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(This is my first story, so please bear with me!)

This is the story of a man, who because of his work, traveled a lot. One day, during one of his stopovers in Benin, he decided to visit the villages where there were many voodoo stalls.A voodoo master, who was present, approached the man and advised him to follow him. They entered a room where there were many skulls on the ceiling, many candles, small altars where statuettes were linked by red and black threads.

“I’m listening to you young man, I know you have a wish to make.” said the wizard in a welcoming tone.
“Hello, master, it’s true…I’ve been living with my wife for a few years, and I have a terrible secret. I’m a fan of the frizzy hair of African women, and I would like with all my being that my wife get a short afro perm. What she has always refused, is there a ritual?”
“Yes” replied the wizard confidently. “We can command your wife’s spirit to make your wish. She will be as you wish. For that, I need her name, surname, date of birth and a recent photo of her. I have to go to the market to buy the ingredients for the spell, it will cost you 250 dollars. Once the ritual is performed, say between 48 and 72 hours, you will observe changes in her.”The man thought for a moment, then finally pulled out a picture of his wife from his wallet, wrote down her first name, last name, and date of birth, and paid. He said to himself that the sum was ridiculous for a wish, which was also precious to him.The man left and during his return flight home, certainly he was impatient to find his wife, but he had the feeling that his naivety had been abused.

His wife was a very beautiful brunette with very long smooth and neat hair. She was a caregiver and devoted a lot of her time to others, but very little to herself. From then on, she wore very little makeup, dressed in an ordinary way, let’s say basic. The only part of her body she cherished was her long, hip-length hair, she knew that was part of her overt charm. Her hair matched her sweet face and physique perfectly.

Several weeks after the man’s return, no change was noticed in his wife and the man really thought his invested money was wasted. But all that was soon to be shattered over innocuous words. Indeed, while his wife was brushing her hair in the bathroom, the man remarked to her that she had white hair and that perhaps she should color it. Ordinarily, his wife would have taken the remark quietly, but now she immediately felt incredibly upset. Although she let nothing show in front of her husband, an hour later she had made an appointment with the hairdresser. Alas for her, this feeling of vexation only grew, the more the days of her appointment approached, first vexed then ashamed as if something had broken in her. The husband, for his part, saw the days slip by in their routine and noticed nothing of his wife’s depression.Four days after the remark in the bathroom, it was time for the appointment, the woman closed the door of her house filled with melancholy, each daily task had become suffering and fatigue. She went to the hairdresser alone, which added to her sadness. In front of the door of the ordinary barber shop, she stood like a rag doll.

“Hello, are you on the 9 o’clock date?” greeted the replacement hairdresser. “Get rid of it, we’re going to shampoo!”
During the shampoo, the hairdresser took great pleasure in massaging the huge mass of her client’s hair and lathering the two successive shampoos. Then she made a turban, to accompany her to her work station. The hairdresser then asked, “I think you just want to cover your gray hair? Color, no cut?”
At this precise moment, our man’s wife froze. In front of the mirror, her heart raced, she became confused, then she heard voices, barely audible then threatening: “You must have a short haircut…Very Short,…,bitch,…,you want a short haircut, and a perm, whore,…, a strong and tight perm,…, you will be our bitch, a slut, a poodle…” The woman, with a bewildered look, was no longer master of her body, she had indeed just stammered something at the hairdresser. The latter, willingly, tried to understand, unfastening the turban: “Do you want to look like a poodle?”

The woman had the look of a devastated convict, but her words became more determined and firm: “Yes, I want the strongest, tightest, strictest perm you can do. Besides, I want my curls last a long time.” The hairdresser was perplexed, and tried to make him listen to reason: “I explain to you, if it is your wish, we will use the strongest acid on your hair, the unpleasant smell of ammonia will mark your hair for days coming soon. You have very long straight thick hair, in perfect health. We can see that you give it a lot of care. But by this treatment, it will be unfrizzable. Certainly, this hairstyle could be suitable for you, but you will have to sacrifice a good part of your hair, because if in addition you want to hold your perm, you have to cut at this height…”

The hairdresser had no time to show the limit of the shoulders with her hands, when her client took her hand and showed her: “No, even shorter, is that possible? From the chin to the ears.”The woman, just with a firm and assertive hand, drew a plunging bob condemning 34 inches of her beautiful hair.The hairdresser seemed anxious, she had in front of her, a determined and sure woman, but whose look (the reflection of the soul), called for help. “Without regrets, nor remorse!” she called.

Her client was standing there in front of the mirror, her hair so long it could touch the wheels of the chair.

One last stroke of the comb, and the hairdresser with some displeasure was cutting a vulgar short plunging bob. The woman was straight in her chair, and no scissors made her start, even at the approach of the ears. In five minutes, of her long hair, there remained only a short plunging bob degraded, which revealed her ears and a frail neck.

