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Previously I have written about my wife Kelly and our hair adventure while we were dating. We have been happily married for a long time. Kelly has always kept her hair in a short faded pixie. But, she had let it grow to about 3 inches on the top and about an inch around the faded sides. Well, that was all about to change..again!

It was about 1pm and I was mowing the lawn. Kelly came out of the house and told me that she was going shopping and would be back in a couple of hours. She was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and an OHIO STATE hoodie.  I knew better than that, it might be midnight before she returned home. She was a shopper that explored every isle and had to touch almost everything!

I had finished the lawn, cleaned up the mower and put it in the shed. Hung up the grass blower and headed inside to take a shower and get cleaned up and await the return of my shopaholic wife. It was about 3pm when I was finished with my shower. I decided to grab a cold beer, some munchies and head out to the deck to watch TV. I flipped through the 400 channels and found nothing that interested me. I decided to watch bowling! Now watching bowling on TV is like watching water freeze! But, I soon found myself really into this and now I wanted to go bowling. I have not been bowling for 30 years. The game is a little weird if you ask me. You roll a rock down a lane and knock the pins over–then they set them back up again. So, if Kelly was not too tired from her credit card melting shopping spree, we would go bowling.

At about 5pm, Kelly arrived home. I was on the deck watching another program when Kelly appeared in the doorway. She had the hood of her sweatshirt pulled high over her head and tied tightly with all her hair tucked underneath. She had reddened eyes like she had been crying. I looked at her and ask what was the matter? She told me that after she was finished shopping, she stopped at a local salon and asked for a perm. I thought a tight curl retro-looking perm would be cool. But, instead I look like a dandelion. She began to cry and said that she hated it. I asked her to undo her hood so we could look at it. When she slid the hood off of her head, and took the sweatshirt off, I saw a brown tight-curl perm on top of her head. With her beautiful long neck, she was correct. She resembled a dandelion! I asked her if she wanted to let it relax and see if she would like it? She said no. What she asked next was unexpected. She asked me if I would shave her head bald again so she could start all over? Well, who was I to say no to this request and also one of the most beautiful bald women I have ever seen.

I asked when did she want to do this. She said that she had to have at least 1 bourbon, or maybe two. I found 2 bourbon glasses and put ice in them. Went to the cupboard and selected her favorite bourbon. Handed it to her and tole her to sit and relax and enjoy her bourbon. I then went to our bathroom and found all the implements for hair disposal. I plugged the skull shaver in to charge and I also plugged the clippers in and turned them on and oiled the blades.

After we both had 2 bourbons, she came over and sat on my lap and kissed me. Are you ready to have some fun and get rid of this hideous hair? I think she felt my answer as she sat on my lap and kissed me again. My little buddy was at full attention. She said, if you can walk, let’s go get this done.

I grabbed a bar stool from the kitchen and took it with me to the bathroom where I placed it in front of the mirror. Kelly had gone to get 1 more bourbon for us to share while we were fixing her perm.

She had taken off her shirt, bra and jeans and only had her thong undies on when she sat down on the stool. She said, well!? I then removed my shirt and shorts leaving only my boxer’s on with one huge bulge in them! She giggled a little as she played with me for a couple of seconds. She said you know where that is going to be going in a couple of minutes?

I picked up the clippers, gave her a kiss and asked if she was ready. She nodded yes and I popped them on. I placed the clippers at her hair line and pushed them over her head leaving a 3″ wide row of stubble. I made several more passes over her head and then did the sides and then gently pressed her head forward and clipped up the back of her head. A couple minutes had gone by and her hair was reduced to very thin stubble. I asked her if she wanted to go all the way and she nodded yes. I removed the skull shaver from the charger, brushed some remaining loose hair from her head, and turned them on. I began a small circular movement on the top of her head and continued to shave her head to a sparkling white. After a couple minutes, I felt her hairless head for any rough spots and cleaned up the rough areas. She was smooth as a billiard ball! I placed a little bit of scalp oil in my hands and massaged it into her freshly shaved head. I heard her softly moan as I finished massaging her smooth head.

I brushed the hair off her shoulders with a small hand towel and she stood up. The front of her panties was soaked! I reached down to feel her wetness and she was a little stubbly down there. I asked her how long had it been since she shaved last. This is only a week’s growth and I was going to shave again in the shower tonight. I said I have a better idea. She grabbed ahold of my little buddy who was still happy to see her. We kissed deeply and as we started toward our bedroom, I took my skull shaver with me. We both removed our last vestiges of clothing and she laid down on bed. I showed her the shaver in my hand and said I will take care of the stubble. She spread her legs and the aroma of her sweet juices filled the room. I turned the shaver on and began to remove the stubble on her pussy. This worked like magic! No mess to clean up. No shaving cream, no dull razor, this worked perfectly!

Again, Kelly was hairless from top to bottom. No need to shave me, I was manscaped the night before! We again had another night of just pure ecstasy! She told me that next time it was her turn to shave me! Who am I to argue with one of the most gorgeous bald women I have ever seen.

Hopefully there will be more to come! Stay tuned.


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