Ace in the Hole

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Amanda and Kaylee had never liked each other. Throughout college, they had always been competing with each other for Adam’s attention, but the timing had never worked out for either of them. Adam was 6’6″ and played shooting guard for the school’s basketball team. For his first two years, he’d maintained a relationship with his high school sweetheart, but now that was over and he was single. He’d always had an interest in both girls and knew it was mutual, but never decided between the two because it was always just a hypothetical. Amanda was a tall, athletic brunette who followed the basketball team because she’s played in high school, and Kaylee was a platinum blonde with an hourglass figure who used to be a cheerleader.

Tonight seemed like the best opportunity to Amanda and Kaylee. Adam was freshly single, but not too fresh. He was hosting a housewarming party at his new apartment. Both girls flirted with him all night, but he was too busy hosting for either of them to drag him off to the bedroom. As the party was winding down, a casual game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker broke out. People began to trickle out of the apartment as they either lost their money or  decided they had won enough, but Amanda and Kaylee kept buying back in for $10 until they were the only ones left at the party other than the host.

Adam dealt the next hand. Amanda looked at the cards in her hand again just to make sure she remembered correctly. Queen of hearts and Jack of clubs. Another queen came down on the flop, and no higher cards, so she was fairly certain she had the best hand. Kaylee had 4 times as many chips as her, and Adam had already folded, so she went all in.

Kaylee looked at her cards. “Hmm…” she said “You barely have any chips left, so what do you say we make this a bit more interesting?”

“How so?” Responded Amanda.

“Well, what do you say the loser of this hand has to take her clothes off?”

“I’ll allow it” Adam piped in, almost before she could even finish her sentence.

“Easy there, cowboy” Amanda chuckled at Adam, then turned back to Kaylee. “You’re on”.

Amanda flipped up her cards. “Pair of Queens”.

Kaylee flipped up her cards. She had a Jack and a 7. Absolutely nothing.

“Oops, guess I’m not very good at poker.” Kaylee said sarcastically, as she began to dance to the music in the background and give Adam a striptease. Amanda realized that Kaylee must have done this on purpose. As Kaylee tossed her bra aside, Adam marveled at her pierced nipples.

“You like? I just got them done.”

“Ow wow” Adam marveled “They look great!”

Amanda rolled her eyes as Kaylee continued her attempt to seduce Adam, slipping out of her panties to reveal a freshly waxed crotch.

“Well, there’s still chips left on the table, lets get back to business so you can lose those too.” Amanda said impatiently as soon as Kaylee was naked.

They played a few more hands. Amanda lost a couple of small pots, and once again had the smallest stack at the table. Amanda went all in and Kaylee called. There was a Jack, A Queen, two 9s, and a 2 showing. Before revealing her cards, Amanda proposed another extra wager.

“Since we are making this interesting…” Amanda said “How about this: If you win, I lose all of my clothes. If I win, I take all of your chips.”

Kaylee didn’t want to let Amanda get naked too. She could tell that Adam couldn’t keep his eyes off her body, and she was making every effort to make it difficult for him. However, she didn’t want to seem like a bad sport, so she agreed.

Amanda flipped up her cards. Pocket kings. A two pair. Kaylee showed an 8 and a 9. Three of a kind. She looked annoyed when Amanda immediately began disrobing and she realized she had won the hand. Amanda gave Adam a lap dance as her shirt and bra came off. When she stood up and removed her jeans, there was nothing on under them, just a perfectly-manicured triangle of pubic hair.

“Ok well, that was fun, but you’re out of chips, you can go now, byeeee!” Kaylee said in a catty voice as she pointed her ass toward Adam and bent over to grab Amanda’s phone and car keys to give to her.

“Uhh, wait” Said Adam, as he slid a stack of chips from his stack towards Amanda’s seat. “We can keep playing.”

So they kept playing. After winning a couple small hands, Amanda now had almost exactly as many chips as Kaylee. Adam dealt the cards and Amanda looked at hers. Ace of diamonds and King of diamonds. She made a bet. Adam folded and Kaylee called. Adam flopped the first 3 cards. Ace of spades, 7 of diamonds and Ace of hearts. Amanda made a small bet so as not to spook Kaylee out of the hand, and she immediately called. The next card came down. 5 of diamonds. Again, Amanda made a conservative bet and Kaylee snap called. The final card came down. 10 of diamonds. Now instead of just 3 of a kind, Amanda had a flush. She bet half her stack, and Kaylee immediately raised, going all in.

“Wow, somebody is getting cocky” Amanda shrugged. “Well then lets make this really interesting. Loser takes it ALL off.”

“Uhh… hello!” Kaylee snapped back, holding up and shaking her perky breasts with her hands “It’s already all off, can’t be any more all off than it already is.”

“Well…” Amanda responded “I seem to recall seeing some electric clippers and razors in the bathroom, which I’m gonna go ahead and assume Adam uses for his… uhh… beard. So there is still something else you could take off.” She grinned as she twirled her brunette locks in her fingers.

“Alright, you’re on!” Kaylee responded. She barely even had to think about it.

