Abra Abracadabra

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The Steve Miller Band had just released this song in 1982, it is still one of my favorite’s today. I was going shopping at Wal Mart and heard the song on the oldies station here. I immediately was taken back in time to 1982 and the events that surrounded that song and 5 very long haired ladies working at WakMart from 1982 to 2016.

The first one is Twila. I met Twila walking into Wal Mart one afternoon about 2pm in 1984. Her hair was shoulder length, but, it was super thick. I said to her “What beautiful hair you have, you should grow it out, it is so super thick.” She turned around and said: “ I have been thinking about doing just that. My ex always demanded I keep my hair cut short in a chin length bob cut, so when we divorced 6 months ago, I said to myself, grow your hair out, you cannot afford to see a beautician every month, so yeah I will grow it out thank you for helping me make a decision, I was about to have it trimmed back to a shorter cut like a Pixie maybe where I only needed a cutting every 4 months, but; I do not have the money. Oh by the way my name is Twila and I am going to do this, grow my hair you,Thank you for your input.” I said “ Nice to meet you Twila, I am OC, looking to see that hair grown out to super long, maybe to your waist or?? Also may I be of assistance in helping you grow it out by trimming the ends every 3 months for you for free. I use to do hair years ago, so it will be fun.” Twila laughed and said “ Well that’s an offer I cannot refuse, so OK OC, I will let you do that for me, how nice of you.” I said one catch Twila, “When and if you ever decide to cut it short down the road, I will be the one to cut it for you in a style you want it done in..” Deal OC what a deal OK we see OC.”

The years went by and Twill’s hair was growing out thick, very abundant, about 10” a year longer, just a very thick head of 71/2” hair. I trimmed the ends for her every 3 months about 1” at a time and felt very attached to Twila and her long super thick blond mane. By 1992 Twill’s hair was to her ankles, trimmed straight across, thick beautiful hair. Twila came up to me then said: “OC I am getting married to my ex, I know bad Idea, but; he insists we are good together, then said to me, you need to cut that hair short, ya know I hate long hair, we will tie the knot baby when and if you cut that hair off. I was stunned and said: “Really, he demanded that and your gonna accept that as marriage proposal only if you cut off 7 years of growing your hair to your ankles, taking care of your talk of the town hair Twila.” Twila said: I know OC, YES OC lets cut it, maybe a short Pixie Cut I was thinking, I get off at 9pm tonight, if he wants it short, OK Short it ill be a very short short Pixie cut.” Twila got off work at 9pm that night and came over to the house in the basement barber shop. I asked Twila if she was sure she still wanted to do this. “Not really OC, but; we were good lovers, just young at the time, now older, wiser, good at love still, so lets do it before I say NO way Jose ya know.”

I undid the band in Twillas hair and brushed out the ankle length mass of hair for the last time. I was sad for this event. I gotten use to this mass of hair every 3 months being trimmed, now no more, kind of sad I thought, but her choice. I was done brushing the thick mane of hair, then measured it. Twila was 5’101/2” tall, her hair was almost as long as she was tall minus about 2”. The hair was measured as Twila held the tape at the crown of her head. The tape read 681/4” . I read it out Twila said “Wow this is the longest hair I have ever had in my life thanks to you, but; all good things must come to and end huh?” I braided the hair for the last time, then seated Twila in the chair, it was almost ceremonious, capping her up, pulling the long braid from under the cape and placing it onto he lap in a coiled mass. I fastened the cape around Twill’s neck and then got my scissors out. I pulled the braid to the rear of the chair, Twill’s eyes were watching as I raised the scissors to the braid and started cutting into the mass of hair. Twila watched as I cut away the hair and it started to fall away into a chin length bob cut as I went through the mass of hair one snip at a time. Such thick hair being severed with each snipping, one, two—twenty eight, twenty nine thirty and the thick braid was severed. I held the braid up to my shoulder and watched it fall to the floor in all its thick splendid glory, sadly I handed the braid to to Twila who started to cry holding the mane in her hand. Gone was the long beautiful hair. Replaced by a chin length bob style. Twila said “OK OC, now for a really short 1” Buzz cut please, just take the clippers and cut it all short. I brought out the heavy duty clippers and put a 1” attachment on with a 0000 steel blade that was cutting at 1/250th in. I asked if she was ready for this and Twila said YES OC More ready then you can understand, want it short, OK Short it will be and we both laughed. Up the back of the nape the clipper roared leaving a nice 1” cut of hair behind and about 7 inches of hair severed, falling to the cape and descending to the floor like snow falling, landing with a plop sound. Twila watched as I finished the nape are and saw nothing but short hair up the nape and a ton of hair raining on the floor into a nice pile. I did the sides as Twila watched and smiled then said, “yeah honey ya want short hair your getting it, boy is he gonna shit OC, deserves him right HUH. We lughted and I continued on finishing up the cut. There she was seated in the chair holding her braid of 61” of thick beautiful one her crowning glory now a braid in her hand. Twila got up and handed me the braid saying, “Here OC, keep this from me to you, for you loved it more then I did and it is your hair now. Every month I see Twila and clipper her hair to a 1” Buzz cut as we think about the past and the braid.

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