After the Fitness Bet

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The vibrations against her nape were a foreign sensation but not as unwelcome as she thought they would be. A clump of brown hair entered her vision as it slid down the black cape, she knew that many more had hit the floor in the time since Sydney had asked her to tilt her head down.

She thought back to all the events leading up to this. From the time she entered the salon to now had been much quicker than she had planned for. She had figured there would be a consultation, some discussion, then she’d have her hair washed. After the shampoo Sydney would check in with her and then start cutting. That was the way it had gone every time she’d come in for a trim and style. This time was different though, this time she had butterflies in her stomach when she arrived, and was sitting very nervously when Sydney came up to get her. She described the cut to Sydney and they spoke a little about it, and then all of a sudden Sydney was tying a tissue around her neck, she had never done that before. The cape was swirling around her soon after that and before she knew it, she was fully covered and Sydney was parting her hair across her nape, twisting the bulk of it up while leaving a healthy chunk hanging down.

She could feel the weight of her long hair on top of her head as Sydney guided her head forward. This was much faster than she had planned for, even swallowing was foreign as she felt the cape pressing into her throat with a gentle but persistent pressure. The sound of the clippers was familiar, she had cut John’s hair for years, the feeling was not though as the cold metal glided up her neck. The tone shifted as they contacted her hair and the coolness moved up past the point of no return. After the first pass she could feel the cool air against her neck and another pass being started soon after.

It didn’t take long for Sydney to finish her neck and as the clippers shut off she was brought back to the present. Her nape felt foreign, she could feel the air conditioning against her skin, and her neck was the clearest it had ever been. Even with her hair up she always had some fine hairs along her hairline. She felt the brush against her skin as the loose hairs were wiped off and it felt amazing. Sydney’s hands followed as the smell of lavender wafted toward her nose. Her hands on her neck were heavenly and she melted into the chair. These massages usually came pre-cut and were always heaven, but this one was ten times better with her now exposed nape, and she didn’t want it to stop.

After a few blissful moments, Sydney was guiding her up and walking her the short distance to the basins. Claudia lowered herself into the shampoo chair, untucking the cape sides from under her. The chair slowly tilted back as she sat back and she nestled her neck into the bowl. Once she was comfortable, she felt her hair being released and falling into the sink. Letting the water run for a second, Sydney began wetting down Claudia’s hair, once it was all soaking wet, she took a handful of shampoo and began working it into what was left of Claudia’s hair. The scalp massage was as good as always, but the second Sydney’s hands touched her freshly buzzed nape, it became almost orgasmic. As she closed her eyes and sank into the massage she realized the advantage of this cut she hadn’t thought of was the potential for some amazing neck and scalp massages, she could get John to do it for her and knew they would both enjoy it and the aftermath. After a few minutes of scalp massages, the shampoo suds were rinsed down the drain and Sydney began working conditioner in. With one final rinse, Robin squeezed the extra water out of Claudia’s hair and wrapped her head in a towel before helping her sit up.

Settled back in the chair, Claudia had some more time to think as Sydney began sectioning her hair. She had been growing her hair out for years, her father had always made her keep her hair short, he was a single father and never let her hair get too far past her shoulders before taking her to the salon. She went off to college and continued getting it cut out of habit, once she met John and he introduced his fetish he encouraged her to continue that trend, she jumped around between a few salons but kept her hair just above her shoulders. When he proposed she was overdue for a cut but decided at that time to grow it out for the wedding. The wedding came and went and she continued to grow it out, it had gotten to her low back and she was starting to get tired of it. She would workout and it would be in the way, it would take forever to wash and style, and John was always laying on it.

A month ago she challenged John to workout more, they began discussing a competition to see who could do the most of a variety of exercises, she wanted high stakes so she didn’t put up much resistance when John had proposed that she chop her hair if he won. She figured it would be good motivation and make the decision of chopping her hair or not for her. She had kicked his butt in all but the pushups, he owed her a shopping spree, but she had gotten so accustomed to the idea of chopping her hair that she offered to cut if for him regardless, the difference was she got to set the terms instead of going with the angled bob he wanted. She knew the bob would frustrate her, she needed to be able to put her hair up for workouts, John had been asking her about clippering her nape for a while though and after seeing undercut after undercut on Instagram, she decided on a buzzed nape with a longer cut, just off her shoulders with lots of piecey layers.

This was the cut that Sydney started executing once she was done sectioning. First to go was the length, Sydney dispatched the section with one snip, sending two feet of wet hair to the floor to join the dry lengths cut off earlier with the clippers. She then started layering it, pulling up thin slices of hair and snipping across them with the scissors. With each section and each cut, smaller pieces of hair showered to the floor. Once the first section was complete, Sydney released a second section, this time the remaining hair up to the top of Claudia’s head in the back. Again, the scissors made quick work of the length, slicing into the small curtain and sending long lengths plummeting to the floor. The hair left behind was pulled out a bit longer than the lower sections and then more short chunks were snipped off to the floor. Claudia enjoyed the feeling of the wet hair against her buzzed nape as Sydney lifted and dropped sections. She was looking forward to all the possibilities this cut would offer.

Satisfied with the back, Sydney moved to the sides, she released the remaining hair down from its clip and combed through it briefly to remove any tangles, the long hair cascading down to the cape was a reminder of all the hair that had already been chopped off, while Claudia was eagerly anticipating the final result, the butterflies which were in her stomach during the walk into the salon and to the chair were gone.

Sydney set down her comb and picked up the scissors, starting at the front of the left side, she began snipping across the side, sending small chunks of long lengths sliding to the floor. She continued across the left side until she reached the back and then walked around to the right, again snipping off all the length up to shoulder length. More layering followed section by section snip by snip as Sydney lifted and chopped. Working on the sides, more hair was falling on the cape and Claudia focused on all the little wet chunks falling to the cape as she thought of what John’s reaction was going to be when he saw her cut. She had told him she was getting it cut to shoulder length, not to the angled bob he had wanted, she hadn’t told him about her nape plans though and was looking forward to him finding out about that part.

Some time later, Sydney picked up her comb again and went through the hair, checking that everything was even and layered properly. Satisfied, she picked up a small round brush and the hair dryer and began drying the hair a bit. Once it was mostly dry, she picked up a flat iron and taking section by section, wrapped hair around it and clamped down. The iron left curls, but chunkier curls, the ends remained straight adding to the piecey appearance. It took some time, but soon Sydney has curled all of the hair, and after giving it one last once over, pulled the cape off.

Claudia had a huge smile on her face as she followed Sydney to the front. She tried to catch a glimpse of her image at each mirror as they passed. She paid, leaving a generous tip and then walked out into the warm spring air.

Walking back to her car, she couldn’t keep her hands off her nape. John was at worked, but worked close by so she decided to surprise him with a reveal. She pulled into the lot across the street and texted him to come out. He must have run down the stairs because a moment later he was at the front door, scanning the surroundings as he crossed the street. His eyes locked onto her and she could see a smile spread across his face as he quickened his steps.

“Hey gorgeous, that’s super cute on you, what do you think?”

“I love it, she did a great job”

By this point John was putting his arms around her and giving her a quick kiss. She smiled coyly at him as his hands slide up her back. As they entered her hair, she enjoyed seeing his eyes go wide as he felt the shorn nape.

“You know, Sydney did mention I would need to come in every 4 weeks at least to keep the shorn section looking neat. That seems like a lot of money to pay, what would you say to being my personal barber for a while?”

The End

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