Cut is what she would dream about as Rami combed her mane out each night, Dazi dreamed of herself in a Beauty Shop Chair, cape up, having her last comb out before her locked were severed with scissors and then trimmed up to a short 4” Pixie Cut, only to awaken from her fantasy to a long braid reaching her ankles again. Oh what was Dazi to do? Such a dilemma..

Dazi would tell me how she would pray weekly to the God Ganesha who was the God of removing Hindrances. The years went by and nothing. Dazi was beside herself, Rama was in intestacy.

Rami wanted to expand the business and the room next to Subway was vacant. Rami and Dazi talked to Wal-Mart about the expansion and were approved. Rami planned out the expansion of moving the serving counter to the center of the expansion, buying, tables, chair, booths, a condiment bar, drink machines excetera. Both Dazi and Rami were so excited and too the plans to the bank for a loan. The bank said OK but would only loan Rami and Dazi $70,000.00 of the $85,000 they needed. Rami said they were $15,000 shy of their dram of expansion. Dazi said we have $7,500 in savings so that would leave us with $7500 still short Rami was thinking about how to raise the money. Dazi and Rami talked to me about how could they raise $7,500 for and expansion, a life long dream of their business expansion in America. The American dream, how could they accomplish this? I suggested maybe selling Dazis hair. Rami was against that idea all together. Dazi thought about it and said maybe this is what the God Ganesha has as an answer to our dilemma and my dream of having a short Pixie Cut that I have yearned for Rami? Rami said NO, No No.

A week went by and Rami came to me to talk about the possibility of getting $7,500 for Dazi’s hair? Was that really possible OC? I sat down at my laptop and brought up the site to sell hair on. Rami looked at women with blond hair, red hair, black hair all asking $4,500 to 5,000 for a waist length spire of not really thick hair. I told Rami that we could advertise her hair for sale, Black hair, 8” thick, for sale 60 inches or 5′ for $7,500? We could show a picture of the braid and of the mane falling free and loose to Dazi’s ankles? Then we could see what offers we would get back? Rami was doubtful that hair would sell for that much but; said OK OC lets see what transpires. Dazi was ecstatic, finally a modern short haired lady she would be.

I placed the ad immediately on Buy Sell Hair On Line. I had taken 2 photos of Dazi’s hair, one was a thick beautiful Black braid of shinny hair glowing in the sun.. The second photo was ofDazi’s hair all loose and free, it went from shoulder to shoulder to the floor, what a magnificent sight of hair to behold. I thought of cutting all the mane off to a short 4” Pixie Cut, 5 feet of hair being severed to a short Pixie Cut and could not wait to do the styling of Dazi coming out from under all that hair to a vibrant, youthful, expression of a woman with a short Pixie Cut. I was now getting into cutting all the hair off for Dazi and myself as it had been a while since I had cut 5′ of hair off for someone who wanted their haircut.

The bids came in slowly, bidders asked if this ad was for real as 60” of hair is not usual posting. I assured them all was legitimate and real. A photo shoot would be done of the hair in different styles plus a video of the cutting of the 5’mane of Dazi’s hair. Rami watched as people bid o Dazi’s hair at $2,500, then $3,000 and upward to $4.500. The bidding was slow and Rami stated that he did not believe me about getting $7,500 for Dazi’s locks of hair. Rami was mad that the money was not going to be coming in and his dream was not going to happen. Dazi said it will happen, give it time Rami pray on it. The second day the bidding stayed at $4,500 and then at noon it went to $5,000 and by evening it was at $6,800. Dazi was getting excited but Rami had his doubting Thomas viewpoint. We waited and watched as that evening more questions were asked about how short was Dazi willing to go. We said How short do you want her to go. The reply was a shaved head, 64” of hair and they offered $10,000. Rami was in shock a Bald headed wife was not what he expected. Dazi typed back with I will shave it bald like you want. But I want $15,000. There was a pause of about 10 minutes and then the reply came back OK, $15,000 it is for 64” of hair, a Bald head shave on CD and photos also. Rami said Oh no my Dazi do not do this, please. Dazi said Rami. It is only hair Rami said Dazi, someone wants to buy it for $15,000, I cannot say no Rami that is twice what we said we needed, so I am saying YES AGREED.

The bidder said the money would be on Pay Pal tomorrow when the banks opened. Dazi said DEAL.