The hairdresser cleaned the floor, and went to get her perm trolley: “Your hair is natural and very straight, as you wish, we are going to apply the strongest reducer in the store, index 0. For the curlers, I have all these sizes!”. The hairdresser showed all the colorful curlers she had on the cart, all of different sizes and diameters.

“I want smaller ones,” replied the woman. The hairdresser consented, and even went to her reserve. The woman in front of the mirror felt miserable, her gaze horrified and hallucinated. She was no longer master of herself, her words were delirious. The sight of his cropped haircut drove her crazy, but her body let nothing out except a tiny tear that ran down her cheek. the voices were very present: “Bitch, look at the spectacle that you offer…, bitch,…, bitch…, we are going to annihilate you…, your hair is gone,…, Against your will… and soon no more return… Our poodle, our prisoner,…, our poodle must choose her collar well,…, they will be brick red,…, yes, small brick red.. .”Like a whim, she had just ordered the hairdresser to put her the smallest curlers, still in the packaging, with a diameter of 5/32in., color brickred.

“Alright, with this, it’s no longer an ordinary perm, but your hair will be frizzy. These curlers and lotion are going to damage your hair very badly.”

The woman, looking disgusted, had no other words than: “Do it! And above all that it be tight.” The hairdresser took great care in straightening the strands of straight hair, while rolling them up to the roots, firmly locking the hard-wound hair on the curler with a rubber band. Each of the curlers was saturated with the reducing product twice. The smell of ammonia was extremely present throughout the hair salon space. The hairdresser who had put a lot of passion into the course of the perm. There, was disgusted by this smell, but although with difficulty, it was assured that each of the curlers were strict and irreproachable.

The hairdresser accompanied her client to place her under an activating helmet so that the heat perfected the action of the product. The woman under the helmet, felt ridiculous, inelegant. And again, she was prey to the voices: “Little puppet, no more going back,…, you are laughable in this situation… Your beautiful smooth and long hair is nothing anymore,…, to never transformed,…,our poodle,…,you asked for the most strict, severe and strong permanent…,Poodle,…,Never will you find such long, smooth and beautiful hair,. .., slut,…, you’re condemned to wear only this uncurlable short haircut,…, Condemned to stay curled,…, also know that you’re disgusting like this,…, you’re nauseating ,poodle…”

The hairdresser was back, after rinsing thoroughly and wringing well, she applied the fixing product with a piece of sponge. Five minutes later, the time to unroll the curlers had come. The curls were so close, tight and strong, that the hair seemed indomitable. The hairdresser was trying to lightly put the fixer back up the curls but the hair was invulnerable, each of the curls held firmly. The rinsing and treatment finished, the time had come for the client to pay for what she did and left the hairdressing salon.

While she was still in a trance, the mere reflection of her face in the rear view mirror of her car made her falter. She began to cry all the tears in her body. The one thing she cared most about was nothing. she had for years pampered her hair. It was her treasure, to have long, smooth, thick, hip-length hair, and now, what she saw, was no more….

She lamented her fate for a long time and wondered what was happening to her, running her hands through her hair. She was devastated, disgusted. The voices were back, but that wasn’t to end her agony: “Bitch,…, bitch,…, is it a humiliation to have a short afro perm?,…, Answer!” The woman was sinking into madness, like an aberration, she replied with a nod of her head in the mirror of her rear view mirror: “YES”, “I am nothing, I have lost my identity, I am shit like this. ” she began to shout. His words will trigger anger and provoke a flood of insults from the voices: “Bitch, little white female dog,…, ungrateful,…, being a poodle is not enough for you…You alone, to order the hairdresser to be a poodle…, You alone, to plan this appointment…Like a capricious female dog, you alone, to beg, the strongest, tight and strict permanent…You alone, determined like a spoiled child, to encourage to cut short, to urge to have the smallest curlers…,We will break you,…,little female dog will correspond to you even more…A poodle bitch who seeks mating, you will be…a slut, a prostitute….Little bitch, you won’t have time to say goodbye to loved ones,…, Forget your family life,…, Your only goal now is to be an insatiable slut, a nymphomaniac…”

The woman was no longer in her car, she was standing, as if awakened from a dream. Again, in front of a mirror, her wedding ring was resting on the edge of a stool. She wore high heels, denim microshorts that fully revealed her buttocks and left little to the imagination, and a sexy top without a bra.

In that dressing room the voices had taken complete control and all her gestures and words were hers: “A flirtatious white poodle will get a lot of sex-obsessed customers,” she said aloud and ran her hands tirelessly through her newly frizzy, which seemed to be only 2.5 inches so the frizz was tight and still. In a solicitous gait and her casual outfit, she left the store and went in search of perverts ready to submit her to all the vices….

(The rest if you wish, do not hesitate to send me your comments.)

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  1. Loved this story I’d love to see a sequel where maybe her sister or friend takes on the curse too or maybe another hair curse story of maybe a blonde rich girl getting punk hair

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