“Say goodbye to those platinum tresses. I’m going to enjoy making your drapes match the carpet, since you’ve got hardwood floors.” Amanda taunted. She flipped up her cards. “Ace high flush. Ream ’em and weep.”

Kaylee stared into Amanda’s eyes and grinned widely and flipped her cards up. Pocket tens. “Hmm…” she asked Adam “I’ve got a full house. Remind me again, does that beat a flush?”

“Yeah, it does.” He answered.

Amanda nearly dropped to the floor. She had played herself. Kaylee lifted her by the shoulders and dragged her to the bathroom.

“You’re not actually going to do this to me?” Amanda pleaded, almost in tears.

“Hell yeah I am! You know damn well you would have done this to me if you won.”

Amanda sighed. She was right.

Kaylee opened drawers until she found the electric clippers Amanda had mentioned. They had the smallest guard on them, which would only leave a couple millimeters of hair behind. She plugged them in and fumbled with the device until she found the on switch and it began to buzz, then she held them in front of Amanda’s face to taunt her.

“Say goodbye to your hair, bitch!” she cackled as she turned Amanda’s head towards the mirror.

Amanda still held out hope that this was a cruel prank, that Kaylee would put down the clippers and let her go home with her hair and dignity intact. She closed her eyes as the buzzing got closer to her scalp. As it made contact, she felt a strong vibration on the middle of her forehead, moving back. When she opened her eyes, there was a strip of bare scalp running straight down the middle of her head, where her hair had been parted a few seconds ago. This was happening for real.

With a few more strokes, Kaylee reduced all the hair on the top of Amanda’s head to stubble. She took some of the hair on the side and lifted it over her scalp, forming a crude comb over.

“Ha! You look like my uncle Steve now. Maybe I should just leave it like this.”

Amanda was finding it harder and harder to hold back tears but couldn’t let Kaylee win like that.

“Nah, I’m not that mean.” Kaylee shrugged as she went back to work slicing away Amanda’s hair.

Amanda stared at the floor as the pile of her dark hair grew. When the buzzing on her head stopped, she thought it was over, but there was still more. Kaylee reached down and quickly erased the triangle of pubic hair Amanda had spent all morning shaping. She finally looked up at herself in the mirror. She barely even recognized what she saw. All that was left was a little bit of rough stubble, though she did take some solace in the fact that the shape of her head did fit her new drastic haircut nicely. She looked at Adam. He had been staring at her, dumbfounded, the whole time, as if Kaylee weren’t even standing in front of him completely naked. Amanda assumed he was staring at her like a specimen in a freak show.

“Fine, you’re done, you win.” Amanda said in a mopey voice. Somehow, in ten minutes, she had gone from thinking she was finally going to win Adam to looking like a complete weirdo.

“Uhh… no I’m not.”  Kaylee replied, laughing. “You mentioned razors when you made the bet, remember, and you said you were going to make my drapes match my carpet, but this baby is smooth.”

“What? No! Come on!” Amanda protested.

“Oh don’t lie, you would shaved my head smooth if you won. Fair is fair.”

Amanda slumped her head over. “Fine.”

Kaylee shook a can of shaving gel and spread it over her scalp until it covered all the stubble. She opened up the pack of disposable razors she had found in a drawer and began slowly scraping it all away. Amanda almost felt pleasure in the unusual sensation of having her hair shaved to the skin. Once she was done, Kaylee held Amanda’s head under the sink and rinsed it off.

Her work finished and her foe vanquished, Kaylee grinned, evil in her eyes, and turned to Adam. “So, what do you think of her makeover Adam? Guess I probably don’t have much of a future as a hairstylist, huh?” She joked.

“Well… uhh…” Adam paused “Actually I think she looks really hot like that.”

“Wait, what?” Kaylee responded, as the evil grin fell off her face to become a look of shock.

“Yeah, I mean, I’ve always thought you were really hot, Amanda, but like wow, that looks great on you. You look like a fallen angel. Can I feel it?”

Amanda suddenly cheered up. “Sure!”

He rubbed her smooth scalp. “Whoa, this feels awesome! I never knew this could look so good but like, you have the perfect head and face for it.”

He leaned in and kissed her, and she reciprocated with passion. Kaylee watched speechlessly with her hands on her hips, as he pushed her against the wall and held her up by the leg.

“Want to… uhh…” Adam winked at Amanda and motioned towards the bedroom with his eyes. She cried out “Yes.” and led him by the hand, leaving Kaylee standing alone in the bathroom trying to process what the hell just happened.

Adam and Amanda jumped onto the bed and kissed each other for a while, as she felt his hard body and he rubbed her smooth scalp, and then he began to go down on her. They were so absorbed in their love making that they didn’t even notice the humming sound coming from the bathroom. Amanda pressed Adam’s head down between her legs as she felt an orgasm was imminent, and just as she was about to cum, she saw another person walk into the room. Someone she didn’t even recognize. She had the perky, pierced tits of Kaylee, but instead of platinum blonde hair, she was as bald as Amanda.

“Well” Kaylee said, framing her new haircut with her hands “What do you say we make this a threesome?”

Adam looked up and his eyes almost popped out. “Oh, hell yes!”

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