We waited and sure enough early that next morning we received a Pay Pal notice of a $15,000 deposit. Rami asked how was I going to shave Dazi’s hair off. I said there is a blade for the clippers that is a 0000 and does a nice 1/250ths cutting or right to the scalp. Rami looked at Dazi and said I am not looking forward to this head shave Dazi, really not looking forward to it.

Dazi asked how we were going to do this. I said we would role play the scene couple of times before the actual cutting took place. I had Dazi walk into the shop with her hair up and ask if I bought hair as she would like to sell her hair. I said Ok and seated Dazi down in the beauty shop chair. I undid her hair and let it fall down, it fell down to her shoulders, bounced down her back, tumbled down to the back of the chair, bounce off the chair and spilled to the floor four feet of hair from the chair to the floor and another foot of hair curled on the floor behind the chair. I combed the hair out and picked up the foot of hair off the floor combing through it, then did a nice loose braid, then let it loose hitting the floor with a thud. I reached for the clippers, told Rami come and hold the braid up so I can cut it off to the scalp. Rami held the braid up off the floor, it was loose like I wanted it to be so the clippers could do their job of severance. I said I will run the clippers right down the middle of the fore head to begin with and work around the side from left to right till all the hair is severed and you have a nice brown scalp showing. Dazi nodded and smiled, Rami said he was not going to like watching this cutting take place.

I turned the clippers on and Dazi jumped, Rami’s eyes grew wide and I said that is what it sounds like when I turn the clippers on so do not be alarmed as that means we are going to begin cutting all the mane off shortly. Rami kept saying I am not going to like this cutting of your hair to bald Dazi NO NO NO like this taking place. Dazi said it will be OK Rami, really I am looking forward to it, being bald, no long hair for the first time in my life of 40 years Rami, a bald head. No more long hair to do, wash, comb, brush, braid etc yes a bald head Rami, bald.

I said OK we now know whats going to happen tomorrow, get a good nights rest and we will do this playing on CD tomorrow at 4pm. Rami said Oh my last night with my lovely long mane of Dazi’s hair, wow, I am not looking forward to tomorrow at all. Dazi smiled and said I am looking forward to total freedom from long hair wow I cannot wait. We all went our ways and agreed to be back at 4pm the next day. Dazi said wow only 18 hours to a bald head and freedom from this mane of hair YES.

It was 4 pm and we were all gathered in the shop to do the role playing, the hair cutting as we had rehearsed it the day before. I turned on the recorder and Dazi came into the shop, her hair was done up on her head in a tall bun about 6” high coiled upon her head. I talked to her as she asked did I buy hair. I said I dd then seated her in the beauty shop chair. I undid the coiled bun of hair and it fell down, hitting her shoulders, bouncing off the chairs back falling slowly and gracefully for the last time to the floor laying in a small 12” curl on the floor. I picked the hair up, examined it and said $2,500.00. Dazi asked how much if I shave it bald, all 64” to be cut off. I stammered and said $5,000.00. Dazi said OK lets do this before I back out. I brushed the mane of hair for the last time and loosely braided it. Rami came over to hold the braid up so it would be loose to run the clipper through the hair severing it with ease. I grabbed the clippers from the hangers, turned them on and moved to the forehead. I asked Dazi are you ready to see all this hair cut off? Dazi said Yes please make it quick. I ran the clippers right down the middle of the forehead to the crown leaving a path of a brown scalp showing. Dazi squealed OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.I am enjoying this cutting, The severed hair fell to the sides and I made another pass with the clippers. With each passing of the clippers, the long hair was severed from the head leaving more brown showing and Dazi squealing with delight about how the hair was going away ad a clean bald brown head was left behind. I made 12 passes in all finally the last pass was made and the braid was severed from the head and fell downward onto Rami’s arm. Rami then looked at the braid and said OH what a beautiful mane of 64” of hair this is. I held it up high and Dazi looked at it then rubbed her bald head and said WHO WOULD EVER HAVE THOUGHT THAT $15,000 WAS WHAT THIS 64” MANE WAS SELLING FOR AN I WITH A BALD HEAD, WOW GOD IS MAGNIFICENT, GOD IS GOOD, THANK YOU GOD. OUR DREAMS ARE NOW FULFILLED, RAMI HAS OUR STORE DONE AND I HAVE SHORT HAIR TO COME IN A 4” PIXIE STYLE SOON. AMEN.

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