Admitted my hair fetish to stylist!

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Well, last night I did it.   In a text message to my stylist I said, “this is very embarrassing, but I have to tell you that whenever I come in for a haircut, I am too embarrassed to tell you that I want a short haircut, Beth.

I was drunk.  But, I’m glad I sent the message!   It’s a relief!   A burden off my shoulders.   To finally admit to someone, let alone to my stylist, that I have a short haircut desire.

She was very good about it!  She said she understood, and even said that she thought I’d look good with shorter hair anyway!  And, that she felt like sometimes she feels better cutting client’s hair shorter!   She siad she seems to “like doing that, likes being ‘the boss”  !!!!

I told her in my text message follow up that I want her to be ‘the boss tomorrow when I come in!”    and to cut it as short as she thinks looks good, and that I trust her!

I woke up at 430 am,   sober.  and thought, what have I done!   I’ve admitted my short hair fetish, to my stylist nonetheless!    I got up and started drinking again, even though it was early morning!  I felt like that was my only option at the time!

3 or 4 shots at i was buzzed in my brain again by 7 a.m.!     I re-read my texts from last night to Beth, who would be cutting my hair at 2 pm today!   I could not believe I asked her to use her judgment and to cut my hair short, clippered up at the nape!    What was I thinking!   I was drunk, that was what I was thinking!

I decided to just keep drinking, and have my friend next door, Laure, drive me to town, as she often did.   I’d ask her to drop me off at Beth’s salon at 2.  Being drunk was my only option!

Laurie picked me up at 130.   at 2 PM we were at the salon.   I saw Beth’s Toyota parked in the lot, but no other cars.   I knew I’d get right in.   I was determined.  I would do this!   I’d finally get the clippered nape that I always wanted.   I re-read my messages to Beth on the ride to the salon.   On one occasion I had mentioned getting my hair clippered short at the neck,   She had replied that she thought that would look nice.    We had ended up the message conversation with me letting Beth cut my hair as short as she thought looked good.    I knew, of course, that would mean quite short!   But, I was finally in life ready to submit to a short cut.    On the ride to the salon, I heard my ‘ding” message on my phone,   I knew it was Beth confirming my appointment.  It was.  She said, “are we still on for 2, and me cuttng your hair as I think looks best?”

I waited a few minutes before replying.   I looked over at Laurie driving me to the salon.  Her hair was short.  I’d always admivered it.  it was clippered at the nape.   It inspired me.   I texted back to Beth,  “yes, on my way.  do your thing!”    meaning, cut my hair short if you want.

We arrived at Beth’s salon just a few minutes before 2.  Laurie said, “do you mind if I come in with you to watch your hairct?    For some reason, that turned me on.  I began to get wet.  I began to get really  nervous!    I was accepting of what was to happen, my hair would be cut, clippered, short.  And, I would be ok with it.     I told Laurie, ‘sure, come on in.”

We entered the salon.  Beth had a smile that was unusual.   she had been wanting, asking, me to cut my hair short for years.    She got the text last night, and I felt like I couldn’t back out.   I sat down in her chair, and this time she didn’t ask me how to cut it.   She turned the chair toward Laurie, and I heard the clippers start humming.   I was in a dream state, but I knew what was happeining.   She tilted my head down, and I felt the clippers hum up the back of my nape.   I decided to just enjoy every minute, to see every clump of hair being flicked off onto the cape.  I was ok with it, but 100 percent nervous and in a dream land at the same time.   “There, Beth said, 15 minutes later.   short!       she turned me towad the mirror.   It was short indeed.   I have not seen my ears for a long time!  and I rand my hand up the back of my nape, it was super short and fuzzy feelilng!    All becasue I’d been drunk and texted Beth about always wanting a short haircut.   I’m not sure she will ever let me go back to long now!   I’d told her I wanted to keep my hair short, in my texts last night.    I wanted to frow it out, even though I did like this experience!    I do notknow what to do now.    I may just have to keep going back to Beth, and she will take it upon herself to clipper my nape.   Anyway,  Laurie ran her fingers up over my nape and up over my ears when we were back in the car.   It sent shivers through my body.     She was smiling.   I said, “do you want to watch my haircut next time too?      She again, ran both hands up over my nape, and daid, please, don’t let me miss it.    This feels wonderful.   It did to me too.

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  1. Jenny,

    I just loved this story! Revealing your short hair fetish and desire to be dominated is so sexy. I’m so glad you had the courage to go through with it, even if it required a drink or two.

    I had a similar moment some years ago. I’d been going to the same stylist for years, and had stared at her clippers on the counter, wishing she’d use those instead of scissors. I finally got up the courage to ask and she agreed easily. Those first passes were fantastic, with lots of hair tumbling onto the cape. The clippers became part of our routine, and I enjoyed their delightful head massage monthly.

    I later bought her some traditional men’s hair dressings, and left her shop clipped and slicked every time!

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and feelings.


  2. Bill, this is 100 percent true story that just happened!!!! I didn’t get into all the details of the clippers cutting, because I was drunk at the time, and it was all a dream state! LOL. But 100 percent true. The thing is, unless I want such a sort clipper cut every time, I may have to find another stylist! Beth is gonna zip me up every time now! I’ve created a monster. Anyway, I gotta go back to work on Tuesday with this incredibly short haircut, we will see what people say.

  3. Jenny, that is so funny that you’ve unleashed the dominant stylist you’ve always wanted! Maybe if you beg, she’ll let you grow your hair so she can shear it again!

    I’d love to connect, and sent you a friend request for this site. Not sure, but that may let us PM. If you have a different idea, LMK.

    And thanks!



  4. “Gone” is what I thought when she turned me to the mirror. I think the same thing a week later when I look in the mirror in the morning!!! But with encouragement, I’m going to the same thing in 4 more weeks! Now that it’s almost a week cut! I will purposely get drinking and send her a message to enter into a pre cut deal, for her to be the boss!

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